Nov 172014

So I was watching the Saints game yesterday when Jermaine Gresham caught a pass for a Bengals TD. Cincinnati fan Christa Barrett got Gresham’s attention, at which point they shared a short moment and he tossed the ball to her.

The person sitting next to her, Tony Williams, jumped in front of her and took the souvenir away from her.

I couldn’t believe it. I thought “sheesh, that’s a grown man who ought to know better.”

I know, I know, it’s just a football, blah blah blah. That it is just a football is exactly why it shouldn’t have been a big deal for this bully to let that young lady have it. Sir, maybe you even got caught up in the heat of the moment. You can’t give it to her 15 minutes later on further consideration—knowing it was intended for her and you basically stole it?

Apparently Williams wanted it for his grandson. That’s his explanation. Hey man, how about modeling basic decency for him instead?

The Saints kept it classy and brought Barrett a ball after the incident, and I understand she is to receive a football autographed by the entire Bengals team. That’s doing quite well for consolation, yes?

Tony Williams, that was a completely obnoxious thing you did, and your lack of remorse afterward is another completely obnoxious thing you did. I’m glad you’re getting called out, and I’m delighted to pile on. Shame on you. Find some manners. You’re embarrassing your mother.

And the Saints.

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Nov 032014

In and around the U.S. F1 race and football, I caught the end of the Texas Sprint Cup race last night. At the end, a typically ambiguous “racing incident” between Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon cut the latter’s left rear tire, causing him to finish 29th instead of possibly winning.

So, of course, this necessitated a street brawl in the pits immediately following the conclusion of the race.

I’m calling out Kevin Harvick too, because Gordon and Keselowski really were talking until Harvick shoved Keselowski from behind to get it going. Stay classy, Kevin.

Now admittedly I haven’t exhaustively searched the entire series of tubes, but I can’t find anyone decrying it today. In fact, quite the opposite. How about glee?

More than anything, NASCAR is getting what it wants — with a fight that is sure to be used in commercials all week, to boot! – K. Lee Davis

It’s not a noble moment for anyone when an athlete decides to throw a punch. But I think it’s particularly shameful when the anger must be nursed and coddled until it can be expressed as such, as Jeff Gordon had to do here. When you see a football player or hockey player punch another one, it’s in the heat of the moment, and they’ve been continually engaged in activities that largely resemble fighting anyway.

This ain’t that.

This is dangerously unhinged behavior that stokes all of the very worst stereotypes about NASCAR. Worse, it seems to be understood and unspoken that this is exactly the sort of thing NASCAR wants. This is the nature of the excitement with which they wish to promote their product. Else shouldn’t I be able to find a statement to the contrary here by now?

What a soul-warming moment. How proud everyone’s mommies and daddies must be. What marvelous behavior to be modeling for young fans.

Folks, if you like exciting and competitive auto racing, join us for IndyCar this season. IndyCar drivers race hard and fast.

And when they do have disagreements, they don’t settle them like drunken redneck ogres.

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Oct 242014

Actually I think the state itself is pretty great. But I hate the Tennessee Volunteers. I haven’t always. In fact, they used to be my second-favorite team. I was 11 years old in the fall of 1982. It was the first football season that my parents were divorced, and we were spending a fair bit [...]

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