Mar 262015
  • It’s finally IndyCar race week!
  • Thanks to my friend Paul for planting the intermittent fasting seed in my head. I’m giving it a go with one of the simpler regimens: I get all of my calories for a day within an eight-hour window. In my case, that’s shaking out to be 11:30 to 7:30. Essentially, I’m skipping breakfast and not eating anything at night. Yes, the former seems counterintuitive, but check out that link. Sounds promising. I’ll share if I learn anything interesting.
  • Couple that with two young ladies at work, Fitbitted as I am, pushing me to get my steps. They have a lot less work to do than I do, but we’re all walking together and doing good things for each others’ motivation levels.
  • Our Sprouts just opened. I’d like to check it out. Reckon a month is sufficient for new-place crowd dispersal?
  • Did you know that Orville Redenbacher had a heart attack in his hot tub, and that’s how he died at 88 in 1995? Not a happy story, of course, but I like considering that one of his very last thoughts was “well, think I’ll have a soak.”
  • I’m kicking around a biography post series, with a quirky vibe. Kind of people nearly everyone knows of but knows hardly anything about. Kind of like…Orville Redenbacher. Still mulling.
  • As of now we’ll get another freeze Saturday night, though slight and short.
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Mar 182015

Is this finally the effort in which I lose significant weight? Who knows? I have to keep trying, though. I eventually quit smoking on the only-God-knows-how-manyth try, and I’ll eventually do this too. Lessons from the front lines so far:

  • When you decide you’re going to drink diet tonic water as a go-to, then the local Publix runs out of it very quickly.
  • I love Greek yogurt, and it sits in my stomach and keeps me satiated for a long time. I should have been eating it all along. Challenge now is not to get burned out on it.
  • There are 55 calories in a tablespoon of regular ranch dressing, and I’d rather have less of the real thing than more of a reduced-calorie version.
  • Never, ever sit down with the can of almonds. Count them out painstakingly and leave the kitchen knowing how many calories are in your napkin.
  • Ground chicken degrades my chili, but only slightly. It still delivers an 85-90% gustatory experience.
  • I’m not making an explicit effort to limit carbohydrates, but that’s kind of how it’s working out by itself. I can tell the difference in how I feel when I’ve had a lot of carbs. It’s not a good difference.
  • My legs have been thankfully content for the past few days as they’ve gotten accustomed to the increased activity. They started raising hell in earnest last year, and the message from them is “these are really just niggling little hurts, Bo, but if you don’t get this damned weight off we can arrange a major injury. How would that be?” I get it, guys. Working on it!
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Mar 122015

Remember last week when it didn’t get above freezing for 36 hours? Today we’ll flirt with needing air conditioning. Sick yet? Didn’t take long for my reintroduction of Wal-Mart into my life to take a terrible hit. No baskets apparent at the entrance this morning. (With one, I’d have purchased 8-10 yogurts instead of 2.) […]

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Feb 192015

I put Windows 10 on my netbook this week, but couldn’t find a suitable video driver. Maybe I’ll look harder this weekend. I got Windows 8.1 to display properly without a supported driver. I just don’t remember what I did. Madison Police has a charcoal gray, previous-generation Impala that I suspect has been an excellent […]

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