Apr 092015
  • Well, Duke won the NCAA basketball title. I might remember that two whole months. Maybe this bullet will make it three.
  • Week one back with red meat and beer has gone mostly well. I’ve built sustainable lunch and evening habits that I’m mostly keeping, so that’s good.
  • Longtime actor James Best, certainly best known as Hazzard County Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, has died at 88. Thank you, sir. Enjoy catching up with Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse. RIP.
  • Chris brought me some Habanero Death Dust at Easter, which I’d forgotten I asked him to get for me. Thinking on what I might want to do with it.
  • It would seem the CD player in the Technical Writing Express isn’t coming back this time. Too bad. Having six CDs of MP3s loaded is handy and mindless. I’ll replace it sometime and gain Bluetooth as consolation for losing the changer.
  • It’s probably reasonable to gamble that we’ve had our last freeze, though it’s almost an entire month to go to the latest on record for Huntsville (May 7).
  • I’m practicing walking in high heels. Stay tuned.
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Apr 072015

waterfreeIn the restroom at Nathan’s soccer game last weekend, the guy in front of me didn’t flush. Irritating.

Then I saw why he didn’t flush. Really irritating.

(Also, I believe I can safely say this is the first photo I’ve ever taken at a urinal.)

Measuring gallons per flush is just so passé. How about no water at all? Congratulations, radical environmentalists. You’ve got men back to peeing in just a hole in the ground, basically.

So can we now expect a tiff between the waterless urinal crowd and the men-should-pee-sitting-down crowd? I mean, the logical conclusion there is a waterless toilet, is it not?

Urinals should flush. Because civilization.

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Apr 062015

I know a guy who makes pretty good money driving around neighborhoods that have homeowner associations looking for violations of the HOA regulations, then reporting them. If you belong to an HOA in the area and your neighborhood is less than ten years old or so, there’s a non-negligible chance he patrols it. So these […]

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Apr 012015

I am not a fan of the valediction “Respectfully.” In fact, I don’t much like it at all. Never have. It seems to me that “respectfully,” more so than any other common complimentary close, calls attention to all of the other ways the writer could be. Every time I read correspondence that ends “Respectfully,” the […]

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Mar 262015

It’s finally IndyCar race week! Thanks to my friend Paul for planting the intermittent fasting seed in my head. I’m giving it a go with one of the simpler regimens: I get all of my calories for a day within an eight-hour window. In my case, that’s shaking out to be 11:30 to 7:30. Essentially, […]

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