Jul 012016

The 2016 U.S. presidential campaign is unprecedented, particularly on the Republican side. It has held surprise after surprise, following a narrative no one came close to predicting.

There is every reason to believe the Republican National Convention, to begin in 17 days as I type, will follow suit.

It turns out that all of the things most of us think are supposed to happen at such an event are pretty squishy. That the conventions of recent memories have mostly been coronations doesn’t mean they have to go that way. There are many avenues for chaos.

A lot of attention is falling on Enid Mickelsen, a “little-known, Sunday School-teaching grandmother from Draper, Utah.” She is the convention’s Rules chair, and no one quite trusts her. She’s like that tequila that Don Eladio and Gus Fring both warily eye in one of the most memorable episodes of Breaking Bad. Is she in the tank for Trump? For #NeverTrump? Is she actually going to do what she says and try her best to be true to the process?

For that matter, what is the process?

I will be watching this year’s convention closely. Because somehow, I think Donald Trump sliding without fuss into the nomination is one of the less likely scenarios.

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Jun 292016

Sitcom and motor oil commercial cutie-pie Leah Remini is working on a series exploring some of Scientology’s less pleasant aspects (particularly its effects on families).

You may recall that Remini was in the news a little while back when she wondered rather vocally what had become of Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Shelly Miscavige has not been seen in public since 2007.

I’ve written about Scientology on BoWilliams.com occasionally (here and here). You don’t have to look very deeply into it to conclude that it’s quite bizarre. The established narrative includes extraterrestrials, a universe far older than any respected theory accounts for, and so forth. It’s basically what you’d think a religion thunk up by a science fiction author would be like. Hmmm.

Remini is to be encouraged in her efforts to shine bright light into the dark corners of Scientology. The Church of Scientology isn’t that big, but it’s well-financed and extremely aggressive with rhetoric, litigation, and actions against its members and detractors. (Go read about Gold Base sometime. Ask yourself if it sounds like the United States.)

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Jun 242016

As hard as I try to evaluate different views equitably, I’ll confess there are a few phrases that make me tune out nearly immediately. For example, anytime I see someone fretting about people “voting against their own self-interest,” it is invariably a lament against greater self-determination (and therefore liberty). I can’t believe the South opposes […]

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Jun 172016

I’m not in the habit of discussing the “Westboro Baptist Church.” However, a great many people are, and we need to get more accuracy on their Google footprint. So here I am with that. BoWilliams.com is about service to others. First of all, Westboro Baptist Church is not a Baptist church. “Baptist Church” is part […]

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Jun 142016

I don’t generally repeat myself verbatim on BoWilliams.com, but I’m going back to this documentary that I first posted about in December, shortly after the San Bernadino attacks. Many people believe that radical Islam and Islam are two separate things; that the former has nothing to do with the legitimate religion, and that anyone who […]

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