Jan 032008

Hey, I might never get to say that again.

One guy with the tractor and another guy with the water hose (asbestos, we figured) took it down in three hours or so today. We had a laugh imagining that the guy got told to go sweep the building out or something, and instead grabbed the excavator and decided he was never sweeping it out again.

I took a video, but I was using the video mode of a still camera, and it’s not very good. Also, it’s too big for me to dump to YouTube quickly (189MB, and their limit is 100). Nevertheless, I’ll get it cut down and get something up there soon.

Tom had the remark of the day. We were sitting there after lunch watching, and he said “man, I bet this guy didn’t hit the snooze bar this morning.”

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  One Response to “They demolished the building next to mine at work today”

  1. Too bad they didn’t take it out with explosives! THAT would have been fun to watch!

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