Jul 142007

Well, it seems that after satisfying debts, John McCain’s presidential campaign is down to $250,000 on hand. That’s about like you or I being down to whatever change is in our car’s ashtray.

I’ve never liked John McCain. I thought his campaign finance reform legislation was poorly thought out, and I think his position on illegal immigration is abysmally stupid. Moreover, he’s a stalwart status quo supporter on Iraq (and I go back and forth on what I think the best answer in Iraq is, but I know for damned sure it isn’t “give it time”). Finally, I find him petulant and needy as a campaigner, and I have no reason to believe he’d be any different as a chief executive.

Senator McCain, we thank you for your service, but you are not going to be President of the United States. Everyone knows it but you. Please commence fading from public view at once. Who knows? If you give it a year or two, maybe you can pull off that “elder statesman” crap.

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  3 Responses to “Thank you, Senator McCain; please drive through”

  1. Senator McCain was on a call-in show on my local NPR station on Friday, and I have to say that, after listening carefully to the man for the first time in a number of years – since his last presidential run, actually – I have to agree 100% with what you’ve said here.

    I think there are a LOT of changes that need to be made to our political process, though, and I think that having people who make a lot of noise – whether or not they actually have a chance at snagging the top job – is important. I also think that the noise that this particular candidate is making is a lot more of the same nonsense that got us to where we are in the first place, so it’s stuff we really don’t need to be hearing again…

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