Apr 102014

Aaron and I had a marvelous time at Camp McDowell. Dedicated post coming tomorrow. What a magical place! A replacement clip for your Fitbit Zip is a whopping $14.95. So take care of the clip end and don’t let it wear through. I have mine stretched, super-glued, and clamped as I type, but I’m not [...]

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Apr 082014

One day last year I met Melanie for Vietnamese. The weather was pleasant, and I needed steps, so I parked at the opposite end of the shopping center and walked the 100 yards or so. On the way I happened to notice a moth on an eave, sitting perfectly still. And then I noticed that [...]

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Apr 052014

Longtime readers may remember that my mother was once a stewardess. She flew with Northwest, and lived in the Minneapolis area when she did. She stole this sign one night cutting up with her friends. It was in this very same place in our house in Anniston—to the left of the garage door—when I was [...]

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