Apr 302015
  • My beloved Madison Square Mall has been purchased, for $5.38/sq. ft., by a Huntsville organization with established interest in effective mixed-use spaces. This is as promising a development as possible, methinks. (Funny; I never considered that a buyer might be local.)
  • I’ve done rather well cultivating a tranquil driving style on my commute over the past several years, but the reintroduction of a daily I-565 stint has been unhelpful. (Wow, can I ever wring some speed out of the Technical Writing Express. It’s all about keeping the engine in the torquey range.) Further growth indicated.
  • Speaking of the TWE, I put a new stereo in it last weekend. The old CD player had quit. (You say “CD? no big deal,” but it kind of is. I really like loading up a bunch of MP3s on a burned disc and forgetting about it.) I’m delighted. I expected restored functionality. I didn’t expect it to sound so much better.
  • Josef Newgarden got his first, but certainly not his last, IndyCar victory this past weekend at Barber. Way to go, man! Many more!
  • No F1 or IndyCar this weekend. I may actually watch Talladega.
  • The sriracha documentary on Amazon Prime video is a kick. Go watch it.
  • Did you know Bonnie Raitt and Michael O’Keefe were married once upon a time? (He was Danny in Caddyshack.) Bizarre.
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Apr 232015
  • I adore the last little sliver of cool weather before the heat engages in earnest. We’re in that sliver right now.
  • I switched from a Fitbit Zip to a Fitbit One this week. I like it, and I’m even glad I chose the red one. I will say that so far, the sleep tracking is depressingly illuminating.
  • The woman who was the model for Rosie the Riveter died this week at 92. RIP.
  • Tried Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA this week. This is a good beer, but it’s not through-the-roof wonderful like Torpedo.
  • I took delivery of an Amazon Fire Phone on Monday. At the moment it’s back to $189 unlocked with a year of Amazon Prime, which makes it a $90 impulse buy for an indefinite Prime member like me (hence my possession). I had hoped to move into it and review it as a daily carry, but it may be a bit too difficult for me to import my current phone life into it to do that. Nevertheless, I dig it. It’s a neat piece. I’ll get sufficient value from it.
  • Longtime AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was in legal trouble, then he seemingly wasn’t, and now he’s probably headed to prison. What a strange story. You’ve been. Thunderstruck. I’m sure Chris Slade appreciates the unexpected income bump.
  • I loved hanging with the wonderful ladies of the Rocket City Bloggers Tuesday night at Bravo! Cucina Italiana. Though the company was fabulous and the service of reasonable quality, the food was just OK, particularly at the price. I don’t see ever returning if the decision is mine.
  • At said dinner, I let it slip that I’m finally writing my post on what’s fundamentally wrong with soccer. So watch for that.
  • Tony Kanaan is off to a great start this year. A driver needs to average finishing about sixth to legitimately compete for the IndyCar title. So far TK has a third, a sixth, and a fifth. Barber is this weekend.
  • Fargo isn’t really true, despite what it says in the opening credits. You know that, right?
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Apr 162015

My chest hair growing back in itches. I successfully replaced the starter on Lea’s van last weekend. It was irritating that it broke, but we were blessed that it did so in her mother’s driveway. It was a knuckle-buster, but it’s on and it works. What is there to say about Aaron Hernandez besides “what […]

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Apr 092015

Well, Duke won the NCAA basketball title. I might remember that two whole months. Maybe this bullet will make it three. Week one back with red meat and beer has gone mostly well. I’ve built sustainable lunch and evening habits that I’m mostly keeping, so that’s good. Longtime actor James Best, certainly best known as […]

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Apr 022015

Lent wanes. Looking forward to some Anaheim Chili special hot chili (with Reaper dust!) that I froze two and a half weeks ago. It’ll be my Easter dinner. Hey, when’s the NCAA tournament? Heh. So with Kentucky & Duke, it’s like the Yankees are in twice, isn’t it? I guess I’m for Wisconsin. My SEC […]

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