Aug 182015

At some point—I’m going to guess 2003, mostly because I’m not sure that any research I’d undertake would get me any closer—Charles and I saw Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas in Nashville.

(At Starwood, which doesn’t exist anymore, and that’s also where I saw Steely Dan with Tonya, which was at least top three for me for live music experiences. But that’s another post.)

And the Waborita was seriously a thing. It was a margarita, but made with Sammy’s truly exceptional Cabo Wabo tequila, and with all sorts of options available. Most of the costliest ones had to do with extra shots of Cabo hanging off the side. Charles decided he’d get me one for my birthday with whatever boxes I wanted checked, and I saw him peel off three $20s and a $10 and say keep the change, so I must have checked off a hell of a lot of boxes.

Most expensive drink I’ve ever had, dwarfing my sample of my dad’s Johnnie Walker Blue, which I enjoyed but honestly, much less. (I’m not a Scotch guy.)

So, the practical, on-the-ground result of this drink was that when I felt like the crowd was insufficiently involved in the current song, I’d run up and down the aisles, raising my hands like a madman and imploring, at the top of my lungs, people to get up and scream. I did this often enough, and competently enough, to draw more than one crowdmate coming down to high-five me in person.

I was effective.

So how do I be that effective for the 2016 presidential race?

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Aug 122015

That I can recall, Quentin Tarantino hasn’t ruined any songs for me except that one.

Sorry I haven’t written much this week, dudes and dolls. Been in a somewhat harried place personally, and in a dark place politically.

I’m pleased that Carly Fiorina has connected as well as she has, given her somewhat modest opportunity to do so. Blasting it out of the park was the only play that would matter, and disemboweling Chris Matthews didn’t hurt either.

Tempering my enthusiasm somewhat is the continued relevance of the grease fire candidacy of Donald Trump. My gut tells me it’s still a bust (because how could it not be?) and to just be patient, but you know, sometimes fires get big enough to develop and sustain their own wind systems.

(And what a brutally apt description of a Donald Trump political campaign.)

It is now solidly established that Hillary Clinton has mishandled classified information, and lied about said mishandling, to a degree that would earn a mere mortal a slam-dunk felony charge or two. I still have my doubts that anything she deserves will actually happen to her, though I am glad the FBI is involved. The Bureau seems to me like less of an administration puppet than the Department of Justice, though that perception could certainly be illusory.

Oh, and there’s another secretly-recorded Planned Parenthood video from the Center for Medical Progress today, with yet more dehumanizing and appallingly callous content that we are supposed to pretend is “women’s health care.”

There are four post ideas I wasted in a somewhat organized babble.

The flip side is that writing just the babble was depressing enough, so I might not have had the stomach for a full post on any of the topics anyway.

Maybe something good will happen tomorrow or Friday.

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Aug 032015

You may have heard there are some secretly-recorded Planned Parenthood videos floating about. The links are volatile, so I’ll let you find them yourself if you haven’t seen them and want to. This is probably a good start. So then a friend had a link to this (language warning): Now, upon seeing this video you […]

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Jul 282015

I was less intellectually and spiritually sure of myself in college than at any other time in my life. That’s just how it should be. Higher education is about many things, but it must be about questioning everything we think we know. It should be more difficult to be fat and happy with your beliefs […]

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