Feb 092017

“She’s real fine, my 409…” That was one of the first Beach Boys songs I heard, from my dad’s collection of 45s. It was the B-side of “Surfin’ Safari.” I can remember asking my dad what a 409 looked like, and being disappointed when he showed me a picture of just some old plain-looking Chevy […]

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Feb 022017

So the little girl army of pushers is slinging its crack again. I don’t think it’s fair that Trefoils are one of the most fattening varieties. Their mild sweetness is deceptive. These spy shots seem to confirm the rumors that the C8 Corvette will go to a mid-engine layout to better compete against its European […]

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Jan 262017

Mary Tyler Moore has died at 80. Laura Petrie was the sexiest sitcom wife ever, and Mary Richards was one of the most groundbreaking characters in television history. Thank you and goodbye to a primary cultural force of the second half of the 20th century. RIP. This week I purchased some music I first encountered […]

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Jan 192017

I saw the landing scene from Sully on YouTube. It was very well done. Do I really need to see any more of the film? I purchased a little headphone amplifier that has been quite a welcome addition to my computer. (I split the signal from the back of the box to my speakers and […]

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Jan 122017

Congratulations to Clemson on winning its first football national championship since 1981. I’d have rather Alabama won it, of course, but of all the teams who could have it instead, I may mind Clemson the least. I’m very happy for my long-suffering friend Cheryl! Aaron asked me last night “how long ’til IndyCar?” Too long, […]

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