Sep 222016

My children stay up until I specifically tell them to go to bed. I don’t think it was like this when I was a kid. I think I got in trouble if I didn’t observe bedtime. What happened? I finally fired Firefox a few days ago and started using Edge at home. The performance difference […]

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Sep 212016

“What we should be doing is much simpler: Chilling the hell out before this gets even more insane than it has already.” – Katherine Timpf Indeed. Dear readers, we’re not, you and I, now or anytime soon, going to have an “honest conversation” about or “real look” at or talk about “social justice” for my alleged […]

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Sep 192016

Burger King, one-time home of a breakfast sandwich actually called Meatnormous, has decided that Cheetos Chicken Fries should be a thing. They’re strips of fried chicken with a Cheetos coating. No. Just no. Just because two different things are junk food doesn’t mean they go together. I mean, Taco Bell gets this weird synthesis thing […]

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Sep 152016

How come no one makes lasagna such that three or four whole pieces are exactly the same area as a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish? Doesn’t that seem like an obvious thing to do? I took an accidentally lengthy hiatus from my review of Huntsville-area hot wings. I have two or three more places to […]

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