Mar 202015

uabIn the wake of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB’s) thrilling, bracket-busting victory over Iowa State in the second round of the 2015 tournament, UAB president Ray Watts announced the immediate elimination of the UAB basketball program.

“These young men have delivered an exciting victory for UAB, swelling the entire UAB family with joy. They have also shown a light of prominence on UAB’s excellence for the world to see,” Dr. Watts said in a statement. “This wave of positivity cannot and will not be tolerated.”

Dr. Watts’ statement and action were both met with widespread derision. However, Dr. Watts assured all detractors that he met with a bunch of smart people and consulted some charts, and this was the only decision that made sense.

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Mar 072015

The boys and I went back to Monster Jam this year. This time Rocket City Mom took care of our admission. Thank you, ladies! We had a great time.

We sat higher this year than last, but you know what? We all agreed we could see better. Monster trucks are large items, and you don’t need to be right on top of them to take in the show. We enjoyed the wider view, and it just might have been a little bit quieter.


So silly. But so much fun!

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Dec 032014

Florida State hasn’t lost since November 24, 2012, and just beat its rival. Better drop them from #3 to #4. Yeah, yeah, Baylor beat TCU head to head, but keep TCU in and Baylor out. Ohio State is on its third-string quarterback, but… Aren’t you glad the College Football Playoff is here to eliminate controversy […]

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