Jul 062017

Johnsonville has done a fine job promoting their for-a-limited-time Firecracker bratwurst and generating attendant demand in my 13-year-old, but not such a good job making them available in stores. I’m 0-for-3 so far (County Line Publix; new Kroger; big-ass Kroger). Anyone seen these things anywhere locally? A new #hsvhotwings review and a new book review […]

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Jun 292017

I have such grand plans for the long weekend in terms of getting things done at home. I better sit down and make a realistic list tonight or there’s a legitimate risk I won’t do any of it. (Self-awareness is the first step.) Alien: Covenant was good, but not great. I’ll catch the rest of […]

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Jun 152017

It’s icky outside already. Full air conditioning in the car is necessary from first thing in the morning. Get thee along with oneself, summer. Here are both It trailers (so far) put together. I think this is one of the greatest horror novels I’ve ever read, and I think it’s being adapted to film by […]

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Jun 082017

A local church group on its way to Botswana for missionary work has had a serious bus accident in Atlanta. At least one person is dead and several others are critically injured. Please keep the Mt. Zion family in your prayers. I got my first Fuego Box this week. I’m pleased with the selection. I’m […]

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May 252017

The weather this day and evening are/were perfectly indicative of why it’s so expensive to live some places. “We could have been killed—or worse!” “Check city records and see how many umbrella factories have been opened in the past three days.” “A corner table, please. I don’t wish to attract attention.” These are some of […]

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