Mar 132014

I thought of this tweet early this afternoon and found it hilarious:

Then, that started a discussion in the office that led to a colleague telling me about a high school upperclassman with whom she is acquainted becoming a runner for a law firm, and deciding to append “Esquire” to his name. He’s also regularly referring to himself in the third person online now.

Understand: we’re taking about someone born in 1997 or thereabouts.

I ask you, dear readers, just like I asked her:  does he ever want to have sex?

So we talked for a bit about other things that are ridiculously absurd affectations on anyone below a certain age of about 40 or so. Ascots are way up there. So are pipes. I’m also reminded of my sociological conclusion on Playboy, which is that its readership consists primarily of college students and middle-aged men who each wish they were the other.

Hey, kids? There’s a lot to be said for liking yourself just the way you are.


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Feb 082014

Think back over the living you’ve done. Most of us spend most of our time in a relatively small number of buildings and situations. I was considering the other day how few of those experiences of mine have survived intact.

My homes have done well. Homes generally will. I’m currently living in my twelfth discrete residence, and I know that ten of the previous eleven survive. I’m not sure on the Gaslight Apartments in Oxford. I’ll have to ask my dad where they were to see if they soldier on under a different name.

Schools are a different story. Score on Church of the Good Shepherd Kindergarten! Still there, in the same building, where I attended 39 years ago.

That’s pretty much it, though. The lower grades of Donoho were the Episcopal Day School at Grace Episcopal Church when I attended. All of the grades are on the same site now. The building in which I attended Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School is now an Islamic center. Oxford High School is still on the same site, but with many new and repurposed buildings. The building in which I attended Bob Jones High School is now Discovery Middle School. The University of Alabama in Huntsville is still there, though literally my entire department’s faculty left the year after I graduated, so there’s not anything for me to visit.

As for work, the yogurt shop I assistant managed lasted exactly as long as my tenure. I opened and closed it, though the shopping center is still there. I got a massage in it two months ago. Madison Books & Computers is gone. The paper mill where I did my college internship is in the process of closing. Jerry Damson Acura is still going strong, though a good eight miles or so from where I worked. Intergraph perseveres, though almost everything I worked on there has been sold off. They’re also constructing a single building to move all Huntsville employees into, which is quite different from the sprawling campus at which I worked. CSC is another rare hit—the Athens office remains open and does pretty much the same thing it was doing when I left 14 years ago. The office where I worked on Solid Edge is still there, though German-owned now.

Know where is more intact than anywhere else?

Taco Bell. Same site, same building, same everything as when I worked there 27 years ago. Once in a while I’ve told the person running the drive-through that I used to have the exact same job, standing right where s/he stands. (S/he is never very impressed.)

How many of your previous situations are still there, intact, for someone to experience?

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Oct 072013

There is a remarkable essay by Matthew Scully at National Review Online this morning. I had no idea how long it was when I began reading it, and it’s probably too long to manage at work. Save it for when you have 20 or 30 minutes to read it carefully. Be warned that it will [...]

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