May 052017

A colleague shared this week that her son is camping with some buddies in the infield for the Winston 500 at Talladega this weekend. (Or whatever the race is called. It was the Winston 500 in my childhood, or even more commonly, “the May race.”)

Now I was 12 the last time I spent any time in the Talladega infield, so it’s been more than 30 years. That was long enough ago that you could roll up in a U-Haul with a straight ladder, and they’d just wave you on in. (In case you’re missing the assembly here: use the straight ladder to get on top of the U-Haul and watch the race from up there. Drink lots of beer. What could possibly happen?)

It wasn’t the first time I ever saw women’s breasts in person, but it was the first time I saw so many. I remember different campsites having big signs, advertising to women that if you would show them to them, they would be happy to look. (There was little modesty in these arrangements. After all, there’s not really a dignified way to conduct such.)

I imagine the alcohol probably flows as freely as it ever has, though I wonder about the Breast Factor in 2017. Is it still like I describe? I mean, guys would make signs with spray-paint on bed sheets. There was no secrecy about it at all.

(I told my colleague that if her son got back and was actually dissatisfied with his view of the race, then Atlanta was a much better place to go and watch from the infield.)

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Mar 122017

We had our season-end, and program-end, celebration for Upward basketball and cheerleading yesterday. Kevin Davis of Kevin Davis Creations came in and did a fantastic job again for us this year. He is a funny fellow who relates well to children and loves God. He was also accommodating of our modest budget. I recommend him.

I think about Upward a lot, to the point that anytime I actually try to write/think about it in public, it’s bound to be a bit disjointed. I think about moments over the years in which I saw that a young person was likely hearing about Jesus for the first time. I think about thrilling games (and actually our very last one went to overtime). I think about when my boys started “clicking over.”

Mostly, now, I think about the energy I put into it, and how I can serve God’s kingdom with it now. I’ve had some time to get used to the idea of the program going away, and I was able to address the crowd yesterday without getting too choked up. Though I can still superficially express the few petty resentments I felt at certain aspects of this decision, I don’t feel any of that in my spirit anymore.

I had such a good time with Upward, but always tried to make sure the joy I felt was more God’s than mine. (Not that God doesn’t want us to be happy in His service, but it’s easier to lose sight of the goal than we realize sometimes.) I guess my ultimate Upward challenge starts now. If it was about God, what is my channel for that time and energy now?

I’m thinking. And praying.

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Feb 142017

Happy Valentine’s Day, dudes and dolls! Been tough to get anything down here lately. Was a little under the weather, then had grown-up church and home improvement stuff to do all weekend. Couple all of that with an ever-dicey sleep regimen, and it’s that must suffer first. I’m not sure I have anything of […]

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Jan 172017

The playoffs have produced especially satisfying conference championship games, and a Super Bowl in which I’m guaranteed to be interested. The Packers are one of my two favorite teams, but should their luck run out Sunday, I’ll have Julio Jones to pull for. And the AFC game is evil vs. evil. There are several reasons […]

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