Nov 122017

I have never liked Roy Moore. Whatever common political ground I have with him has always been far overshadowed by his ignorance and boorish behavior.

I was, nevertheless, prepared to vote for him in the December 12 special election. Chances are excellent that President Trump will nominate another Supreme Court justice, and despite my differences with Trump, I thought he made a fine choice in Neil Gorsuch. The Senate is close; whatever else Moore would be, he’d be a reliable Republican confirmation vote; there you go. Distasteful, but there’s a defensible path through the position.

Social media capture; attribution unknown. If this is your photograph, please let me know.

With the accusations of Leigh Corfman and three other women, however, I will not be voting for Roy Moore. Bluntly, I find his accusers credible, and his “alleged” actions inconsistent with human decency. My alternate-reality girlfriend Katherine Timpf is quite persuasive and instructive in this matter. I also like what David French has to say about faith in God.

Moore needs to be quiet and stay away from nice people. That’d be a good to-do list for the rest of his life.

Democratic opponent Doug Jones seems like a fine fellow, and certainly someone you’d rather have lunch with. However, despite his encouraging rhetoric about compromise and reaching across the aisle, I find nothing on his web site to indicate he’d be anything but a down-the-line Democrat in office.

We need a write-in candidate who is well-known and uncontroversial. State Senator Arthur Orr, on our friendly neighborhood agitator Dale Jackson‘s show, floated Bob Riley. I voted for Riley twice, and I could easily write him in. I think many Alabamians could. Alas, as I type it is only a month until the vote, and we need organization right now. It would logically fall to the Alabama GOP to execute such a plan. However, as they’re the same feckless navel-gazers who gave us Roy Moore, I wouldn’t invest much hope in such.

So there’s not much chance of a satisfactory ending here, kids. Jones or Moore will win.

Perhaps we couldn’t expect any more in the year of Trump and Bentley.

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Oct 172017

Me too. Really. I actually have been sexually harassed, twice that I can remember. However, neither time caused me particular angst. I think that’s because when you’re a man, it’s entirely reasonable to believe it’s an isolated incident. I said “yeah, whatever” and that was it. Mostly, women don’t have that luxury. Women can reasonably expect […]

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