Apr 132017

Don Rickles has died at 90, and what a tremendously funny person he was. Thank you, sir. RIP. (To remember him, you can do much worse than watch this compilation.) Not much of a motorsports weekend—Easter rarely is—but there is an F1 race. Unfortunately it’s at 10 Sunday morning, and I haven’t been able to […]

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Apr 062017

Suzie‘s funeral is today. Please include her friends and family in your prayers. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday for motor oil. You see, no one but Costco can get within 30% of Wal-Mart’s price for Mobil 1; viscosities are limited at Costco; and the new Leamobile needs 0W-20. I had to use a self-checkout. Self-checkouts […]

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Mar 302017

Far too many of you are using pleasurable when you should use pleasant. Pleasurable has fairly strong connotations, and they’re not necessarily good polite conversation. Do your part on this, please. Thank you. Another winter of neglect; another spring of firing right up on the first try. I did have a tool fatality in the […]

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Mar 232017

I met Conni for lunch at Cahoots in Hartselle today. What a visually fascinating place! Looking forward to taking Lea over there. I showed Nathan True Romance this week. I love this film, though I’d forgotten how quirky the score is. It’s almost playful, though given most of what happens on-screen, it’s disconcerting rather than […]

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