Jun 122015

Reckon what’s in there? What am I right next to right now, at most of 80 mph? The green leather couch that a husband and wife fought for weeks over (and that continues to generate an occasional snide remark)? Aunt Trudy’s old clothes that someone didn’t take to goodwill in time, so he’s having to pay to move them? A broken grandfather clock that he’s been “just about to fix” for the past twelve years? Boxes of books that are 25% too heavy, just like all boxes of books are?

Have a good weekend. Be thankful you’re not moving.

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Jun 092015

The first time I ever sang karaoke, a colleague signed me up for it at a work meeting. I am not a very good singer and I didn’t want to do it, but ultimately decided I’d be a good sport.

Then that little witch didn’t even show up!

I slaughtered one of my favorite songs, Del Shannon’s “Runaway.” Part of my problem was that that karaoke track was in the wrong key, but whatever. My friend Greg did David Allan Coe’s “You Never Even Called Me By My Name,” which was a much smarter choice. I should have done something hammy, not tried to sing something straight.

The second time I ever sang karaoke was about three weeks ago, with my old Madison Books & Computers crowd (and Liz recording). Same song, and in the correct key this time. A little fluttery in a spot or two, but overall, I did better with it.

Great time, all! (And it’ll be someone else’s turn next time.)

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Jun 052015

My long relationship with Rocket City Mom means I occasionally get to do cool Rocket City Mom things, like go to a fabulous launch party for a fabulous new Rocket City Mom mobile app! (Lea: “Have fun hanging out with your girlfriends!” Heh.) Released in partnership with the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, the […]

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Jun 032015

And I certainly will, should I ever meet her. Transgendered people cause me no particular heartburn. However, I tend to be charitable with people who do have issues with the notion. I don’t think being gay is necessarily the same wheelhouse as deciding you have the wrong bits (though I understand Jenner has not actually […]

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May 272015

So, for my latest sociological peek into something not intended for me but about which I was curious—see also AshleyMadison.com—I’m fresh off having a week-long look at Yik Yak. It’s an anonymous social network on which you “yak” and reply to everyone who’s paying attention within a 10-mile radius about whatever’s on your mind (in […]

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