Apr 012015

I am not a fan of the valediction “Respectfully.” In fact, I don’t much like it at all. Never have.

It seems to me that “respectfully,” more so than any other common complimentary close, calls attention to all of the other ways the writer could be. Every time I read correspondence that ends “Respectfully,” the subtext I get is “yeah, right now I am, but I’ll jettison such regard without hesitation should I find it sufficiently inconvenient.” It feels like an ordinarily rotten urchin making way too big a deal of the fact that he managed to get through a meal or a play date acceptably, when his behavior has only been what should be status quo.

I don’t get that with “Thanks,” “Regards,” or even “Best.” Is it me?

Of course, we’re generally signing and reading email these days, not actual letters. Mrs. Thagard went over “Sincerely,” “Yours truly,” and such when I was in the fourth grade, and those would seem stilted on electronic communication.

I tend toward “Thanks” or no valediction at all, with “Regards” and “Best” reserved for people I don’t know (or don’t know well). What do you use? Do you have any prejudices or notions, like mine about “Respectfully”?


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Mar 132015

I’ve had some long days this week trying to compensate for winter weather absences, so I’m particularly happy to have The Martian as the only item on my to-do list for the next 14 or so hours. Finish a riveting book, and then sleep in? I’ll take it. Awesome. Listen to our broadcast Sunday night. Then come mix it up on the blog with us.

(I also have an Arsenic & Old Spice coming out at Rocket City Mom tomorrow morning. It’s a big weekend for Bo Williams on the series of tubes.)

Enjoy yours. Sunday looks pretty.

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Nov 262014

Paula Poundstone had a great bit about naps. Basically she said they were an indicator of adulthood. When you wanted one instead of resented one, you were a grown-up. I’ll buy that. I remember my mandated naps from childhood. I went to sleep maybe once every fifteen or twenty naps. Most of the time I […]

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