Dec 082016
  • Arrests in the Gatlinburg fire, thank goodness. There are 14 people dead, and more than 150 injuries. More than 1,700 buildings are damaged or destroyed. Try as adults, please.
  • Since I quit smoking, I don’t get as many colds, they don’t hurt as much, and they don’t last as long. But I certainly am ready to be rid of this one. Tomorrow will be a week. I’d love to wake up without it. You know those supercharged sneezes that are about 175% normal strength? Yeesh.
  • December’s been tough out of the gate for I’m sorry about that. It’s been a bumpy road. I hope things will pick up this weekend a bit.
  • True American hero John Glenn has died at 95. He was the longest-lived original Mercury 7 astronaut, so there’s a complete reunion. Go have a drink, boys! RIP and thank you, sir.
  • Dak Prescott is getting a little grief for referring to the Cowboys as America’s Team, and I think it’s deserved grief. Pipe down, young man. You’ve had a fantastic rookie season and great things are ahead of you, but you just got to town. You can’t yet casually throw “America’s Team” around.
  • Every Christmas break I say I’m going to straighten out my home office for real, and then I don’t. I’m seriously considering messing it up big-time ahead of the break so I’ll have no choice. Ditto the garage.
  • Hopefully we’ll sneak a few more mild days in before the door slams, but winter is definitely paying a visit tonight and through most of the weekend.
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Dec 012016
  • Should I have eggnog with Jack Daniel’s? Or eggnog ice cream with Jack Daniel’s poured over it?
  • Florence Henderson has sadly added her name to a devastating 2016. RIP.
  • Nathan is excited about getting his aquarium going again. Multiple mentions have occurred several weeks apart, so maybe we’ll give it a go. He didn’t do so well with the upkeep last time.
  • Looking forward to Championship Game Saturday. Bittersweet, though. It’s the last semi-normal-feeling college football Saturday of the year.
  • We have Sling TV now and I’m more happy than sad, but haven’t pulled the cable plug yet. I want to see how well our main TV does with a hard network connection, and I haven’t crawled under the house to deal with that yet.
  • Lea’s still thrilled with the new Leamobile. I’m glad. I’m pleased with it myself.
  • I’m glad December is here. Always starts hectically, and hums along in that vein for a good while. But I’ve learned to pull it in starting about the 20th no matter what’s happening. Looking forward to that.
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