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Aug 152019

I started teaching my younger son to drive last night. Prayers appreciated. Just not even sure what to say about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, other than it’s extremely disappointing. I suppose I’m hoping for new indictments based on the current evidence soon. Most of the time, I say Apocalypse Now is the greatest war […]

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Aug 082019

Requesting prayers for friends fighting battles—some exciting and of their own choosing, others sadly inflicted. Huntsville Restaurant Week begins tomorrow! I’ll have some highlights and suggestions for you. Watch this space. Lea and I liked Sherlock, but I found the season 4 finale—currently the series finale—tedious, silly, and definitely subpar compared to previous episodes. I […]

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Aug 012019

Huntsville Restaurant Week starts a week from tomorrow, and I’m making my plans. This gets better every year! Watch for news from the front! The Eldora Dirt Derby is tonight at 8 pm on FS1. (That’s 150 laps of NASCAR trucks on a half-mile dirt oval. Should be a blast.) Rutger Hauer died last week […]

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Jul 182019

Requesting prayers for a longtime favorite person with a beautiful heart facing a new situation not entirely of her choosing. Much appreciated. The live reveal of the 2020 Corvette is tonight. The show begins at 10 pm CDT, and you can follow it here. I’ve always had a relatively casual knowledge of The Beatles’ music, […]

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Jul 112019

All right, I’ve successfully incorporated progressive-lens eyeglasses into my life. I have an occasional odd moment, but mostly I don’t notice them now. I’ll switch between these and monovision contact lenses freely. Don’t see any need to try multifocal contact lenses anytime soon. H. Ross Perot, Eagle Scout, Texas magnate, vigilante rescue mission organizer, billionaire, […]

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