Jun 212015

Still mulling how to blog about this. It’s inhabiting me. Only writing about it effectively shall evict it, I fear. Watch this. If you have Netflix, and you have a fairly high threshold of offense, watch the entire documentary. You won’t be the same person afterward. You’ve been warned. Hot Girls Wanted official trailer (2015… […]

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Jun 192015

This is my earliest picture at Uncle Bill‘s lake house, I think. Welcome to July 1972: That would make me 15 months old. Dad, to my right, is 28. (Man, he was in deep hairline trouble way earlier than I was. Count your blessings, Bo.) Uncle Bill (my maternal grandmother’s sister’s husband), 48, is holding […]

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Jun 182015

No Wayward Pines tonight. It picks back up next Thursday. I loved the big reveal in last week’s episode, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the run. If you’re not watching it, go to that link and catch up! Anaheim Chili will have another Inferno Weekend for Father’s Day, starting tomorrow night (Friday) […]

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Jun 172015

The U.S. Treasury has announced that the new $10 bill, to enter circulation in 2020, will feature a woman. Who? No idea. By law she has to be dead, and “the theme of democracy” is mentioned at the above link. Other than that? Well, she’ll have a vagina! This is a splendid manifestation of this […]

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