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Convicted sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was arrested Saturday on a federal sex trafficking and conspiracy indictment. He is currently in jail, waiting for the resumption of his bail hearing on Thursday.

I have a few things to say about this, and I’ll just make that my first point. I will join many others in saying that Epstein should absolutely be detained until trial. Look, the guy’s ultra-rich and nailed to the wall, which means that if he’s released, we’ll never see him again. No bail for Epstein.

Secondly, I plead with you all to stop calling the alleged victims “young women.” They are girls. That is the point. The deeds outlined in this indictment are especially heinous because these are children whose innocence has been stolen by a powerful, entitled, depraved man and those in his employ.

Third, heads should roll. If there is plausible documentation that shows a person in the same place at the same time as the trafficked girls, then name that person. Bill Clinton has issued a completely convincing statement in which he says yeah, he knew him and flew on the plane and stuff, but, you know, only to do the important godly humanitarian good work, not the sexual predation of children, which is of course deplorable.

Ah, Bill. Still finding a way not to inhale in 2019.

Fourth and most importantly, don’t blow this. We’ve got another solid pass at this bastard, and though we’ve still got piles of defendant money and influence to mitigate, I think the needle has moved a bit on human trafficking perception and understanding. There’s still too much “boys will be boys” nonsense out there to navigate—the fizzling Robert Kraft case is instructive—but I hope more people get it now.

Plus, did you read that indictment? I believe there is an orgy of evidence here.

(To go with your island, Mr. Epstein. Here’s wishing you a truly miserable rest of your life.)

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  6 Responses to “Four thoughts on sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey #Epstein”

  1. 5. No more plea (or non-prosecution) deals. Take them to court and go for the highest penalty. Yeah, we may lose some in court but we should shine all of the light we possibly can, here.

    • Apparently his bail hearing is now Monday, July 15, not today. I’m anxious about it. I’m ready to believe that he could plausibly be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

  2. “…still finding a way not to inhale…”, won’t be surprised to hear that one in the mainstream next week.

    The only real question is if this guy has evidence against Clinton and other powerful ahem, people. My guess is there is a mountain of it, but with his charges, I don’t think his sentence can be mitigated enough to entice him to reveal it. If he demands a speedy trial, he can have one in ninety days. That of course puts a Trump pardon in the realm of possibility.
    Reread that quote from Trump about Epstein. Pay attention to the sentence structure at the end, it says quite a bit about Trump.
    If Epstein is convicted, I think those heads will roll and people will be more shocked then they were about Cosby.

    • I expect more charges. His seized image library, for example, almost certainly contains child pornography.

      Trump has surprised me in several ways (mostly negative). But I would be truly shocked if he pardoned Epstein.

      • Yeah, me too. This is not a political ally of any sort, and Trump already banned him from Maralago, in 2011 due to some related charges, I believe.

        I just hope he AND ANYONE ELSE who participated, facilitated, etc are strung up permanently.

        • Also, the fact that there are even so many related charges and incidents in this guy’s history is sickening.

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