Dec 312009
  • We’re seeing Sherlock Holmes this weekend with the BamaDans.  Can’t remember the last time I saw a movie so soon after its release, but we must strike.  It’s a rare one indeed that’s going to attract all four of us.
  • I am finding Marie Osmond with big hair and too much eye makeup, as seen on current Nutrisystem commercials, severely agreeable.  (I imagine her reeking of drugstore perfume and strawberry lip gloss too.)
  • Orient is probably the biggest wristwatch company you’ve never heard of.  In the interest of their push into the American market, you can get 50% off the list price (which is a tad inflated, but not ridiculously so, making 50% off it still a good deal) through midnight tonight at their web site by entering the code lastchance50.  If you’ve been thinking of getting an automatic of decent quality, this is a good opportunity.  No interest other than being a satisfied customer.
  • The need for tires on Lea’s van has been looming, and I’ve known for some time that I would probably take care of it on Christmas break.  Took it yesterday, and all is fine, but two failed motor mounts (!) also found their way onto the bill, swelling it to a corpulent $1,163.  (The counted blessing is that the driveline clunk I feared might be in the transaxle is now gone.)
  • I’m going to try pescetarianism, aka “vegequarianism” (a vegetarian diet plus seafood).  No forever resolution, but I’m committing to January.  If anything interesting happens, I’ll let you know.
  • OK, so Urban Meyer’s “checking himself in for dehydration” has morphed into “middle of the night 911 call when he fell out of bed and couldn’t be roused.”  Mike Leach has apparently screwed all parties because he wouldn’t move a quarter of an inch to help himself.  Bobby Bowden really, truly won’t be on the sideline in 2010.  This is the soapiest coaching drama season I can remember.
  • Happy New Year’s Eve.  Wear your rubbers.  Don’t sniff glue and drive.
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Dec 302009

I discovered this Christmas that the boom box/ghetto blaster form factor is just about dead.

Nathan has had a Fisher-Price CD player for several years.  It was a present from Lea’s parents, and it’s been good.  It reads CD-Rs reliably, so it’s been pretty easy for Nathan to enjoy pieces of our music library.

Lea and I have been thinking Nathan would pass that one to Aaron, and Nathan would get a new one for Christmas that can either read MP3 CDs, or has an audio input for an MP3 player.  We finally settled on this one, and I think it’s going to be fine, but I’m really surprised at how basic it is.  It doesn’t even have any tone controls.

I can remember the boom box section of the Sears Wish Book taking up a dozen pages, with all manner of complexity in controls, displays, and so forth.  Now, all of the nice stuff seems to be either desktop units that dock iPods, or WiFi/XM/other expensive pieces that aren’t child-appropriate.

‘Course, what all of this is really pointing toward is the imminent death of physical media.  That feels so wrong to me.  I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my grumpy old man topics—you know, those things I’m going to talk about incessantly and obliviously while everyone rolls their eyes and sighs?

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Dec 292009

Looking good tonight, dudes and dolls.  We’re losing our Papa Murphy’s cherries, I have a fine selection of adult beverages, bowl games are on, and the new Car and Driver came.

Yeah.  So.

I’ve enjoying my time off—don’t have to be back until next week—but this shall be the last day of wanton sloth.  I’ll work in the garage some tomorrow, and perhaps even cross off an item or two in the backyard if there’s a favorable window of temperature and (lack of) precipitation.

I started watching The Office, on Netflix HD via the Xbox 360.  All of you who have told me for years that I would like that show have been correct.  Until the day before yesterday I had never seen even five seconds of it, and I’m part of the way through the second season now.  It’s good stuff, though I’m way past ready for Jim and Pam to get together.  This might have been riveting weekly tension; viewed rapid-fire I can’t believe how long it’s taking.

It’s felt good to unplug my brain.  I’ll begin reconnecting circuits a few at a time tomorrow.  Perhaps you’ll get a better post then.  Heh.

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Dec 262009

urbanmeyerAccording to his statement today, Urban Meyer will resign as University of Florida head football coach “for health reasons” following the 2010 Sugar Bowl.  As I type, the ESPN crawl on the Emerald Bowl says he has a heart muscle defect, and that he’ll assume some non-coaching role with Florida.

As of now, he is 56-10 at Florida, and 95-18 as a head coach overall (including Bowling Green and Utah).  Wow.

I hate this as a person for him, for his family, and for his players.  I hate it as an Alabama fan because the Saban vs. Meyer narrative had tremendous potential for the next decade or so (or however long Saban coaches before he retires).  They’re both awfully good, and several more epic clashes were all but guaranteed.

Plus, who is that urchin in Knoxville going to pick on now?

All the best to you, Coach Meyer.

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