Jun 212015

Still mulling how to blog about this. It’s inhabiting me. Only writing about it effectively shall evict it, I fear.

Watch this. If you have Netflix, and you have a fairly high threshold of offense, watch the entire documentary.

You won’t be the same person afterward. You’ve been warned.

Hot Girls Wanted official trailer (2015… by darlinmagazine

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Jun 172015

The U.S. Treasury has announced that the new $10 bill, to enter circulation in 2020, will feature a woman. Who? No idea. By law she has to be dead, and “the theme of democracy” is mentioned at the above link. Other than that? Well, she’ll have a vagina! This is a splendid manifestation of this […]

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Jun 052015

My long relationship with Rocket City Mom means I occasionally get to do cool Rocket City Mom things, like go to a fabulous launch party for a fabulous new Rocket City Mom mobile app! (Lea: “Have fun hanging out with your girlfriends!” Heh.) Released in partnership with the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, the […]

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