Aug 312017
  • Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza, one of my very favorite local businesses, is donating 100% of its proceeds this Saturday, September 2, to Hurricane Harvey relief. Go by and have the best pizza available for four counties (or pick a few up for your football party!), and say hi to my friends Stan and Tina.
  • The younger boy is hooked on pico de gallo sauce. In fact, it was the only game day food he specifically asked for. You got it, man. Pretty much 100% raw vegetables by weight? Slam-dunk. Yeah, there are the chips too, but still.
  • The “Buy 3, Get 9 Free” deal at Feelin’ Good Tees is legit. I just got my 12 shirts, and even with various upcharges for custom colors, larger sizes, etc., they were $9.40 each delivered. They’re reasonably heavy T-shirts, too.
  • I tried an episode of The Man in the High Castle, and it’s obviously a high-quality production, but it didn’t really take with me. I have two other recommendations in hand—for The Americans and Ozark. Given from whom each recommendation came and what I know about each series, I’ll probably watch them both.
  • Reading between the lines, it sounds like Tony Kanaan may be driving for A.J. Foyt in 2018. If you still had any doubt that it wouldn’t be Chip Ganassi Racing next year, Chip’s jackassery Saturday night should have removed it. I don’t have anything against Scott Dixon, but I hope TK can stuff CGR at least one good time next year.
  • The new Saxon album is called Thunderbolt. It’s due in January.
  • Lows in the 50s. They’ll be short-lived, but they’ll be here. More to come. Ahhhhh.

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