Nov 212008

Boosted from Fighting Windmills, a new favorite of mine.  She’s frosty. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?  Man, is there ever a lot of money to be made with this turn of events! When was the last time you flew in a plane?  October 2007 What did […]

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Sep 032008

Boosted from Morgan, a bud of Mrs. Chili‘s who just started a blog.  I’m digging her so far, and not just for her sexy profile shot.  She’s closing on blogrolled fast. 1. The phone rings; whom do you want it to be? I don’t enjoy talking on the telephone recreationally.  I’m generally looking to make […]

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Jul 282008

Cajunvegan did this one. I liked it. How many keys are on your keychain? I don’t have one all-inclusive keychain. I keep my keys in several different locations. They are stored contextually, and it works well for me. If you were given a canvas and watercolors, what would you paint? The patchwork of my soul. […]

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Jul 082008

Both of my co-hosts have done this one, and I like it, so I’ll do it too. ‘Sides, it gives me another chance to shamelessly pimp Dark and Stormy. Heh! 1. Who are your favorite authors? I tend to be work-centric and not author-centric when considering favorites, but I’ll say George Orwell and Isaac Asimov.  […]

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