Dec 052014

It’s the beginning of the end. It’s always a little depressing.

Tomorrow is the last day (before the bowls) that college football will be on all day.

I’m keeping up with the NFL more rigorously than I have since I was maybe 10 years old, so that helps. I’ll have pro to watch all month.

But the dark times are nigh. Soon we will enter that dreadful stretch during which football has ended but IndyCar has not yet started.

We must be strong.

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Dec 032014

Florida State hasn’t lost since November 24, 2012, and just beat its rival. Better drop them from #3 to #4. Yeah, yeah, Baylor beat TCU head to head, but keep TCU in and Baylor out. Ohio State is on its third-string quarterback, but…

Aren’t you glad the College Football Playoff is here to eliminate controversy and make sure a real champion is crowned?

I said from the start that it was a bad idea for the CFP committee to release rankings weekly, and this is exactly why. Only one ranking matters – the final one – so why sow discord going into it? Have the weekly CFP rankings accomplished anything but that?

More importantly, I also said that unless we agree to be fully beholden to it, which we clearly aren’t, there would be no less controversy with this playoff than there ever was with the BCS.

And here we are. Don’t you love all of the reporting on what the BCS rankings would be if we still had them?

Eight spots. Take the Power 5 conference champions and the three highest-ranked non-Power 5 conference champions using an average of the AP and coaches’ poll. Not in a conference? Get in one, or you’re not eligible for the title. Two ostensibly deserving teams in one conference? Those are the breaks. Better win your conference next year. Or, if you insist, drop it to two non-Power 5 conference champions and make the highest-ranked Power 5 conference non-champion team a wild card.

That, or something similar, or we’re just bumping along. Only the objects of our derision change.

Why did anyone really think this would be smoother?

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Nov 302014

Like 1972 and 1985, 2013 was an iconic Iron Bowl year because of its unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime ending. And my team was on the wrong end of it. I certainly was tired of watching it over and over again by the time Iron Bowl 2014 rolled around last night. I wanted Alabama to win last night […]

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Nov 032014

In and around the U.S. F1 race and football, I caught the end of the Texas Sprint Cup race last night. At the end, a typically ambiguous “racing incident” between Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon cut the latter’s left rear tire, causing him to finish 29th instead of possibly winning. So, of course, this necessitated […]

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