Nov 212014

Sometimes we build them by ourselves. Other times others help us. Nothing quite like that crash from on high, is there? Here are a few excessively high expectations I’ve had. After Zoë Bell talked up Vanishing Point in Death Proof, I was sure I’d love it. Instead I just found it tedious. Furthermore, I had […]

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Nov 202014

I saw snow in November. There wasn’t much, but it was definitely there. Wow. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. It’s hard to get good gas mileage in the cold. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? Want to text Groot? His number is 1-866-740-4531. He’d love to hear from you. Let him know […]

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Nov 192014

Katherine Timpf shares at National Review that online dating service OKCupid lists 12 different sexual orientations, from which users can select as many as five. Simultaneously. There are also 22 options for gender. I get that sexuality is a continuum. I get that people can feel conflicted and trapped. I get that people are occasionally born with ambiguous […]

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Nov 162014

Aaron: “Dad, did you pass your driver’s license exam on your first try?” Bo: “Yes, I did pass the first time I took it.” Aaron: “Did you keep up with your examiner? Like, are you friends today?” Bo: “Ummm…no.” Aaron: “OK. It was just a thought I had.” Isn’t it great what kids think sometimes? […]

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