Jun 182007

Nathan and I went geocaching with Clan Saintseester this afternoon on Wade Mountain, and had a blast. There are some lovely Huntsville Land Trust trails there.

I spaced and forgot to take any people pictures, but I did get a shot of a toad having a rotten day:
We startled this young black racer, and he let go of his lunch and slinked off. The toad was obviously a bit disoriented, but looked like he might make it.

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  6 Responses to “Caching on Wade Mountain”

  1. Not clan, krewe.

    And I am glad you didn’t think to take people pictures as then the illusion the web has of me would be shattered; crushed to see me in my costco irregulars hiking garb.

  2. Je fais des excuses.

    I wrote Clan all over my geocaching logs too, so I hope a promise to remember in the future is satisfactory. 🙂

    Had fun. See you soon.

  3. We like to hike or ride our bicycles from Mountain Gap Road to the river…. soooo beautiful! You should join us sometime!


  4. Whoa! I couldn’t even see the froggy until I clicked on the image to enlarge it and then stared at it for about a minute. That is too cool. But poor snakey will prolly starve to death now.

  5. Suzie, I will, as soon as I’m not afraid for my bicycle to get on it again. That’s probably still 15 or 20 pounds away. Thanks for the invitation.

    Hedy, I felt a little bad for interrupting the, uh, “transaction.” We scared the snake and left him hungry, and for all I know, the toad was indeed impaired and we only delayed its death.

  6. That toad was stunned; he didn’t move when David poked at him. So I am hoping mr. snake came back to finish him off. You know, I just don’t feel right about wasting food with all the hunger – little snakes on Rainbow Mountain would be thrilled to have toad once in a while, you know.

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