Jul 172015

Please stop now. Walk away.

I know he’s saying some things that need to be said. That is not enough reason to pay him any attention. His unseriousness in such matters is demonstrable and longstanding. Mr. Trump is mostly interested in Mr. Trump.

Did you know he hasn’t filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission?

Did you know he hasn’t hired any campaign staff to speak of?

Donald Trump is a boob. He’s a rich boob, but a boob nonetheless.

Stop acting like he’s really running for president.

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Jul 132015

So Bill Cosby’s wife says yeah, he’s a bad guy, but not as bad as you think.

This would be a classic example of what my longtime friend Dave calls an UCRA—U (You) Can Rationalize Anything.

Mrs. Cosby is doing the best she can with a rotten situation. The scaffolding of her extensive adult life is shattering. She is in my prayers.

Look, folks. Bill Cosby is at least sick, and quite possibly evil. Do your level best to make peace with that. I deeply wish he weren’t, but he is. Everything we’ve loved about him all our lives is valid, but we must separate it from the man. Break off the good pieces and take them with us.

It’s a career of 50+ years of outwardly apparent positivity the guy’s had, but he won’t outrun this. He’s done.

I am too. No more Cosby posts. I hate that it’s ended like this, but it has.

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Jun 262015

Actor Dick Van Patten died Tuesday in Santa Monica. He was 86. Mr. Van Patten, you are, of course, Tom Bradford, Sacramento newspaper columnist, on Eight Is Enough. You are also a semi-precocious wannabe in Westworld. Mostly, you are yet another memorable piece of my childhood, now fallen. Thank you, sir. RIP.

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