Jun 172009

Wristwatches are a peculiarly illogical hobby for me.  I’ve written before about how little objective sense they make. The problem of knowing the time is essentially solved.  We’re constantly surrounded by clocks, and for those times you would find a wristwatch useful, there are any number of operationally perfect, maintenance-free options available.  You can buy […]

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Sep 162008

I’m told I’m difficult to buy gifts for, and I believe it.  I rarely know what to tell people when they ask. Well, this Christmas your problems are solved.  Albert Einstein’s Longines wristwatch is up for auction on October 16 (hat tip, Watchismo Times).  (Incidentally, there are some exceptional close photographs of several additional fine […]

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May 282008

I’ve made passing mention of my affection for wristwatches. I really enjoy them. Collecting, wearing, learning about, and admiring them gives me as much pleasure as any hobby I have. As with many such passions, they make little sense. Sure, some people jog with them, and a pilot might use a watch with an E6B […]

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May 072008

Are you an online shopper? Ooh, I sure am. I love it. In fact, I’ve little doubt that the massive antipathy I’ve built toward Wal-Mart, malls, and bricks-and-mortars in general is exacerbated by the ease of shopping online. Amazon.com is my go-to. I’ve completed perhaps 300 transactions there over the past decade. On the rare […]

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