Jan 172007

said Bo.

And we are. And the boys sit rapt.

The boys wanted something musical, and it’s definitely that. So, BEHOLD! the worst movie I include among a list of my favorites, and certainly the worst movie I own on DVD.

This was Jeff Lynne at the top of his musical form; it was Olivia Newton-John at her absolute white-hottest; it was Fee Waybill doing a cool rock ‘n’ roll fusion with a big band (who prompted the whole viewing tonight, when I saw “She’s a Beauty” on VH-1 Classic); it was a 20-minute musical extravaganza of old-fashioned roller skates and light-up floors to end the movie; it was like nothing before or since.

OK, yes, it was also cheesy as hell, and essentially plotless. I loved it in 1980, and I love it now. I always say I’m not going to crank the end, and then I always do anyway.

This would be one of my most embarrassing disclosures if I ever sought federal office, and I just freely admitted it. It’s liberating.

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  2 Responses to “"Hey, we should watch Xanadu tonight!"”

  1. You know – can’t say I’ve ever seen Xanadu, although one day I hope to see a cave called that’s called Xanadu though. Funny – I actually peeked at you blog from off of Corey’s site just today – so its cool that you’d post to mine. Please comment away! Glad you liked the Christmas stick.

  2. Hey you! I’ve enjoyed you and Gray Bat as geocaching personalities very much, so it was lovely to discover you as a blogger as well. See you on the trail, whether it be caching or blogging!

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