Oct 192014

One of the vent holes in my black Alabama cap was a perfect mount for my television antenna yesterday. Also carried my little compressor, which functions as a portable power source and can run my little TV for a very long time. It was a great rig to watch the Alabama-Texas A&M game. Don’t I look cool?


It hasn’t been a horrible fall soccer season for football game conflicts, but this is the second year in a row I’ve had to watch the A&M game at the field.

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Oct 122014

It is an old and storied college football rivalry. Contested for well over 100 years, its heroes have etched proud memories into each of their respective institutions’ annals.

It separates households. It sets friend upon friend. Mention of one school to the other’s fan invites instant scorn. It bitterly divides a lovely Deep South state.

Of course, it’s the Egg Bowl. What game did you think I was talking about?

While the Egg Bowl is always special to Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans, it’s comparatively rare that it has much to do with the conference or national title pictures. In 2014, it’s shaping up to be the only SEC game that matters. We’re only halfway through the season, of course. “Lot of football left to be played,” someone always pipes up, as if he wrote the expression just then.

But, having a look at both Mississippi State’s and Ole Miss’s remaining schedules, who are you going to identify as the team that takes down either one of them? Sitting here right now, there’s no reasonable basis to favor any of their remaining opponents. My heart hopes Alabama is much improved by the time they face the Bulldogs. My head is very glad that game wasn’t this weekend.

I think most folks suspected there would be good teams on the ground in both Starkville and Oxford this year. But no one called the Magnolia State as the epicenter of college football, and that’s exactly what’s developing.

It’s hard to go undefeated anywhere, but particularly at an SEC school. Yet an 11-0 Mississippi State vs. an 11-0 Ole Miss on November 29 looks at least as likely as anything else.

That’s extraordinary.

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Oct 042014

I got to Publix, got home, and got chili in the CROCK-POT® all before Nathan’s soccer game. So it’s been cooking since just before 9 this morning. Best day of football of the season so far. It’s 62º outside. None of this is conducive to me writing anything profound today. Hope you’re having a good [...]

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