May 312014

Longtime readers know I’m a big fan of the IndyCar Series. It started with me wanting to watch Danica in the 2007 Indianapolis 500, and I’ve never looked back. It is the fastest, most exciting auto racing in the world. If you’re into racing of any kind and you’re not following IndyCar, do so immediately.

Watching the Indianapolis 500 last week, I decided to follow the live board on on my tablet, and I was instantly hooked.


This adds an entirely new dimension to watching the race. You can track the entire field in real time (and it updates immediately, almost always ahead of the crawl on the TV coverage). You get not only position, but continually updating gap times. Want to know your driver’s fastest lap? It’ll tell you. Laps since he was in the pits? It’ll tell you that too. For road and street courses, how many push-to-passes does he have left? Is he on the push-to-pass right now? You get all of that the second it happens. Does your driver have red or black tires on? That’s there too.

It’s a riveting experience. Loved it for the first half of Belle Isle today. Looking forward to it tomorrow. What a great time!

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May 182014
  • Watched an ARCA race for the first time in decades today, and wow, it was a lot of fun. Justin Allison, grandson of Donnie and great nephew of Bobby, finished seventh.
  • Trying another stir-fry tonight, using brined chicken and adjusting the soy sauce down accordingly.
  • Over at Alabamians Can Read, we’ve moved our broadcast of Afterparty discussion to Sunday, June 1. Pick it up and join us.
  • Helping Nathan with a writing assignment today. It’s challenging helping him with errors, but leaving matters of style alone. I’m lit up yellow across the board wanting to tell him to remove “they lived to fight another day,” but I’m restraining myself.
  • It’s been a trying May, dear readers, and it’s not over. It’ll be difficult to write about however it turns out. For now, if you have an extra thought and/or prayer, I’d appreciate it/them.
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May 092014

Johnny Manziel was indeed the story in the first round of the NFL draft last night, but not like he wanted. By quarter to nine he’d devolved into everyone’s punchline, peering out from over a ridiculously huge Windsor-knotted tie and pretending it was all going according to plan. The reality was a new Twitter poll [...]

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Apr 222014

I’m 43 years old, I’ve lived in Alabama all my life, and I’ve never been hunting. I’ve been around it, here and there, all my life. I mean, I could effortlessly list 50 people I know who hunt. Seems like I ought to like it, actually. I like guns. I like being in the woods. [...]

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Mar 282014

The highest-quality racing in the world resumes this weekend! If you’re a racing fan and you’re not keeping up with IndyCar, you’re missing out. Start making up for it on Sunday afternoon at 2:20 CDT. The Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg happens in the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s always an exciting [...]

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