May 052009

So one of the trailers for the to-be-released-imminently rebooted Star Trek movie starts with an adolescent Kirk sending a (presumably stolen) Corvette Sting Ray over a cliff, and very nearly following it.

startrek09A colleague stopped by this afternoon to mostly-jokingly ask if I was planning to dress up in character to go to the movie.  I said no, but I did plan to see it, and I mentioned that I liked that trailer.

Instantly, he shared with me that in an episode of the original series, Kirk was flummoxed by a car with a clutch, so how could he have driven that Sting Ray as a child?  Heh.

Certainly scores, and possibly hundreds, of these inconsistencies are waiting to be discovered when the movie hits wide release late this week.  Star Trek must be the most studied and analyzed television show in history.  (Well, besides Blossom.)  Another is that the trailer shows the Enterprise under construction in a shipyard on Earth.  I’m a comparatively casual fan, and even I know Enterprise was built in orbit.

So if they’re “blowing” something as fundamental as that, then I think there are probably many more “errors” to come.  A little advice to die-hards out there:  try to get lost in this one without picking it to pieces.  This is the cornerstone of the new franchise.  If you allow the nits to cost you your happiness, it’s going to be a painful decade or so of sequels for you for no good reason.

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  7 Responses to “Trekkers: Stay calm and watch the movie”

  1. Enterprise was built in San Francisco:

    PWN3D by my inner nerd!!!!

    Actually, I watched Star Trek The Movie over the weekend with the trivia track on and seem to remember something about Nebraska Ship Yards during the ENDLESS fly-by sequence. That movie really gets no better with age.

  2. I’ll call us both partially right. Citing that page: “According to The Making of Star Trek, the Enterprise was built on Earth but assembled in space.” The new trailer clearly shows a recognizable ship on Earth, which doesn’t jive.

    I should have said “assembled in space” in the post. It was late. I was Sierra Nevada Pale Aled.

  3. I will be there this weekend, errors or not!!!!!

  4. I think the last movie I saw on opening weekend was Batman in 1989. The extreme displeasure of the experience is seared in my memory.

    Dad, Nathan, and I will go see it about this time next month.

  5. No Khan, no sale.

  6. I’m sure this flick is full of “historical” errors. I’m a huge geeky trek fan, but I’ll be able to watch it without judgement–mainly because I love sci-fi. Although, I have to say that I HATED the new Star Wars movies. I just hope the new Trek doesn’t suck as much as the X-Files movies did.

    No. That’s simply not possible. 🙁

  7. BamaDan: Truly, one of the greatest bad guys of all time.

    Cheryl: I didn’t hate I and II, but I was disappointed. I thought III was worthy.

    I didn’t see the second X-Files movie, but the first one put Lea and me both off the series.

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