Mar 232017

I met Conni for lunch at Cahoots in Hartselle today. What a visually fascinating place! Looking forward to taking Lea over there. I showed Nathan True Romance this week. I love this film, though I’d forgotten how quirky the score is. It’s almost playful, though given most of what happens on-screen, it’s disconcerting rather than […]

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Mar 092017

The first green flag of the 2017 IndyCar season is Sunday! A few nights ago, I dreamed I smoked a cigarette. I was sitting on a wall looking out over Logan Martin Lake at twilight, and my companion (don’t know who he was) passed me a pack of Winstons. I shook one out, lit it, […]

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Mar 022017

Fair bit of hail at our house yesterday. I’ve gone over the Leamobile pretty well for damage and I don’t think there is any, though the magnitude is about what triggered our roof replacement some years ago. I think I’ll watch for the trucks in the neighborhood as a first step. Judge Wapner has died […]

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Feb 232017

Alan Colmes died today. I used to enjoy his commentary quite a bit. RIP. I have two Lava Lites in my home office. They’re on timers so they only start about an hour before I get home, and they’re on for about six hours a day total. I don’t run them in the summertime because […]

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Feb 162017

I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot, loved it, and then never went back to it. I restarted it last night. Two down. I’ll stay with it this time. Watched the pilot of Shameless a couple of nights ago too. Still considering that one. I’ll maybe make a call after three episodes. New bathtub […]

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