Jul 202017
  • I ran my mouth about a mild summer, and look what happened. Heh. Looks cooler next week, though with rain.
  • Molly is going to the vet this afternoon for (probably) an X-ray of her lower spine. Something’s causing her a great deal of pain back there. Hoping it’s treatable and nothing serious.
  • I shared Moon with Nathan this week. What a treat to enjoy it again! That is one of the finest science fiction films of the past ten years. Just phenomenally crafted, top to bottom.
  • It has been quite some time since I strayed from this life rule, but I did yesterday, and its infallibility was reinforced to me yet again: once you pick a lane at the grocery store, do not change lanes. For anything. If a woman begins giving birth in front of you, stay in your lane.
  • Tabasco has announced a new scorpion sauce that is 20 times hotter than standard Tabasco. I’ll try it, if I can get some. This is still not very hot, but it probably tastes good. (The habanero Tabasco is delicious.)
  • There are a few emulable characters on Breaking Bad, but Walter White really isn’t one of them.
  • College football begins in only 37 days.
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Jul 132017
  • Baby Driver is a great summertime movie and worth a theater trip. The R rating is pretty soft; probably a PG-13 except for two or three brief scenes of graphic violence.
  • I have to start keeping a lunch in reserve at work, even if it’s just a can of Spaghettios. I deluded myself into Taco Bell yesterday. I don’t need to do that ever again. Counting the unsettled afternoon tummy, it’s like four hours of self-loathing.
  • Dear female Facebook friends:  The photographic filters that smooth all of your wrinkles and blemishes and whatever else you’re hiding also make you look ridiculously synthetic, like a plastic baby doll, and it’s not a good look. Please, knock it off. You are lovely just the way you are.
  • Our when-we-push-the-peanut tiling project in the boys’ bathroom is to the exciting part. Lea’s putting tile up. She’s doing a great job.
  • The IndyCar championship race is tight. Not following the series? It’s always a good time to jump in. Next race is in the streets of Toronto on Sunday at 2 PM CDT on CNBC.
  • I want an Echo Show, but not for that money. I’ll watch for a Christmas shopping special.
  • Still too early to call it in a mild summer, but we’re firmly into the part of the calendar that misery frequents. If we can tiptoe through another six weeks of highs in the low 90s, I’ll be a happy guy.
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Jul 062017

Johnsonville has done a fine job promoting their for-a-limited-time Firecracker bratwurst and generating attendant demand in my 13-year-old, but not such a good job making them available in stores. I’m 0-for-3 so far (County Line Publix; new Kroger; big-ass Kroger). Anyone seen these things anywhere locally? A new #hsvhotwings review and a new book review […]

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Jun 292017

I have such grand plans for the long weekend in terms of getting things done at home. I better sit down and make a realistic list tonight or there’s a legitimate risk I won’t do any of it. (Self-awareness is the first step.) Alien: Covenant was good, but not great. I’ll catch the rest of […]

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Jun 152017

It’s icky outside already. Full air conditioning in the car is necessary from first thing in the morning. Get thee along with oneself, summer. Here are both It trailers (so far) put together. I think this is one of the greatest horror novels I’ve ever read, and I think it’s being adapted to film by […]

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