Nov 162017
  • This week I learned that just because your A/V receiver can switch 1080p video over HDMI doesn’t mean it can switch 4K video over HDMI. It has to do with the chip set inside the receiver, not the cables.
  • As I type, Charles Manson is on his deathbed. I don’t know his heart, but I believe no one is beyond redemption.
  • The Iron Bowl matters (beyond bragging rights). It’s always more fun when that’s the case. I think Alabama got an up State team, but it was still considerably more thrilling than it should have been. I hope we get some defensive personnel back before we play Auburn.
  • The new Pink album is good, but I think I enjoyed her last record more. I wish her songwriting would mature a bit. I’m not opposed to a good, effective cussword once in a while, but it feels a bit too forced this time around. (But goodness gracious sakes alive, what a set of pipes on that chick.)
  • I met Brandi for the first time in person this week! She is just as precious as you’d think.
  • Looks like the Mobile BayBears are going to be the Madison…something. (I hope they do change the name, because we don’t have a bay. I hate when they don’t and you get stupid nonsensical crap like the Utah Jazz.) Perhaps I’ll pick baseball back up.
  • Lea, the boys, and I went to Wayback Burgers for Rocket City Mom and had a marvelous time!
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Nov 092017
  • In 1964, the Oldsmobile 4-4-2 was named that for its four-barrel carburetor, its four-speed manual transmission, and its dual exhaust. By the time it dwindled to an option package on the 1991 Calais, it meant four-cylinder engine, four valves per cylinder, and two camshafts.
  • We are back on glorious standard time, and temperatures are seasonal. I am a happy man.
  • In a (successful) effort to avoid Alabama-LSU traffic, we drove to Gordo last weekend through Jasper, Oakman, Berry, Bankston, Stough, and Fayette. It was a truly lovely drive, and I’m always pleased to see new-to-me parts of Alabama.
  • Looking like I might have live professional baseball ten minutes from my house in the near future. I haven’t followed the game since the 1994 strike. Maybe I’ll pick it back up.
  • A mini-review: I tried a pair of Duluth Trading’s Armachillo boxer briefs, which supposedly have a cooling effect because of embedded microscopic bits of jade. They are cut similarly to the Buck Naked boxer briefs and so are comfortable and supportive, but I am unable to perceive any significant cooling effect while wearing them.
  • I am thinking a double batch of pico de gallo sauce sounds excellent for Saturday’s football games. Easy on the chips and heavy on the cut-to-dip vegetable pieces, and it’s my favorite guiltless munchie.
  • One of my longtime favorite bloggers and brother in Christ Scott Roberts has undergone a major web retooling and now blogs primarily at this page. Thanks for all of the great stuff at—still a great reference for me—and I’ll look forward to following your new site as well, man!
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Nov 022017

This is our first perfect square Thursday miscellanea since last Thanksgiving! Congratulations to the Houston Astros for winning their first World Series. I’m glad Nolan Ryan is part of the organization for this. I’m in a major ’70s glam rock mode right now: Slade, Sweet, T. Rex, and so forth. This stuff underpins the hard […]

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Oct 262017

Only 50 more days to Episode VIII. Did you catch my review of Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish on Rocket City Mom this week? I haven’t had a specialty license plate in some time, but I’m getting the new Stop Domestic Violence plate this year. The specialty fee goes to the district attorney’s office […]

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Oct 192017

Hello friend. The third season of Mr. Robot started last night. Let the record show that I am watching first-run television again (though delaying it 20 minutes to enable the zapping of commercials). On my way to Athens last week I noticed there is a new Blimpie next to the gas station at Gray and Browns […]

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