Jul 112019
  • All right, I’ve successfully incorporated progressive-lens eyeglasses into my life. I have an occasional odd moment, but mostly I don’t notice them now. I’ll switch between these and monovision contact lenses freely. Don’t see any need to try multifocal contact lenses anytime soon.
  • H. Ross Perot, Eagle Scout, Texas magnate, vigilante rescue mission organizer, billionaire, and the man who elected Bill Clinton in 1992, has died at 89. Now that guy was an American. RIP.
  • My affection for summer has steadily waned as I’ve gotten older, but I still love the return of real, locally grown tomatoes. It is shameful what industrial agriculture has done to them.
  • I am always looking for hot wings to review. If you know of a good place that isn’t listed on my #hsvhotwings page, then please let me know.
  • Have you seen this “Top Fan” business on Facebook? When you like a page and comment on its posts, you can be recognized as such, and it says Top Fan on your comments. Apparently you have to qualify for it weekly, however, so if you slack, you can lose it. Not sure what the point is. Seems kind of silly.
  • This has been an interesting journey indeed. I decided to drink on spring break last year, and since then have gone back and forth—a month abstaining, a week not, three weeks abstaining, and so forth. I’m considering it carefully again and leaning toward teetotalism without exception, frankly. It’s a slam-dunk simplification of the way I do things, and how often are those available?
  • Stranger Things 3 has been out there for six days, and so far nothing has been spoiled for me. (We actually binged the rest of Scott & Bailey over the long weekend, contrary to what we thought would happen.) Should probably get on the stick, however.
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Jun 272019
  • Nathan just sat for his senior portraits. He only learned to walk a couple of years ago, so I don’t understand how this is possible.
  • Locals, are you ready to live in black bear country? Because you do.
  • I wish more people were amenable to the early breakfast meeting. It’s a scheduling secret weapon that packs a lot of punch. It’s almost like you’re getting away with something.
  • I purchased glasses with progressive lenses at my eye exam this week. I think one of the last truly funny things Bill Cosby did was his stand-up material on getting trifocals. How sad and infuriating that I can’t even really enjoy that anymore.
  • Alexander Rossi drove off with Road America on Sunday, and there are rumblings now that Penske may go back to four full-time entries in 2020 if it means picking him up. He’s a one-man silly season, as Robin Miller put it!
  • Dave Bartholomew, who wrote “Ain’t That a Shame,” “Blue Monday,” and several other iconic rock ‘n’ roll songs, died this week. He was 100. Thank you, sir. RIP.
  • I’m delighted to be participating in and publicizing Huntsville Restaurant Week again this year. Watch for the features here on BoWilliams.com.
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Jun 202019

Remember the Datsun 510? That’s what the Datsun Bluebird was called over here. A later generation was sold as the 810, and that car was the direct ancestor of the Nissan Maxima. The squirrel is not actually on meth. I think an offhand comment got legs. Justified is our new show, and we’re doing Scott […]

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Jun 132019

There is a lot of old-school ’80s hair metal coming to Huntsville. Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango are coming together, and L.A. Guns will be at Furniture Factory next month. I wish I wanted to make these efforts more than I do. I still love the music, but my tolerance for the crowds and smoke […]

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Jun 062019

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day—the beginning of the end of World War II. The eventual and substantial blessing of success came at great cost indeed. May we never forget these sacrifices. I went to Parkway Place on Monday to get some steps, and also to get a sense of the mall’s health. I […]

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