Jul 212015

I know bunches of people who have cheated on their spouses. You do too. You know how I know that? Because bunches of people have cheated on their spouses. I’m not a big fan of marital infidelity. You don’t have to have been reading BoWilliams.com long to know that. Most cheating stories are bad, though […]

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Jul 182015

The Fresh Market isn’t convenient to my house, but I’m down there enough to swing by occasionally. Recently I picked up a $2.99 jar of The Fresh Market Hot Salsa for a review. Interestingly, this salsa is not organic, as the Earth Fare and Sprouts offerings are. I checked and double-checked the shelves to make […]

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Jul 162015

I stayed away from Amazon.com’s Prime Day yesterday, mostly because the car insurance is due. Heh. Here are some interesting facts about it. Somehow I missed the news that Rick Ducommun died. He was one of the second wave of all of those great comics of the ’80s, and quite a funny fellow. RIP. Hampton […]

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Jul 152015

When the pampas grass around the utility boxes in Ken Mackenzie’s front yard got out of hand, he removed it and replaced it with a different grass: Silver Queen corn. The Hampton Cove Owners Association (HCOA) told Mackenzie to remove it. He reviewed the covenants extensively, and finding no restrictions against planting and growing corn, […]

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