Nov 272008
  • I’m not sure when I lost the ability to sleep late, but it’s quite gone.  I got up to pee at 6:15 this morning and started ambling out to make coffee, and thought “this is completely ridiculous.  Go back to bed, Bo.”  So I did.  Then I popped right back up at 7:30, and clearly wasn’t going back down.  That just sucks.  Is that a sign of latent tension?  Just getting old?
  • It’s been a chilly November, but it got to 62º today.  I wore a T-shirt.
  • My lovely mother-in-law doesn’t believe in any less than ten different dishes on the table for Thanksgiving.  My niece and nephews are now pleasant to visit with in a young-adult sort of way, as opposed to an older-kid sort of way.  That’s cool.
  • I worked on a Michelob Craft Sampler with my dad.  The pale ale is really very good; the porter, tolerable.  We played gin rummy for the first time in a while.
  • Kirstie Alley was pretty damned hot in 1989.  (Look Who’s Talking is on, and far more engaging background noise than the Texas-Texas A&M blowout.)
  • Lea has only limited plans for the Black Friday insanity.  She, her sisters, and her mom have previously done the four-in-the-morning commando thing, but I think her excursion tomorrow may be limited to Old Time Pottery (which is on our end of town and three-quarters of a mile from Wal-Mart).
  • Incidentally, the rest of you who get out in that shit are nuts.  When shopping like a normal person during normal hours and paying normal prices, I’m content viewing the whole thing as paying a slight surcharge in exchange for not being surrounded by throngs of lunatics.
  • Lots of Iron Bowl talk today from all quarters.  More on that tomorrow.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #15”

  1. I never got the Black Friday phenomenon, either. Besides, since the advent of the internet, most of my holiday shopping is done via mouse clicks, and a nice young man in an ugly brown uniform leaves the stuff at my door…

  2. Even 6:15 has gotten to the point of “sleeping in” for me. I guess I’ll be watching “The Lawrence Welk Show” and openly discussing my bowel movements soon.

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