Feb 262015

Well, we did finally get socked in. I haven’t seen an official snowfall total yet, but the best measurements we can get here show about 6″. It didn’t snow until 2:30 yesterday afternoon, but when it did, it came hard. Only supposed to see upper 30s today, and little sun. Not sure how much that […]

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Feb 242015

Saintseester and I have long laughed at The Weather Channel’s ridiculous practice of naming winter storms, because a) the names aren’t necessary; and b) absolutely no one uses them. ‘Seester had the awesome idea of naming them after breakfast cereals. So, we’re expecting Winter Storm Cheerios tomorrow. You see kids, hurricanes need names because they […]

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Feb 202015

When 72-year-old Gordon Van Gilder was riding in the passenger seat of a car stopped by Cumberland County, New Jersey sheriff’s deputies for a traffic violation, he hadn’t an inkling he’d be charged with a felony and be facing quite possibly the rest of his life in prison. Van Gilder had just purchased for his […]

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