Feb 252010
  • Obama’s latest dog and pony show health care summit is today.  If, like me, you’re sort of interested in the proceedings, but are fairly confident you haven’t the stomach for the unabridged event, The Corner and Critical Condition at National Review Online should both be excellent places for liveblogging.  If you have any trouble and want to know what you should think, feel free to email me or comment and I’ll tell you.  I’m a giver.
  • Yesterday morning, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano became the first administration official to publicly call the Fort Hood massacre “violent Islamic terrorism.” So, all of you who used your brains to reach the same assessment three and a half months ago:  I guess this means you’re no longer “jumping to conclusions.”
  • Speaking of:  our proposed new embassy in London has an actual moat.  The more things change…
  • Locals, does it seem like the Canada geese never “passed through”?  Haven’t they been here continuously for too many months now?
  • Hammer down on the war on photography.  As usual, Great Britain is “leading.”  How about going to jail for ten years for taking a photograph of a police officer?  That’s hardly far-fetched.
  • Twenty years ago an old boss told me a “no soap radio” joke.  I never got it, and have occasionally wondered about it since.  When I finally wondered in front of a computer and Googled it recently, I learned there was nothing to get.  The joke is that it isn’t a joke.  I never pretended to get it, though if she’d had convincing co-conspirators, I might have.
  • My loss for February is looking modest, though in the correct direction.  Given that I got back a lot of January’s loss in the first part of this month and then had to lose it again, I’m not particularly disappointed.

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  1. Unfortunately, I had to do my work today, and did not tune in the health-care proceedings. I did see a mug shot or two when I ran down to the “cafe” to grab a salad, before heading back to my work so I can continue supporting the 48% who pay no taxes.


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