Feb 282007

Carey Cilyok, a friend and colleague of mine, just started Carey’s lack of wisdom. It’s primarily a tech blog, but he says he’ll goof off a bit too. (Time well tell whether that means yucking it up about three business objects walking into a bar or some shit.)

He’s an outstanding software developer who loves exploring new tools and technologies. Moreover, he loves to talk about it. So if that sounds good to you, check in frequently.

He’s also kind of a smartass, so watch out for that too. Frankly his self-deprecation so far, including the name of his blog, has surprised me a little. Don’t get used to it; I’m confident it won’t last.

Welcome, Carey–you lovable little meth-addicted ferret you.

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  One Response to “Carey’s lack of wisdom”

  1. Thanks man! And I only engage in self-deprecation so that my intellectual inferiors (read that, “you Bo”) won’t be scared away.

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