Feb 042016

I decided to watch The Visit, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, by myself as a Tuesday nightcap. I liked it quite a bit. Genuinely creepy, but keeps a healthy and appropriate sense of humor. If you think from the trailer that you’d enjoy it, you will. It is now clear that the Browns will fire Johnny […]

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Feb 032016

I like Carly Fiorina very much. I think she is a natural leader. I think she has a backbone. I like her personally, or at least I think I do. I think an honest assessment of her time at Hewlett-Packard is as much one of a principled executive making tough calls as it is anything […]

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Feb 022016

Ted Cruz just won Iowa, and it was competitive, but hardly a photo finish. In fact, runner-up Donald Trump was much closer to Show horse Marco Rubio than he was Cruz. Pay attention, dudes and dolls, because the next two weeks will be educational (and, if such is your wont, entertaining). Donald Trump’s candidacy has […]

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Jan 282016

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. Couldn’t believe it. Remembering our lost seven heroes today, and praying for those they left behind. Make sure you check out my review of Old Black Bear Brewing Company at Rocket City Mom. Looking forward to going back. The DeLorean is back! Expected production is one […]

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