Sep 102014 has an interesting piece on TV dinners today, though it may be a bit confused. Frozen dinners are not necessarily TV dinners. TV dinners come in aluminum trays, and they go in the oven. If both of those things aren’t true, it’s not a TV dinner. They may not even make real ones anymore. [...]

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Sep 082014 debuted its first smartphone a month and a half ago. The Fire phone is a robust piece of hardware running’s forked and highly modified Android operating system. It has cool features like Dynamic Perspective,’s near-instant video customer service Mayday, and of course very tight integration with the entire ecosystem. It bowed [...]

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Sep 072014

“I’m not drinking again until I don’t hate my body anymore.” So said I, a week ago today. Labor Day was the first day in practice. I’ve never pushed that particular button. Feels like an ICBM. To be sure, I’m doing several other things anyone trying to lose weight should be doing, as well. But [...]

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Sep 052014

My friend Carol recently expressed frustration that we’re all running around babbling about stars’ naughty bits and football team nicknames, and the ostensible leader of the free world is golfing and hobnobbing as it burns down. (That’s not exactly what she said, but I suspect she’d be fine with that account of her concern.) To be [...]

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Sep 042014

Never heard of half the people whose nude photos were leaked this week. I’ve known for years that your body would burn alcohol before anything else for energy, so as long as it’s present, that’s what you’re running on. But did you know that your body’s ability to burn fat is damaged by up to [...]

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