Nov 162015

Facebook wasn’t a great place for political discussion when I left two years ago. I think it’s gotten worse since, actually. I’ve actually lamented here before that the political exchange on Facebook is a dangerous one because, above and beyond the risk of damaged personal relationships, it carries with it the illusion that you’ve actually […]

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Nov 122015

Well, at this point I’d say it’s either post-viral cough or lung cancer. Check with me at Christmas (he said, chuckling morbidly). My older son’s capacity for discovering urgent tasks at 10:00 pm on a schoolnight is absolutely incredible, and seemingly wholly unaffected by copious parental inquiry at more opportune times. I wonder if it […]

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Nov 102015

I’ve not looked too deeply into the precise origin of the notion that plain red cup wrappers instead of red cup wrappers with snowflakes are an attack on Christmas, but I’ve picked up enough here and there to be satisfied that it’s not as presented. It’s viral marketing, or a joke, or something similar. The […]

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