Oct 112016

My younger son coined that phrase last night. He wasn’t talking about the election, but he certainly could have been.

I thought I had said on the record I was going to vote for Trump if he became the nominee, and it turned out I did. I said it just about a year ago. Then, I stopped just short of saying it again in January.

However, I have known for months that I am not going to vote for Donald Trump, and today, four weeks from Election Day, let that settle into the official narrative. It will not happen.

BoWilliams.com will not endorse any nominee for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It is likely that I will vote for Gary Johnson, only because I want to be able to point to a television or computer screen and see my discontent, and that seems like the only way to do that.

Folks, it’s not going to be a happy election. We need to find considerable unity on the other side of it. Please keep that in mind as you air your views over these last few weeks.

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Oct 092016

Folks, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States. It is time to get comfortable with that eventuality.

The Republicans, given the deepest, most talented field of candidates in a lifetime, managed to nominate possibly the only candidate a figure as reviled as Hillary Clinton could defeat.

I am hoping for Republican majority retention of Congress, to limit Madam President’s ability to do harm (ahem, wholly considering the limited degree to which we still respect the U.S. Constitution).

I am also hoping for an epiphany among Trump supporters—many of whom I count among my close friends, respected intellects, or both. Though I find Donald Trump thoroughly unacceptable and revolting, I have somewhat tempered my rhetorical attacks on him, solely out of respect for the people I respect who are supporting him.

I do not say that lightly. I have several powerful minds in my immediate circle—minds belonging to people I respect greatly—who have concluded that Trump is the right answer. As with my outright political opponents, I regard them as thinking, reasonable people who have simply reached a different conclusion from mine.

I am hopeful we will find unity and clarity of purpose in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s victory, and mount a credible, principled, coherent challenge to her in 2020.

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Sep 272016

I had a good time live-blogging the debate last night on Twitter, though I came away a little disappointed that we didn’t have more fireworks. Here was my immediate post-debate analysis on Facebook last night, which still sounds right to me this morning: Hillary started the evening almost in zugzwang, or perhaps playing Russian roulette with […]

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Sep 262016

Dudes and dolls, alas, it still appears that we are not the marks in the most massive Candid Camera stunt ever, so tonight is the first presidential debate. It is scheduled for 8-9:30 pm CDT tonight. I will be live-blogging this particular chapter of the apocalypse on Twitter. Please join me. We may be going straight to […]

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Sep 232016

Can you handle this upcoming political theater? I’m not sure I can. Monday night’s presidential debate figures to be one of the single most entertaining and unpredictable political events of the past 50 years or so. Trying to script in advance how this is going to go—well, let’s just get the proverbial hundred monkeys and hundred […]

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