Jan 112011

So after bitching for years on this blog that it’s been too long since winter weather really socked us in, I’ll now say the novelty is rapidly diminishing.  I mean, after you finish absolutely all of your inside chores and jobs, as well as spend deep, soulful time with your family members, striving to understand them more profoundly than ever before, what else can you do?  I mean, it’s just not in our natures to lie around watching movies, playing video games, eating, and drinking.

Yeah.  So.

Thanks to intermittent freezing rain and a couple of thaw-refreeze cycles, it’s all crunchy out there now.  It’s still pretty at a glance, but the impression doesn’t survive any scrutiny.

The boys’ school remains closed tomorrow.  My work is open tomorrow.  I went out today for eggs and beer and didn’t have much trouble, but the roads were very wet.  (The Technical Writing Express seems a marvelous winter weather vehicle, by the way.)  However, we only got partial meltification today, and upper teens are forecast overnight, so it’d be reasonable to think the roads wouldn’t be so great in the morning.  A quick look at the driveway just now seems to reveal that anywhere that didn’t get dry today is going to be a problem.  We’ll see.

We’re not supposed to see temperatures above freezing until noon Friday or so.  Thank God for global warming.  Can you imagine how much worse this’d be without it?

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  3 Responses to “Snowed in is fun for 48 hours”

  1. You get used to it. I spent the first 21 years of my life that way, and I dare say we were still fairly active in those cold, NY winters….

  2. Yeah, I’m over it too, Bo. And as I look out my window on Day 3 of our winter wonderland, it’s snowing again. Ready for some typical 50 degree January weather here…

  3. Roads were in excellent condition today. The scariest parts of my commute were easily walking from my house to my car and then walking from my car to my office.

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