Jul 312014
  • I have seen desert, because I have flown into Las Vegas and looked out the window whilst doing so. But I have never been in the desert. Makes me curious about the numerous Breaking Bad scenes.
  • Nathan will be driving in scarcely more than two years, which means that I’ve begun to talk to him about what makes a good driver. We have particularly touched on the fact that you can be a rotten driver without breaking the first law. I’m putting together a list around that concept for public consumption as a BoWilliams.com post. Stay tuned.
  • I consider myself qualified for such because I’ve driven over a quarter of a million miles since my last wreck on Christmas Day, 1993.
  • I bought a bottle of Cabo Wabo Anejo when we went on our sinkhole pilgrimage. It’s good, but I think I enjoy the reposado just as much. I drink a double shot neat, in a snifter, and I’ll do an occasional top shelf margarita. Not much of a fan otherwise.
  • I had a homemade Ukrainian kielbasa early this week. It was really tasty. I recommend it.
  • I can find all of my happy places on Google Maps now. Can you? Give it a shot. There aren’t many low-resolution images left.
  • Xbox One is inevitable at my house. Can we hold out until Christmas? Stay tuned.
  • Only a month or so until my cell contract is up. Will I stay with Windows Phone? I probably will.

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