Nov 302008

Wow, Thanksgiving was late.  Only three weeks to go at work before I’m off for Christmas.  Lea’s gotten most of the boys’ shopping done, and I’ve pointed and clicked here and there for them too.  I’ll probably finish up the rest of my shopping this week.

(Speaking of avoiding all of the damned retail traffic:  I thought to buy dog food last week, but I’m still going to have to get out for air intake filters at some point.  What time does Home Depot open?  6?)

The s-word has crept into the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  It’s not nearly cold enough to cause any logistical problems (sorry, Melanie, though I’m sure you’ve parsed all of this already).  Nevertheless, I’m encouraged.  This is early for us, and it really has been a damned cold November, relatively speaking.  Perhaps we’ll get our overdue debilitating stay-home event this winter.

When I carry tension around with me (doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but still does sometimes), I generally do it in my neck and upper back.  I’ve allowed more than one person to deposit an excessive amount there over the past week, and I’ve decided to refuse to lift it again.  It will not be there when I stand up from the bed in the morning.  Buh bye, jetsam.

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  13 Responses to “Just daily journal stuff”

  1. We had some snow (I wrote “snot” the first time I typed that….) yesterday. Certainly nothing major – it didn’t stick for long – but it was snow nonetheless. How about I send some of our share to you?

  2. Mrs. Chili: I think we’ve got enough water; what we need is cold. Send some of that.

  3. I was supposed to head to NC this morning for some trainings, but it’s snowing and the schools closed. Damn. 😉

  4. Shucksdarnitalltohell, Cheryl. I hate that for ya. 🙂

    Hope you’re excited about Dabo. It smells like a good move to me.

  5. I hear you about the cold – it’s 45 and rainy and winter should just come and bloody STAY and not send us weather that teases flowers from their beds with false promises. I AM from the Great White North and we do take our winter seriously.

  6. We have lots of Yankee and Canadian transplants around here (my parents were from the mid-west). They just laugh when we locals get excited about snow. For a long time the local municipalities didn’t even have utility vehicles designed to clear the road – we just had Joe Bob in the back of a pickup truck throwing out sand or salt. I think they finally upgraded somewhat but still none of the heavy duty stuff you see farther north. So, it really doesn’t have to be a significant amount of snow and ice to close us down. It’s gotta be could enough to stick, though, and today was definitely not the day!

  7. I’m not too thrilled about the Dabo hire, Bo, but the only thing to do now is hope for the best. I would rather have him than Kiffin though, to be honest. I just don’t think we can afford a five year learning curve. Houston Nutt would have been a great hire. But what they hell do I know?

  8. O’Mama: I don’t want it as reliable as you get it. I just want it for real when it shows up.

    Lea: I’ve enjoyed the image of “Joe Bob” in the bed of the pickup with a shovel all afternoon. Thank you. 🙂

    Cheryl: You’re going to be either 9-3 or 10-2 next year. In ’10, you’ll be somewhere between 10-2 and 12-0. Remember I said that.

    I think Swinney is a Bob Stoops-type hire. You’re going to be fine.

  9. My biggest gripe with Dabo is this: the touchy feely stuff. When he linked arms with the player and walked down the field I actually threw up a little bit in my mouth.

    Yesterday during the official press conference the guy cried. He cried! There’s no crying in football! No Crying!

    During the 80s, before FSU joined the ACC, the Seminoles came to Death Valley and kicked our asses. Did Danny Ford cry? No.. he dropped the “F” bomb on national TV! Then the following year he went to Tallahassee and beat the shit out of the Seminal-holes. Is it too much to ask to have that again? I want the tough as nails teams we had in the 80s. Visiting teams might not lose, but they sure as hell knew they were in a fight when the left.

  10. Cheryl: Yeah, I didn’t know that. Sorry.

    The last crying coach I had ultimately resigned in disgrace–but he won an SEC title before he did. Feel any better? 🙂

    I still think it’ll be okay.

  11. That’s what I don’t like about Dabo. The chest bumping, cart-wheeling, tickle piles in the end zone…

    Seriously, Tech was his first game and the coverage on him was over the top. I realize it was the story of the week, but they showed him more than they showed the game.

  12. So maybe he’ll have his players remove their helmets when they come to the sideline following a good play, just so he can tousle their hair. Heh.

  13. “…tickle piles in the end zone…” Hee Hee 🙂

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