Jun 212009

On this Father’s Day:

  • I thank God the Father for my many blessings.  The glory is His.
  • I cherish two of the best little boys a father could ever dream of.
  • I thank my father—still my hero after 38 years—for his love, support, and candor.
  • I remember my father-in-law’s example and inspiration.

To all fathers everywhere:  thank you for all you do.  May your day be filled with love and peace.

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  5 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. We took David to see Up this afternoon. Lizzie bought him some chocolate at the Crocodile and wouldn’t let me pitch in even a little. She wanted to use her own money.

    Up is definitely worthy of a father’s day sort of outing.

  2. That’s funny; that’s exactly what the Lea/the boys got me! We’re going Tuesday night, though. And good for Lizzie!

    Glad to hear Up is worthy. As you know, I was decidedly outside the Wall-E lovefest. 🙂

  3. Happy Father’s Day! I got a pedal boat for the pond and the new dock. Come see sometime!

  4. Its message is much better than Wall-E. Well except for the lazy slob part. I liked that part of Wall-E.

  5. BamaDan: Now that’s a cool gift! Will definitely have to check that out soon.

    ‘seester: I didn’t even mind Wall-E’s message. I minded that it was presented with all of the subtlety of an 18-pound sledge to the face.

    Nevertheless, glad to hear you deem Up worthy. That’s probably a rock-solid reliable indicator for me on this kind of movie.

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