Dec 102017

I first became acquainted with Brickell Men’s Products from my experience in the Chisel Shave Club. Included in my box was a small bottle of Brickell aftershave lotion.

Brickell products are expensive. But it takes me forever to use two ounces of aftershave, and it’s excellent. So it’s a minor luxury of which I partake. Costs me about $3 a month.

When I explored my options for purchasing more, I found myself on the Brickell web site, where they offer a free sample box. Therein are small quantities of 15 of their products, for which you pay only shipping and handling of $6.95. I said sure, why not? There is value in acquiring a small bottle of the aftershave for my travel kit, and I’ll check out the other stuff too. Plus, there’s a $10 coupon for a future purchase.

Some of the products are for vainer men than I. “Restoring eye cream” and “reviving day serum”? Well, they’re in cool little green jars I can repurpose. That’s probably the primary value for me. Others, like the lotions, I expect I’ll use but stay with my current products. And then there are a couple I’m not sure what to make of.

Like the beard oil.

What the hell is beard oil? I’ve had a beard for most of my adult life and I’ve never oiled it. There’s a long list of ostensible benefits on the Brickell beard oil page, but it sounds like answers to questions I don’t have. It’s also $25 an ounce. If it were liquor, a fifth of it would cost over $600. If I tried to run my car on it, it would cost about $41,000 to fill up.

Does that sound like something I need to get involved with?

I mean, what if I put it on my beard and it gets “addicted” to it, like people’s lips do with ChapStick? It could be a downward spiral from which I’d never recover. “In the end he was spending $10,000 a month on beard oil,” people will say as they shake their heads and exchange knowing glances.

I think I’ll just leave the packet on my shelf as a caution.

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Mar 202015

In the wake of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB’s) thrilling, bracket-busting victory over Iowa State in the second round of the 2015 tournament, UAB president Ray Watts announced the immediate elimination of the UAB basketball program. “These young men have delivered an exciting victory for UAB, swelling the entire UAB family with joy. […]

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Jan 072015

Three masked men, armed with automatic weapons and wearing flak jackets, slaughtered at least 12 people at the office of a satirical magazine in Paris this morning before escaping into the city. The publication, Charlie Hebdo, has published caricatures of Mohammed in the past. The gunmen reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!” throughout the attack, and claimed […]

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