Jun 242016

As hard as I try to evaluate different views equitably, I’ll confess there are a few phrases that make me tune out nearly immediately.

For example, anytime I see someone fretting about people “voting against their own self-interest,” it is invariably a lament against greater self-determination (and therefore liberty). I can’t believe the South opposes Obamacare so consistently. They’re voting against their own self-interest. How could Great Britain’s people think leaving the European Union is a good idea? They’re voting against their own self-interest.

There is an inherent arrogance in the phrase that flirts with outright dismissiveness. Do you see how it leapfrogs any possibility of considered dissent? This is settled. These poor, unfortunate rubes don’t know what they’re doing. I mean, that’s the only explanation for it, isn’t it?

To be fair, most of the time confirmation bias has a lot to do with how these closed-minded views form. So the arrogance and dismissiveness isn’t intentional, but that doesn’t make them any less insidious. People like to nod and clap each other on the back.

We’ll talk about “social justice” sometime soon.

Have a good weekend.

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May 312016

Oh, I loved you so, Windows Phone. I was certain we’d be happy together forever.

To be fair, there were minor issues from the start, but we either minimized or worked through them together, as young couples should. However, when we began to have serious problems, I consistently felt more committed to the relationship than you did. You know, sometimes I’m going to pull more than my half, and sometimes you’re going to pull more than your half. But if I’m pulling 65-70% all the time, that’s not sustainable.

It’s over. I’m sorry.

Ex-wife on left; current girlfriend on right

Ex-wife on left; current girlfriend on right

The final straw was Christy getting me excited about trying to give Instagram another go, only to discover that there isn’t a single decent Instagram client on Windows Phone. If all of the features worked in any one of them, I could have made do. Alas, no. The best one I tried wouldn’t reliably repost to Twitter.

Couple that with the fact that my phone hasn’t been able to properly handle my local 60GB music library in over a year, and I’m done.

The Instagram client on my Fire phone works fine, and I’m excited about having Amazon Prime music back again. I don’t see the Fire and me together long-term, but I’ll pal around with her for right now.

No problem with that, as long as I’m being honest with her.

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May 202016

The boys had their end-of-year awards program at school today. Half of their teachers were little girls playing dress-up. No, not really, but that’s how it felt. I’m now old enough that a teacher just out of school, or even one with a few years’ experience, is young enough to be my daughter. When I […]

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May 192016

Morley Safer has died at 84. RIP. Headed to New Market for soccer on Saturday, which is kind of a haul. But, New Market BBQ awaits at the end of the game! Good sleep has never eluded me to such a significant degree for so long. Last night was still not great but a few […]

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May 122016

The boys have their end-of-schoolyear prickliness in full bloom. Hang in there, guys. Not much longer. Well, the Cubbies seem to have gotten genuinely uppity on us. Maybe I’ll have to pay semi-attention this year. I think I’m two-thirds or so through my exploration of Huntsville’s hot wings. I see five more reviews for sure […]

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