Feb 172011
  • Well, #125 will be my last perfect cube for a while.  It’s most of two years to #216.
  • It’s much too early to call spring—it snowed in March here last winter, and the winter before—but there are upper 60s to low 70s forecast through the weekend.  I’ll take it!
  • For me, Oates just isn’t Oates without the pornstache.
  • I hope “Al from Dadeville” is proud of himself, and I further hope he’s soon crushed by justice.  Killing the trees at Toomer’s Corner is classless, despicable, and indefensible.  Auburn friends, I’m so sorry.  No true Alabama fan feels anything but disgust for this mean-spirited assault on one of your most precious traditions.
  • “Jerry, goodbye!”  RIP, Uncle Leo.
  • I don’t like fake dual exhaust.  A car whose engine has a single bank of cylinders should have one tailpipe.  How do these things get such traction?
  • I got a hit early this morning from the office of the Inspector General of Romania.  It landed on this post.  A Romanian law enforcement officer was Googling the Willises.  Is that funny?  I think it is.

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