Aug 192014

We need a productive and fruitful conversation on the increasing militarization of police forces.

We need a productive and fruitful conversation on police forces and race.

We can accomplish none of the above without first stopping a city of more than 20,000 people from tearing itself to pieces.

President Obama, this is sustained civil unrest on American soil. Amnesty International is there, for goodness sake. You don’t send your thug attorney general to “investigate.” You use all of the power of your position to stop the violence. That is not issuing a statement. That is not coming in for a few “high level meetings” before jetting back to Martha’s Vineyard.

How about a heartfelt address to the nation, urging your commitment to progress but also insisting that Americans stop fighting Americans?

It’s as if you either don’t realize how serious this is, or you’re measuring your responses against political consequences. But this is no time for such calculation. We could wake up to read that 50 people died overnight in an all-out riot. We could wake up to ten city blocks burning out of control.

Everyone must stop. There is no other next step.

Mr. President, lead.

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Aug 142014
  • With the passing of Lauren Bacall, we’ve lost the last living superstar of Hollywood’s golden age. RIP.
  • Two weeks from tonight.
  • I’m sure Buick’s new micro-SUV the Encore is a nice car, but it bears an unfortunate strong resemblance to a Suzuki SX4. Invariably, short length and tall height is a low-rent look.
  • When it’s dinnertime, Molly has figured out that barking at Lea who then yells to Nathan gets her fed much more quickly than barking directly at Nathan.
  • This strange thing happens to me when I read or hear something about Anne Hathaway. I think “wow, that’s pretty high-profile work for her in 2014. Good for her!” This is because I’m always initially thinking of Anne Lockhart, who was Sheba on the original Battlestar Galactica. I think I do this because she and Noah Hathaway, who played Boxey on Battlestar Galactica, shared the same opening credit sequence on that show.
  • Alabamians Can Read will read Stephen King’s It next, which I generally consider his second-best book that I’ve read even though I decided it fit in the category Something Shallow. Stay tuned for a show date.
  • Have to get a stand-in grill soon while I shop for the “real” one. We all miss having a grilling capability.
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Aug 042014

Use your turn signal every time you make a turn. Now this is not the same old tired admonishment leveled at jerks who never use turn signals. This is meant for people who do pretty well with them, but will sometimes forego them if they don’t see the need. Dig: No one is behind me. [...]

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