Oct 202016
  • It rained for about 30 minutes in Research Park at lunchtime. It was kind of like a spring rain that stirs up a bunch of pollen, but this time it was just…dust.
  • In related news, actual autumn looks likely to arrive tomorrow, and not a moment too soon. I had three $300+ electric bills this year.
  • Paul and I were chuckling earlier this week remembering what disk space used to cost. I remember from when I worked at Madison Books & Computers that it used to be a $310 upgrade to get an 80-megabyte hard drive in your desktop computer instead of a 40-megabyte hard drive. That’s $7.75/MB. Today I can have a quieter, faster, more reliable terabyte drive shipped to my door for $50. That’s $0.00005/MB, or $1 for 20,000 MB. (Of course, as amazing as this is, it’s even more so when you think about the changing value of a dollar.)
  • I keep trying to like mole sauce and I keep not. I think I’m just going to say I don’t like mole sauce from now on. It’s an unfortunate deficit in my chile pepper affection, but a deficit nonetheless. I’d just much rather have salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, or hot sauce, depending on the application.
  • AYSO tournament this weekend. Looks like the mobile TV rig will be coming out.
  • Lea and the boys get pumpkins every year at Isom’s, and I hear about the apple slushies. I’ve never had one, but I like that I’ve never had one, because it’s a cool little tradition the boys have with their mom. That’s the way it should be.
  • Monday was this blog’s tenth anniversary. This is the 3,078th post. Want to read the very first one? Wow. Thank you for reading BoWilliams.com!
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Oct 132016
  • My friend Conni‘s daughter and son-in-law lost everything in Hurricane Matthew-related flooding. Please prayerfully consider whether you can help them. A whole bunch of little bits is a lot.
  • Nathan doesn’t like sleeping with a window fan on a cool fall night. Did you ever hear of such strangeness?
  • Bob Dylan won a Nobel prize for literature this week. I find large swaths of his work unlistenable, but there’s little question there’s a pensive and interesting guy in there.
  • Aaron and I are enjoying tossing the football when I get home in the evening. I love the father-son time. And, the pitifully short length of time for which I am comfortable doing it also tells me to keep it up!
  • It seems that prices may be too volatile to make the Amazon Dash button worth messing with. We used the infamous mac & cheese button this weekend only to discover that the price had jumped a whopping 55% since the last time we used it. (If you have to check the price every time before you push the button, there is no cool factor.)
  • The final trailer for Rogue One came out today. Looking forward to this new kind of Star Wars film!
  • Alabama has an opportunity to make it 10 in a row over Tennessee on Saturday. Coach Saban has never lost to Tennessee as the Alabama head coach.
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Oct 062016

Need something fun and free to do with the upcoming beautiful Sunday afternoon? Come to the Village of Providence Car Show! Looks like the biggest one yet, and there are always all kinds of cars for all kinds of tastes. I love gorging on seafood when we go to the beach, but I’m definitely fine without it […]

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Sep 292016

Is it beginning to feel to any other locals like County Line Road ought to be finished by now? Doesn’t it seem like they block a section off, then take the barricades down, but nothing looks different? Then they block that section off again? Yay for lows in the 50s! Window fans at night! Alabama […]

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Sep 222016

My children stay up until I specifically tell them to go to bed. I don’t think it was like this when I was a kid. I think I got in trouble if I didn’t observe bedtime. What happened? I finally fired Firefox a few days ago and started using Edge at home. The performance difference […]

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