Jun 052009

I happened upon this article about hotel room thievery during my unexpectedly leisurely afternoon.  (I got back from a funeral about 2:15, and the roofer I was supposed to meet at 4 had to reschedule, but a) he called; and b) he was polite, so no problem, Mike.  ‘Preciate it.)

I have taken soaps and shampoos from hotel rooms, but I think equating these obvious consumables with things like laundry bags, towels, ashtrays, and sheets is ludicrous.  For one thing, as often as not, I have used the shampoo and soap, and used shampoo and soap has rather limited next-guest potential.  For another, I’m confident such items are adequately provided for in a hotel room’s end cost.  They’re mine anyway.

We actually had a couple of Holiday Inn towels and such when I was growing up, but that’s not where my mom surprised/entertained me the most.  As I mentioned once a long time ago, she was a serious kleptomaniac at the doctor’s office.  As soon as we were in an examination room at the pediatrician or wherever, she’d throw open the cabinets and help herself to two of those gauze pads, and three of these alcohol swabs, and whatever else.  She never pocketed an otoscope or anything, but she probably had a $10 take from time to time.

What was her rationalization for such theft?  I don’t know.  Can’t ask her now.  I don’t think it’s something I’d want my children to see me doing, though.  There’s not really such a thing as “okay” stealing.

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  6 Responses to “You know, stealing really is stealing”

  1. I had a roommate who was like that. She really seemed not to be able to help it. The funniest thing she ever took was a napkin dispenser from somewhere like Burger King. When it ran out of napkins, she returned it.

  2. Geez, Bo. Next you’ll be bringing up “Napster Bad, Metallica Good” or something. The Interweb desires to be free!

    Speaking of stolen music, have you listened to Chickenfoot yet? Figured with Hagar and Satriani in it, you’d be a fan and I wanted an opinion before I paid .99 for a song on it.

    “Chickenfoot Sami?” “Chickenfoot Sami.” -Prison Break

  3. BamaDan: I bought it, but haven’t gone through it yet. (It’s only $3.99 for the album download at Amazon through the weekend.) It has to be better than the last Sammy album.

  4. I’ve only spent about half an hour with it so far, but I’d say it’s definitely worth four bucks. Parts of it remind me a lot of F.U.C.K.-era Van Halen. There’s a bluesy undercurrent to other parts. I don’t hear any unambiguous filler tracks.

  5. I have a confession to make. The whole time we watched Chickenfoot on Conan I kept saying “Russ, doesn’t that guy look like Sammy Hagar?”…..I guess Guns n Roses’ new song isn’t “Walking in Memphis” either, is it?

  6. Oh yeah, Mom stole from doctor’s offices until she died. She thought it was funny. I guess she figured if she was going to be charged $5.00 for a Band-Aid she should at least get her money’s worth. She did a lot of strange things but, she was a good person. I miss her 🙂

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