Jun 132019

There is a lot of old-school ’80s hair metal coming to Huntsville. Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango are coming together, and L.A. Guns will be at Furniture Factory next month. I wish I wanted to make these efforts more than I do. I still love the music, but my tolerance for the crowds and smoke […]

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Jun 122019

Facebook user Glenn Mitchell has captured video of what appears to be an alligator swimming near a Point Mallard walking trail. And people have lost their minds. This WAAY-TV article gets it right when it says: Decatur Parks and Recreation said the gator probably came from the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, and there are likely more […]

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Jun 102019

I’m excited to start a new post series on BoWilliams.com, featuring the best ways to spend $10 (or thereabouts) at Huntsville-area restaurants. Consistent, sustained excellence will be a hallmark of every item that makes this exclusive list. Kicking things off is the Kitchen Sink—the flagship sub sandwich of Stanlieo’s Sub Villa. Like Stanlieo’s itself, the […]

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Jun 072019

Most Fridays, I wear a Hawaiian shirt. You can’t be in a bad mood wearing a Hawaiian shirt (which might really support the notion of wearing them on Monday, I suppose, but that’s a potentially stickier dress code wicket). They get the weekend nod a lot too. So I guess I’m that guy. I try […]

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Jun 062019

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day—the beginning of the end of World War II. The eventual and substantial blessing of success came at great cost indeed. May we never forget these sacrifices. I went to Parkway Place on Monday to get some steps, and also to get a sense of the mall’s health. I […]

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