Sep 302010
  • Hey, who wants to hear a bunch of obnoxiously self-centered flagellation about how fat I still am?  (Just kidding.)
  • My new motoring enemy is the oblivious jackass on the phone who drives slowly enough, and therefore far enough away from the driver in front of him, to prompt the traffic signal sensor to lay the yellow in front of him.  Then he sails through, and I stop at his red light.  (I long ago jettisoned any illusion that people like this have even the slightest perception of such driving subtleties.  Things will be very, very different in Bozekistan.)
  • Our boys really are well-behaved, and compared to what some parents must handle, we have no significant complaints at all.  But Aaron has this persistent idea lately that Lea (always Lea, not me) is supposed to wait on him.  It’s never a big deal to gently correct him and get him to take care of whatever it is he wants for himself, and I’m not worried about it long-term, but I do find it interesting that the notion developed at all.
  • Speaking of Aaron, that kid is holding onto his baby teeth well past the time when they should be falling out.  Hasn’t lost a one.  You ever hear of such?  I hadn’t.  Our dentist isn’t worried about it, so I’m not worried about it.  (You know, much.)
  • I had my first Red Bull not long ago.  It was also my last.  That is absolutely godawful.  What the hell are you lab rats people thinking?
  • Lea’s van is away at the paint shop to address a factory defect, which puts her in the Technical Writing Express and me in the truck.  I got a scoop of dirt in the truck bed several weeks ago for yard maintenance and only used about half of it so far, and there the rest sits.  So I’m currently commuting in a half-ton, crew cab, 5.4L V8-equipped pickup with 500 lbs. of dirt in the bed.  Just think of it as the anti-Prius.
  • The best David Lee Roth-era Van Halen album is the self-titled debut, by half a hair over Fair Warning.  Then it goes Van Halen II, Women and Children First, 1984, and Diver Down.  The best Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen album is 5150, followed by For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, OU812, and Balance.  Please assume Van Halen III doesn’t exist, and I have low expectations for anything the current incarnation of the band may produce.  There’s your buyer’s guide, if you need one.

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  8 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #106”

  1. You obviously failed to try Redbull and Tequila! And yes I am one of those lab rats, however I have nearly weened myself off the morning habit now.

    I’d flip flop 1984 and diver down, but yes.

  2. My kids try to give me the “waitress” treatment too. It’s almost like they think they are still 3 and 5, and not 7 and 9. I have to remind them that they are quite capable of getting up and getting it themselves these days. Must be the age.

    Baby teeth are a such a pain. My daughter’s don’t really fall out anymore. They get shoved out of the way, and then we end up having to spend $50 for Mr. Nose and an extraction.

  3. If you think Red Bull is bad, try the diet version. Red Bull was cruising the superbowl parade crowd in New Orleans, and were promoting their stuff. My sister and I were tired, thirsty and not very enamored of the $10.00 cocktails being sold out of the window behind our perch on the sidewalk. We took one of the ice cold freebies offered us, took one sip, screamed a few expletives and chucked it into the trash. Hor-i-bull!.

  4. I think I’d actually list OU812 as my favorite Van Hagar album.

  5. The last time I looked into the back of the pickup truck there was a plant the size of a small tree growing back there. Are you driving around with that, too, or did you mow the truck?

  6. Nobody whips your ass like your wife, eh?

    I liked Red Bull better the first time when it was called Jolt Cola…wait, no that sucked too. It does make the movie _Role Models_ funnier. DRINK MINOTAUR!!!

  7. FWIW, I always thought the “Me Wise Magic” and “Cant Get This Stuff No More” cuts off of “Best Of Van Halen Vol I” with DLR were pretty good. And, is it too early for me to start lobbying for a Cabinet position in Bozekistan?

  8. Buzzregog, the only way I drink tequila is sipping an expensive one neat in a snifter–and only occasionally then–so I’m confident that wouldn’t help. 🙂 I can see what’s appealing about Diver Down, but I just find it too scattered and cover-heavy.

    Jenny, I’ve since been assured by two other moms that we’ve got nothing to worry about. I hope it stays that way. I’m not pumped about the prospect of going to the dentist for Tooth Fairy stuff.

    ‘seester, sugar free Red Bull reminds me of Death Proof.

    nhfalcon, it definitely has some moments and some good writing, but it’s way too slickly produced to suit me. I was so disappointed when I put it in for the first time and “Mine All Mine” sounded so…synthetic.

    Lea, I think that was a tomato plant. I plucked it. There’s a maple tree growing back there now, though.

    BamaDan, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Absolutely serious when I say that’s part of the reason I knew she’d make an outstanding wife.

    Lee, they were, but those are weird little snapshots that really were recorded by a reunion of the original DLR lineup. I think it’s a damned shame that Eddie ran Michael Anthony off. He had a lot to do with that classic sound, both on bass and vocals. Plus, what a great guy, or he certainly seems so. I think the last chapters of Van Halen’s run are, in some ways, as ridiculous as the last chapters of Kiss’s.

    No worries on Bozekistan. You’re already way in. You shall be Someone Important.

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