Jul 172014
  • Well, we pulled it off. Lea and I took the boys to Kiss and Def Leppard (w/s/g Kobra and the Lotus) last night in Nashville. So pleased to finally get the boys their in-person Kiss experience, and I think we all had fun. It was bittersweet too, though. More to come, probably tomorrow.
  • Lea recently purchased what she thought were regular Triscuits. Instead, they were rye with caraway seeds, and truly one of the vilest foodstuffs I’ve put in my mouth in the past five years. Avoid.
  • Received my Orient Surveyor this week. I like it, but it’s yet another candidate for a bracelet upgrade. The stock one has solid links, but it’s still light and rattly. Also, the lume is about a C-. If you like it, then watch for a special. Mine was $157 delivered and I’m happy with it for that, but only just.
  • It’s another IndyCar double-header weekend! They’re in Toronto. Weather could be a factor on both days, but we have rain tires for street courses, y’know.
  • I went to retrieve my change from a vending machine earlier this week, and stuck my finger in just right to flip a quarter back up into the coin box. It sounded just like putting a quarter in. That’s never happened to me before.
  • Madison Police is working I-565 hard right now. There’s an unmarked black Impala, and there’s a marked white Impala but with a smooth top. Also, watch the traffic light at Madison Boulevard and Sullivan. I saw a white Land Rover get nailed yesterday by an officer sitting up on the island, where you generally wouldn’t see him/her until you’ve already decided to stretch the yellow to pink. Finally, there’s an unmarked black Tahoe running around that I haven’t seen before. It has a God Bless America tag, but it is obviously a law enforcement vehicle.
  • Congratulations to A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb. All the best.
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Jul 102014
  • I just finished the first season of Orange Is the New Black. I said I wasn’t going to watch anything that wasn’t all the way over, but the model for this show—dumping entire seasons out there at once with no ads—works for me too. The show is largely what I expected, but there’s also a sweetness about it that has caught me off guard.
  • Tony Kanaan was really strong at Pocono and fell victim to a fuel strategy that didn’t work. He finished 11th and should have won. I’m pulling hard for him at Iowa this weekend. He always runs well there, and it’s a ridiculously entertaining track. It’s kind of the Bristol of IndyCar. A lap at race speed takes about 17 seconds.
  • I am a Southern boy to the core. But I don’t really like “Free Bird.” I never have. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you.
  • Brought back some food for a coworker earlier this week and was concerned about accidentally leaving it in the car. My solution was to turn my parking lights on, and when I opened the door the lights-on warning would remind me. It worked beautifully. I did forget about it, and the lights-on warning did remind me.
  • My favorite sub place is Firehouse, and part of what I like about it is the Captain Sorensen hot sauce. It’s not hot at all, but it’s indispensably delicious on my Hook & Ladder.
  • Locals, you want a killer look at what’s going on with the Madison Pike construction? Wow, it’s going to be very different. Check it out.
  • Got a blog, a business, or both? What are you doing tonight? Come see us.
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Jul 032014

Eight weeks from tonight. Only eight weeks! Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V for some skank character she says is her without her permission. Sigh. I certainly wish she’d make news for a different reason. I can encounter gristle in a steak and keep trucking, no problem. But if I [...]

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Jun 262014

I am taking July off from Rocket City Mom to recharge a bit. Go read my Stanlieo’s review, and watch for the return of Arsenic & Old Spice on Friday, August 8. Thank you for following what I write there, and for your kind words and encouragement. Rocket City Mom is a killer site, and [...]

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Jun 212014

Limped into this weekend, way more than I realized I was even 12 hours ago. Glad to have the recuperation. Was going to cut the grass first thing this morning and get it out of the way, but it was too wet. It was like it had just rained. Hoping for a good window post-first [...]

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