Sep 282017
  • There shouldn’t be any such thing as canned asparagus. That someone apparently consumes such a product, demonstrated by its ongoing availability, makes me so sad.
  • Hugh Hefner has died at 91. I have a rather more complex opinion of his life and work now than I had maybe five years ago, but I still think my description of Playboy is spot-on: a magazine for college students and middle-aged men who each wish they were the other. RIP.
  • “There is always more goodness in the world than there appears to be, because goodness is of its very nature modest and retiring.” -Evelyn Beatrice Hall      That was good for me to read today on my friend Dennis’s Facebook page. I was just chatting yesterday with a colleague about how little we expect of people in general anymore.
  • I have just given up on my Moto G phone, which worked flawlessly for six months; then with intermittent glitches for another four; and which now malfunctions more often than daily. The screen registers phantom touches that aren’t actually occurring—frequently dozens of them in rapid-fire succession, calling people, launching apps, taking photos, and so forth. Motorola has assigned some poor customer service representative to answer complaints on What they need to be doing is buying these lemon phones back from us.
  • The weather turns a bit tonight. Enjoy it. I know I will.
  • We were eating dinner last night and Aaron suddenly said “hey, this song has the same chord progression as “Let’s Stay Together.” (It was otherwise rather dissimilar.) I replied “welcome to being a musician, son.”
  • And hey, speaking of that dinner, watch Rocket City Mom for a review sometime soon!

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  1. Sorry to add to your burden of sorrow, but I like to eat canned asparagus cold, right out of the can. Yum.

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