Aug 172017
  • Glen Campbell was one of my very first heroes, because “Rhinestone Cowboy” was my first favorite song. What a tremendous career! I’m glad that his mind is again his, and God be with his family and friends. RIP.
  • Two escapees from Three Springs, a juvenile prison in our area, murdered a construction worker at our neighborhood Publix on Monday. (They are now in custody.) If you are local and want to join a group seeking Three Springs’ closure, it’s right here.
  • The 2017 Village of Providence Car Show, benefiting Still Serving Veterans, is set for Sunday, October 22. You can register a vehicle in advance here for $15.
  • I’m overdue for a #hsvhotwings review. Paul and I tried to go to Big Shake’s yesterday, but the wait looked to be at least 30 minutes. I may let that cool off for a month or so. Note that it is next to the Subway on Martin, and much closer to Wall-Triana than Zierdt. I don’t know how “Martin & Zierdt” has gotten traction, but it’s most of a mile west of that intersection.
  • Looks like it’s going to get crazy out there for eclipse glasses. There was so much traffic at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center this morning that I thought there was a celebrity appearance or something.
  • The grand $22 underwear review is in progress. It will probably be out next week sometime. Thankfully, it shall be completely devoid of photographs of me modeling the garment.
  • Only nine days until college football. Only sixteen until the first big Saturday.
  • IndyCar is at Pocono this weekend. If you want to see a genuinely entertaining spectacle with real race cars (225 mph) on the Tricky Triangle instead of the NASCAR snorefest, tune into NBC Sports Network at 1:30 CDT this Sunday.
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Aug 032017
  • The boys and I watched Red Dawn last night. They dug it. I enjoyed seeing it again. I wish the remake opportunity hadn’t been so badly squandered.
  • I have eaten at an Indian restaurant perhaps ten times now. I’m sad that I apparently can’t connect with this cuisine like I have all other major Asian cuisines. I never leave hungry, but I also never find anything that makes me say “oh, I have to come back for that.” I want to be a fan. I’m not sure that’s going to happen.
  • It’s love with Mr. Robot. I may actually watch this in real time, when season three comes on month after next. (I’ll still DVR and start 20 minutes late so I can zap commercials.)
  • I will definitely be reviewing an expensive, widely-advertised pair of men’s underwear soon. I am waiting for a superficially similar but considerably less expensive product to arrive so that I may incorporate findings with that product into the review as well.
  • My friend Sarah has recently finished a book on the beer scene in northern Alabama. I’m happy for her and looking forward to purchasing an autographed, beer-glass-ringed copy of it!
  • Chicken wing prices are going up, and expected to continue to do so. This will not impact the frequency of my #hsvhotwings reviews, though if they go high enough I’ll likely reconsider whether $1/wing is a reasonable value threshold.
  • Temperatures aren’t forecast to fall significantly yet, but it appears we do have mostly highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s on deck. It’ll feel like football soon—and thanks to our new HVAC unit, we’re going to escape the summer never having seen a $300 electric bill. I think this will be the first time since Lea stopped working outside the home.
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Jul 272017

Huntsville Restaurant Week is fast approaching, and the annual associated food blogger tour is this weekend! Watch and Rocket City Mom for my thoughts and perspectives. Band camp is going very well for both boys, I think. I was a little concerned about how quickly Aaron would settle in, and he’s doing wonderfully. The […]

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Jul 202017

I ran my mouth about a mild summer, and look what happened. Heh. Looks cooler next week, though with rain. Molly is going to the vet this afternoon for (probably) an X-ray of her lower spine. Something’s causing her a great deal of pain back there. Hoping it’s treatable and nothing serious. I shared Moon […]

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Jul 132017

Baby Driver is a great summertime movie and worth a theater trip. The R rating is pretty soft; probably a PG-13 except for two or three brief scenes of graphic violence. I have to start keeping a lunch in reserve at work, even if it’s just a can of Spaghettios. I deluded myself into Taco […]

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