Apr 252016

upaWell, everyone’s favorite lecherous pepaw has hung around long enough to get hisself his very own beer, complete with a delightfully suggestive logo! Salty Nut Brewery will offer Unimpeachable Pale Ale for a limited time, with swag available now.

(You’ll perhaps recall dear Dr. Bentley’s fondness for touching soft, round things from his phone sex recording.)

Keep putting the guber in gubernatorial, Guvnah!


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Apr 182016

Dear Governor Bentley,

I’m sad to say I’ve long since given up any significant moral expectations of people who run for national office. But I do hang onto a certain (admittedly silly) sentimentality about candidates for state office. Alabama, much maligned, both fairly and unfairly, is special to me. I love my state deeply.

That is why I am so deeply embarrassed by your actions, and angered at your defiance in the face of so many calls for your resignation.

The apologies you have made are insufficient. Although contrition that coincides precisely with exposure is already suspect, yours is made all the more hollow by your continued refusal to leave.

Your wan defense of claiming your actions were legal, even if true, misses the point. Dignity and honor are bigger than the law. Through sustained poor choices, you have jettisoned yours.

I hope and pray that in the twilight of my life, I will be wiser about what matters.

It is not my place to sit in judgment of you. However, I need not do so to want you out of my house, and I do. It is time for you to go. Please resign your office immediately.

Bo Williams

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Apr 122016

For the past several days I have envisioned a masterfully crafted post on microaggression. It would be supremely insightful, and rise to the top of search engine results far and wide. That post isn’t going to happen. Partially it’s because I’ve burned most of that oil on Facebook. And partially it’s because I don’t care […]

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Mar 232016

So now there is apparently a recording of phone sex between my state’s 73-year-old sitting governor and a 43-year-old member of his staff. No, I’m not going to listen to it. I don’t need to hear that to know it’s repulsive. And I’ve made my position on such age-disparate relationships clear (whether adulterous or not). […]

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