Sep 132008
  • USC absolutely beat the hell out of The Ohio State University tonight.  Let’s take the rest of the season off from the Buckeye apologia, shall we?  Folks in Columbus (and Kool-Aid-swilling sportswriters), dig:  the world does not hang on who dots the “i” this week.  Ohio State is, year in and year out, one of the top two or three teams in a middle-of-the-road conference.
  • Maryland hung a decisive L on Cal this afternoon for them to enjoy on the long flight home.  Let’s take the upcoming week off from the ACC hating, shall we?
  • I really did believe that Steve Spurrier would turn South Carolina into a powerhouse by now.  Now that it’s clear that’s not going to (ever) happen, I hope he retires soon.  In my view, Spurrier is the best SEC coach of the last 20 years or so, and it’s not pleasant to watch a guy have a filet mignon of a career, only to dump ketchup all over it at the end of it.
  • Alabama made few mistakes in routing Western Kentucky, and I’m feeling a little better about last week after the stout game Tulane gave East Carolina today.  Keep your heads, guys.  Arkansas is next.
  • Pack now:  Greg Robinson, Syracuse; Tyrone Willingham, Washington; Mike Stoops, Arizona; Mike Price, UTEP.
  • Enjoy him while you can, because 2008 is it:  Skip Holtz, East Carolina; Kyle Whittingham, Utah; Brian Kelly, Cincinnati.
  • Depending on how well West Virginia recovers, South Florida won what may be the toughest game on their schedule when they beat Kansas last night.  It could be a special year in Tampa.
  • I haven’t noticed the new clock rules affecting the quality of the games I’ve watched so far, which is good.  I am curious, though:  what is with this consuming obsession to shorten the game?  What’s wrong with it the way it is?  Why don’t we go to five-minute quarters, eliminate halftime, and just get the hell out of here as quickly as we can?
  • Already tired of the Dr. J commercial, and the Allstate stooges are uninspired this year.  What ever happened to the identity theft ads with the funny voices?

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  6 Responses to “Football stuff I know this week”

  1. I LOVED the identity theft ads! I’m also grooving on Aquafina’s ad with Lou Pinella (I know – he’s baseball, but you take what you get) where he runs off screaming nice things at the third base coach.

  2. I know that I watched the most exciting 3-2 game, ever. D.

  3. ‘seester: I almost commented on that one, then didn’t.

    Auburn needs to find some offense, and fast. Shutting out State (offensively) is one thing; shutting out LSU is quite another. Even given the history of slugfests between these two teams, I’m pretty confident a lone field goal won’t be enough next weekend.

  4. No kidding. Of course, D favors the LSU species of tiger over the Auburn one. House divided here. He’s swayed L to the dark (purple) side as well.

  5. Ok, here’s my question: How did Auburn manage to stay #9 after a sleeper of a game against an unranked MSU? (I went to State, so I love them, however, Auburn holding it’s ranking is mind-boggling!) At least State scored points while in an end zone!

  6. ‘seester: There is no battle for the minds of ours. My stepsister is in a “mixed marriage,” though. 🙂

    Sarah: Unless you’re a) a frontrunner for the national title; or b) a dark horse who’s climbed too high on a wave of groupthink, you generally don’t fall in the polls when you win, however ugly. (And it was damned ugly.)

    I expect Auburn/LSU to be one of the top games this weekend. Don’t believe for a second that it’s a mismatch, as Tuberville may be the best big game coach in the country. I’ll go ahead and jump out there with an upset prediction:

    Auburn 18, LSU 16.

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