Jul 132017

Baby Driver is a great summertime movie and worth a theater trip. The R rating is pretty soft; probably a PG-13 except for two or three brief scenes of graphic violence. I have to start keeping a lunch in reserve at work, even if it’s just a can of Spaghettios. I deluded myself into Taco […]

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Jul 072017

Aaron got a funnel cake kit for his birthday, and he made them this week. I guess I always thought there was some sort of black magic to these things that made them difficult or impossible in the home, but no, these tasted exactly like a ball game or the fair. (Just what we needed, right?) […]

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Jul 062017

Johnsonville has done a fine job promoting their for-a-limited-time Firecracker bratwurst and generating attendant demand in my 13-year-old, but not such a good job making them available in stores. I’m 0-for-3 so far (County Line Publix; new Kroger; big-ass Kroger). Anyone seen these things anywhere locally? A new #hsvhotwings review and a new book review […]

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