Aug 172014

We’re in a message series on leadership at my church right now. This morning, David preached on what it means to be an example, and how we shouldn’t look at things in terms of tit-for-tat as often as we do. “No quid pro quo” was the phrase that appeared on one of his slides.

It reminded me very much of a situation at work maybe six years ago. Now I have a very strict policy about not blogging about my job, and I’m not going to get too far into the ins and outs of this situation at all. Essentially it was a opportunity I recognized and cultivated to help someone near the end of her rope. She was about to give up. I sat with her and we talked at some length about why she shouldn’t. She ultimately recovered the situation, following my advice, and turned it into long-term happiness.

She never acknowledged to me later that I’d helped her. I let that bother me for a long time. Then God clocked me in the melon with it one afternoon. He said, basically, “All right, enough. Did you help her so she’d tell you what a great guy you were? Or did you help her because it was what you should do as a member of My kingdom?”

I ultimately reconciled with myself that the blessing—all of the blessing—was being able to help.

Full stop.

It seems so elementary when I type it now. For a while, though, the resentment was real. She’d have almost certainly made a major professional mistake had I not intervened that morning. How dare she not appreciate that?


How dare I not bask in the glory of embracing the opportunity to make a genuine difference?

I didn’t understand that it wasn’t a transaction. It was over when I helped.

Its completion is not contingent on me spiking the ball.

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Jul 112014

Can you do this? Aska can!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors (most notably the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Yellowhammer Brewery, and AlaBev), and the hard work of our members (most notably Amanda Conger and Amy Jones), the Rocket City Bloggers had another great networking mixer called Connect! last night! Thanks to everyone who pulled it together. I had a lot of fun. I think everyone did. I was present for a couple of meaningful plug-ins, and I talked to several folks excited about blogging for the first time.

These get-togethers are a wonderful place to be around a lot of intelligent and verbal people, which goes a long way toward explaining why I enjoy them so much. (The female-male ratio doesn’t hurt either.) The Rocket City Bloggers try to have these larger, evening events about twice a year. If you’re a Huntsville-area blogger, or a Huntsville-area business owner interested in finding out how blogging might help you succeed, keep an eye out for these events.


Our leader Amanda and our talented emcee, Marsha of Rocket 95.1!



With Constance of The Foodie Army Wife and Carol Ann Marks!

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Mar 132014

I thought of this tweet early this afternoon and found it hilarious: Non-lawyers who append “Esq.” to their names might as well just put “Jerk.” — Bo Williams (@ElrodClyde) March 13, 2014 Then, that started a discussion in the office that led to a colleague telling me about a high school upperclassman with whom she [...]

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