Aug 182016

I remember when 386 meant an Intel 80386-powered desktop computer, and it was blazingly fast and thousands of dollars. I also remember that in 1989, our controller Sam at Madison Books & Computers rated one. It was a Toshiba. Did you know they only stopped production of the 80386 microprocessor in 2007? It’s been a […]

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Aug 172016

“You don’t get to decide what offends me!” This is, of course, true, but only trivially so. Any of us are free to be offended by anything we like. I’m offended when sesame seeds come on my hamburger bun. I’m offended by freight trains with an odd number of cars. I’m offended when the sun […]

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Aug 152016

I was browsing the products available at Amazon Launchpad, and happened across a fantastically executed smartphone. It’s especially good for the married man with a girlfriend. Meet the NoPhone. The NoPhone is compatible with all carriers, and features unprecedented battery life. Best of all, it arrives ready to use. Talk to your wife on the […]

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Aug 122016

Our sons are old enough now that I have to consider carefully how to blog about them. (Well, even more carefully.) Some things are still easy. If they say funny things, they’re generally happy for me to share those, though most of those become Facebook statuses and not blog posts. But regular goings-on are more […]

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