Nov 192015
  • Locals, if you haven’t yet had the heat on, your luck looks likely to run out this weekend.
  • Nathan made second chair horn for concert season. Proud of him for stepping up and doing something different, and proud of him for putting the work in for a good tryout.
  • True confession stemming from a comment on a Kelly Kazek piece this week: I love the Crimson Tide. But I don’t like Rammer Jammer. It’s fun. I have participated. But it’s not very classy.
  • I loved The Wiz. I dug the production design, and the music was great. There’s a live production
    of it coming in a couple of weeks. Think I’ll need to catch that.
  • Dad was over for dinner earlier this week and fell in love with Alexa. I think he’s getting an Echo for Christmas now.
  • The 2016 IndyCar schedule is out, and we get an oval in April (the return to Phoenix)! Yay!
  • It looks like my favorite mobile setup right now is carrying my Lumia 830 and my (SIM-less) Fire Phone. I share the 830’s connection, and I can do everything I want to do. It’s a fair bit in my pocket, but it’s manageable. Interesting that I may be the happiest yet carrying neither a tablet nor a keyboard.
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Nov 122015

Well, at this point I’d say it’s either post-viral cough or lung cancer. Check with me at Christmas (he said, chuckling morbidly). My older son’s capacity for discovering urgent tasks at 10:00 pm on a schoolnight is absolutely incredible, and seemingly wholly unaffected by copious parental inquiry at more opportune times. I wonder if it […]

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Nov 052015

Returning to Facebook has been a lot of fun. Other than that, I’d return this week for a full refund. Sick and stressed are two of my least favorite adjectives. I haven’t predicted a lot of scores in public lately, but I’ll offer one for the Alabama-LSU game. I don’t think the Tide front stops […]

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Oct 292015

Despite our best efforts and the summertime assurances of a well-meaning friend, we have determined that fall AYSO and marching band are irreconcilably incompatible. Noted for 2016. Remember 1¢ Ford gum machines, that dispensed a single chiclet along that extruded curved path, custom-crafted for them? When was the last time you saw one? Are they […]

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