Apr 072007

Nathan and Aaron went to an Easter egg hunt in my dad’s neighborhood this morning:

They enjoyed themselves, but at hunt-time it was about 35 degrees with a biting north wind. That’s heavy-duty cold for Easter weekend ’round these parts; it ought to be 60, anyway. So the hunt was quick, and lunch at Dad and Martha’s was leisurely.

I had planned to cut the front yard this afternoon and maybe wash a car, but any marginal interest I had in such was quashed at the hunt this morning. So instead I’m watching the Governator in an underrated gem, and having a Sam with an Easter egg and Tabasco habanero sauce.

Tabasco habanero sauce is good on everything but ice cream. It won’t blow the back of your head out like another favorite of mine, Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce, but it’s considerably hotter than regular Tabasco and quite flavorful. I especially like it for soups, eggs, and Mexican food.

Unfortunately, neither of our regular grocery stores had it more than the one time. So I went online to get some, and the way the shipping was set up, and the amount I wanted…blah blah blah…I had to get a gallon.

I think I’m set for a couple of years, anyway. Really, with this much on hand, I may try it as a marinade. Or maybe I’ll add vodka and a lime slice to a glass of it and serve it to the next person who asks for a “strong Bloody Mary” at my house.

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  5 Responses to “A January Saturday in April”

  1. I can relate to your comment about shipping costs. I visited Austrailia while serving in the USN, and got hooked on Vegemite. The shipping cost on a 4oz jar is twenty dollars, so I buy the 2lb jar, which lasts forever (the family detests the stuff).

    Your blog is great! I was stationed at Naval Station Mobile for two years, and have always wondered what was done with it after it closed. Do you have any info? Thanks!

  2. Oooooh… must have one of your “bloody Bo” drinks. Yum.

    I’m sending you an email about something you and yours might enjoy 🙂

  3. Anon: I’ve always wanted to try Marmite and Vegemite, but never have. Based on the descriptions people give of the taste, they’re probably things I’d enjoy.

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I’m having a good time with it. I don’t have any specific info on Naval Station Mobile, but I’m about as far from Mobile as one can be and still be in Alabama. I’m just a 15-minute ride from the Tennessee border.

    Suzie: I loves me some spicy stuff, and I’m not at all sure I could finish a glass of this sauce. I guess upping the vodka is an option. 🙂

  4. Here’s an easy “man” recipe. (Basically an appetizer for people who don’t necessarily like to cook.) My dad, who was able to produce gourmet meals from the dregs of the pantry, LOVED this stuff.

    1 block of cream cheese (regular)
    1 small bottle of Pick-A-Peppa Sauce

    Pour the sauce over the cream cheese, slice and serve with triscuits. Yum! Easy! Yum!

  5. […] I decided to have my grilled chicken breast marinated in Tabasco Habanero Sauce tonight.  (I had a little on hand.)  Heh.  It’s the hottest of the Tabasco […]

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