Aug 242015


IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has died of injuries sustained in an accident during Sunday’s ABC Supply 500 at Pocono Raceway. He was 37 years old.

Though I never met him, I got to see him race in person three different times, including a fifth place at the 2013 Indianapolis 500. He was a talented and fair-minded competitor. His colleagues are tonight universally remembering him as the nicest guy in the paddock. I’ve read more than once on Twitter of people never hearing him say a cross word about anyone or anything.

I started following IndyCar in earnest in 2008. Justin Wilson has been right there the whole time, and every time anyone had occasion to say his name on a telecast, I’d immediately have to follow it up with “ooh he wondemous, I gua-ron-tee!” Heh. Nobody ever thought it was as funny as I did. Now it’s kind of special, though.

God be with his family (especially his two young daughters), his friends, and anyone he ever touched. RIP.

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Aug 172015

Windows 10: Installed on my 7″ and 10″ tablets, and my affection for it is growing. My desktop is still at 8.1 because I have daily need for a program that doesn’t work on Windows 10 yet. On my phone, I gave up on trying to be a cutting-edger with Windows 10 Mobile preview builds and went back to Windows Phone 8.1. The preview builds are just too rough for my taste.

Musical instruments in the house: I just ordered another trumpet for another son.

Cable television: Bo: “True or false: I am the only user of cable television in the house.”
Lea (without hesitation): “True.”
Sigh. I suspected as much. It’s just sports anymore, really. The IndyCar season is over August 30. I can solve most of the football problem with over-the-air and ESPN/ESPN2 for $20/month. But what do I do when IndyCar starts back in March?

Waistline: Think I could sell myself “100 pounds in 500 days” as a mantra and stay with it? Guess how many days to 2017? Guess how much I’d like to lose? That kind of synchronicity can’t be an accident, can it?

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May 312015

(Please read Part I and Part II first.) So what do we do to bring genuine excitement back to NASCAR? I envision a template for a NASCAR race car that specifies dimension ranges, including length, width, height, and weight. Ample safety standards would remain in place, to include full roll cage, racing harness, on-board fire […]

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May 312015

(Please read Part I of this post first.) NASCAR has become boring for one big reason. It has completely lost the stock car narrative. There are two especially colorful bits of culture that inform the birth of NASCAR. The first is that the sport was full of guys who built their skills—driving and turning the […]

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May 302015

Before I get into this, let me assure you that my NASCAR fan pedigree is pure—hardcore, even. I lived in Anniston, Alabama—20 minutes from what was then known as the Alabama International Motor Speedway—until I was 15 years old. I enthusiastically attended many Winston 500s and Talladega 500s. (That’s not what they’re named anymore, but […]

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