Jun 132019
  • There is a lot of old-school ’80s hair metal coming to Huntsville. Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango are coming together, and L.A. Guns will be at Furniture Factory next month. I wish I wanted to make these efforts more than I do. I still love the music, but my tolerance for the crowds and smoke of a club appearance continues to diminish. (On the other hand, I am very much looking forward to a grass seat with my dear friends Jennifer and Melissa for Heart in a few more weeks!)
  • The post-Bosch depression is real. Thought we were going to knock out the fifth season of Luther next, but it is neither complete nor free on Amazon Prime. We watched the first two episodes of Unforgotten last night and are, so far, finding it sufficiently fulfilling. (Pay wall for the third season, though, so we’ll see.) Family consensus on Good Omens was “less than the sum of its parts.” We’re one-and-done on that one. I’m going to give Forever a go on my own.
  • Here is a fascinating look at a retired herpetologist in northeastern New York who has studied the same population of timber rattlesnakes for more than 40 years. The article makes me want to go out and get a look at one. I’ve never seen a rattlesnake in the wild.
  • Heard an intermittent clanging in the front end of the truck this week. Loose heat shield, maybe? Nope. Both of the sway bar links have perished, so it’s the sway bar flopping around and crashing into the cross-member on which it’s mounted. Oops. New parts will be here tonight. Doesn’t look like a scary repair. Consequent handling degradation is of the “yeah, now that you mention it…” variety.
  • The Dyson people have started advertising a $500 desk lamp to me. Write your own joke.
  • On Tuesday night I finished a loaf of store-bought whole wheat bread that had a best-by date of April 8. It never molded or dried out. It was never unpalatable. It said right on the bag “no artificial preservatives.” I kept it on the counter at room temperature the entire time. What’s up with that? Ever heard of such?
  • “Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.” – Denice Frohman

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  1. I, too, have noticed my bread lasting longer with no mold. I wonder if wheat has been bred to be resistant to it rather than needing to add preservatives to the finished product? That, or it’s got more salt in it, but I don’t taste it.

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