Jul 232009
  • Our mild July gloriously rolls on.  June days were 10 degrees hotter.
  • You may have noticed the new Popular Incoming Destinations bit to the left.  That’s a continually updating list of the most popular posts visitors click to directly, such as from Google.  The top post contains the iconic photo of Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Based on my long observation of who clicks where, and except for the odd high-traffic reddit.comed post or similar, I expect it’s ensconced.  (Edited 07/24:  I’ve changed this to What’s Popular Today?  It will now update every day.  Should be a lot more interesting that way, though I expect dear Phoebe will still rule it most of the time!)
  • Lea bought a sprayer nozzle for the hose yesterday that includes the following warning (directly) quoted:  “Do not spray water into an electrical outlet.  Severe electrical shock could result.”  Well, there go my plans for the morning.  I was going to do that right after I forcibly inserted it into my anus, and right before I ground it up for an ice cream sundae topping.
  • Saintseester said something a day or three ago that should have been obvious, but wasn’t (to me, anyway).  How excited are you about a year of free OnStar in your new, government-owned GM vehicle?
  • A really bad idea just popped into my head.  How about a Diff’rent Strokes movie?  I fear it might actually be in development, so I don’t want to go look.
  • Here is a great overview that answers several questions about how we might get to Mars.
  • “Never again” is the common and expected sentiment upon visiting a Nazi death camp site.  As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in a painful column yesterday, we really don’t much mean it.  Want to see a labor/death camp North Korea says doesn’t exist?  Here, have an informed blow-by-blow of what you’re looking at, too.  This is 2009, remember.

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  8 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #46”

  1. The info on Camp 22 is downright horrific. Living in South Korea for 5 years (’85 – ’90) during the reign of the Great Leader up North we heard some crazy stuff, but nothing as terrible as that camp. I need to really look over that stuff again before the true horror of it sinks in…

  2. Bigdave: Giving it a mere bullet seemed wrong in a way, particularly following lighter fare. However, I found the prospect of a full post just too depressing. As you’ve seen, there is enough detail at the above link to bum you out for a week.

  3. I just bought a small plastic wading pool for my german shepherd to play in and there was a warning stuck in the bottom of it that said in giant capital letters, “NO DIVING!

  4. We have an ’08 Acadia that came with a ‘free’ year of OnStar. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t have something just because someone told me that I needed it especially if I have to pay for it. Our 1 year free OnStar ended in May and we’ve been spammed ever since. The latest spamming was while we were on vacation in Destin. Richard and I were coming back from the local Publix when the radio cut out and OnStar took over. Scared us to death! Talk about Big Brother watching!

  5. Cheryl: Don’t bring your toaster oven in with you either.

    AZn8tive: Is that defeatable? Wow, that is really obnoxious.

  6. I have no idea if it’s defeatable. Suppose that I need to check my owner’s manual about that. I don’t want it to happen while my daughter is driving – it would absolutely flip her out.

  7. Thanks for the link to the NK camps. I always imagined that their camps were like the Nazi ones. I was surprised to see how massive they are. The inmates probably never see the fence except when they first arrive. That country has to be one big basket case. They are breeding a nation totally void of empathy. We keep seeing this type of behavior popping up all over the world and so I have to sadly assume that this is an ugly side of human nature. I’m grateful to live here in the USA but I’m not blind to the fact that it could happen here too…it is after all human nature. We all have to remain vigilant and defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

  8. Bob: It’s uncanny how much it looks like the aerial photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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