Sep 282008

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

manly fart beer burp sports
I’m guessing you’re not a doilies-and-petits-fours sort of person.

slavic mullet
Your fetish, which is not at all odd or disturbing, seems to lack a home.  Why not show some initiative?  It seems is available.

why does wifes becomes bitches
Yeah, good question!  Those fucking whores.

bo’s appetite
Large, but surprisingly refined.  Like Pavarotti.

how many days until the particle accelerator destroy the earth
Oh, good while yet.  No worries there.  I do have a little bad news, though—we only have about 1,825,000,000,000 days before the sun becomes a red giant and destroys all life on the earth.

the coolest guy on the planet
Alan Thicke.

jarred processed cheese product
You just lock in that mattress polo right now, big man.  I bet her panties fall right to the floor.  Don’t forget the Wild Irish Rose and a selection of Little Debbies for dessert.

an inconvenient truth motivation for movie

Why, it’s to save dear, fragile, beautiful Mother Earth from selfish, wasteful crimes committed by greedy, short-sighted people.  How dare you ask such a question!

what is wrong with this country?
Too many idiots asking search engines inane questions.

peed on the floor
Yeah, me too.

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  7 Responses to “These roads lead to WmWms”

  1. I watched the Alabama-Georgia game. Actually, it seemed like two games.

    Was the “real” Alabama the one that “won” the first half, or the one that “lost” the second half?

    Anyway, glad you are riding high about it!

  2. “bo’s appetite
    Large, but surprisingly refined. Like Pavarotti.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This one had me laughing out loud in the middle of the student union food court. God, but I love your sense of humor…

  3. “why does wifes becomes bitches”

    I have two comments. First if “wifes” is really plural then that totally explains the “bitch” part. Second, did I miss the post about your wife (ahem) becoming a bitch, because I’d REALLY like to read that. 😉

  4. Gerry: They count the points once to determine the winner. The team with the most at the end wins. Georgia was never a threat to have the most at the end.

    Mrs. Chili: So pleased to entertain. 🙂

    Lea, dear heart: That person actually wound up on my first Wal-Mart post.

  5. Well, Bo, ordinarily, the team with the most points win, until the government decides to step in and take over. Then who the hell knows?

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