Nov 092010

Want to know what kind of dreams I’m having lately?  Well, I say that, but this isn’t necessarily representative except that it was vivid and I can remember it well.

I shot up a gas station/convenience store with a rocket launcher.  I don’t know why.  When I left, I stole a brown BMW 5-series, ten years old or so, in which someone had left the keys.  Then I got irritated because it was a diesel, so it wasn’t very quick.  So I parked it another gas station somewhere and walked away.

Then (though I can’t recall the stunt at the gas station concerning me in the least), I began fretting about whether they’d dust for prints in a quickly-recovered and intact stolen car.  Then I woke up.

I haven’t even been playing any Grand Theft Auto games lately.

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  3 Responses to “My slumbering life of crime”

  1. But they’re in your subconscious … If we were living in a Minority Report world, those Pre-cogs would have you jailed already. ;->

  2. Weirdest dream I ever had involved the A-team (the tv series version) and Bugs Bunny and me shooting Bugs.

    Don’t ask…

  3. wxchick: great flick! Never read the story on which it’s based.

    Falcon, if the A-Team was there, you couldn’t have killed him. The A-Team burned through 100,000 rounds a show and never killed anybody. 🙂

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