Nov 192014

Katherine Timpf shares at National Review that online dating service OKCupid lists 12 different sexual orientations, from which users can select as many as five.


There are also 22 options for gender.

I get that sexuality is a continuum. I get that people can feel conflicted and trapped. I get that people are occasionally born with ambiguous external genitalia. I understand there can be gray between male and female or between straight and gay.

But this just might be getting silly, dudes and dolls.

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Nov 132014
  • If the current forecast is accurate, then we might see 50 degrees on Saturday, and that’s as warm as it gets for a good while. If you don’t have your sweaters and coats down yet, now is the time.
  • The new Star Wars film is officially subtitled The Force Awakens. This is getting razzed from many corners, but answer me this: which of the extant Star Wars movies has a great subtitle? Simmer down, grousers. The name is well within tolerance.
  • Not talking any trash on the game this week. I know lots of nice State people. Ought to be a good one.
  • Apparently there is some butt shot of Kim Kardashian or something? Wouldn’t recognize either side of her, I’m pretty sure. You can systematically ignore the worst of pop culture. I’m testimony to that.
  • A little research reveals that the seafood market we used last week delivers. Maybe we need to try our Christmas Eve tradition with royal reds this year.  
  • Just read that Robin Williams was suffering from Lewy body dementia when he died. Seems he was headed for tragedy no matter what, sad to say.
  • Watch for an exciting end-of-year selection at Alabamians Can Read.
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Nov 042014

Looking like it’ll be a good night for Republicans. Odds of taking back the Senate are about 3 in 4. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is in a squeaker. That’s one of the only races I’m concerned about. It would be a grave error for Republicans to overvalue positive results for them tonight. The expected outcome […]

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Oct 172014

Charles C.W. Cooke makes his 7,954th great point today: while fear of a widespread Ebola outbreak in the Unites States may be irrational, fear of government incompetence is eminently reasonable. Can these people do anything right? Quarantine? Yeah, probably a good idea unless you, you know, crave your favorite restaurant. We don’t need a travel […]

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