Dec 122014

I’m thinking of a post about the massive Sony Pictures data breach, The Interview, and just how deeply unfunny North Korea really is. I’m also thinking of one about Harvard professor Ben Edelman, his off-the-rails takedown of a Chinese restaurateur, the ensuing Internet shitstorm, his apology, and whether it’s reasonable and/or proper to speculate on […]

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Dec 112014

If current trends hold, in just another month or two the tallest person in my household will be 13 years old, not 43. I like my new phone a lot, though I’ve found a couple of minor bugs. I’m enjoying Cortana more as I learn how to talk to her. The location-based stuff is pretty […]

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Dec 072014

Objectively, I think the Coca-Cola Freestyle soda fountain machines are pretty nifty. I like the options, and the quality of the dispensed product seems consistently high. However, if self-service at a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is your restaurant’s only method for selling soft drinks, then I’m not going to visit you anymore. It just takes too […]

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