Aug 182016
  • I remember when 386 meant an Intel 80386-powered desktop computer, and it was blazingly fast and thousands of dollars. I also remember that in 1989, our controller Sam at Madison Books & Computers rated one. It was a Toshiba. Did you know they only stopped production of the 80386 microprocessor in 2007? It’s been a mainstay for embedded systems. It powered a couple of high-end-at-the-time mobile phones, too.
  • The tire pressure warning system in the Technical Writing Express is throwing an error because it’s lost contact with one of the sensors (i.e. probably an exhausted battery). The tires have another 15,000 or so miles to go. I think I’ll just wait until I buy new tires to deal with it.
  • Is Mike the most morally and ethically consistent adult character in all of Breaking Bad? I think he just might be.
  • I might get a OnePlus 3 for Christmas. If it were next week, I definitely would. We’ll see. Four months is an eternity in tech.
  • The boys’ school starts football next week. College starts the week after. It’s here! Now break, weather!
  • Headed into my second season as Upward director at church. I’m excited about avoiding some pitfalls I now know about the hard way. And I’ll miss coaching, but I’m definitely not this year. It was just too much last year, and consequently my kids didn’t get my best.
  • Where do generals keep their armies? In their sleevies.
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Aug 112016
  • Yesterday was very road ragey, from my seat. I didn’t feel it in my soul myself, but I sure did see it a bunch. Unexpectedly hot and humid? Is that the salient factor? Couldn’t tell you.
  • The Olympics are underway. And thank God for that, because they’ll be over that much sooner. (I suppose that’s not too difficultly construed as political. Sorry for that.)
  • We had Christy’s meat loaf last night for dinner. It’s strong. I needed to go longer on the cooking time, but otherwise I followed directions. If you need a go-to meat loaf recipe, this is a solid candidate.
  • The first Kiss song I ever heard live was “I Stole Your Love.” Aerosmith: “Toys in the Attic.” Def Leppard: “Stagefright.” Van Halen: “Poundcake.” Motley Crue: “All in the Name of…” Cheap Trick: “Just Got Back.” The Cult: “New York City.” Neil Diamond: “Beautiful Noise.” Winger: “Higher and Higher.” Fall Out Boy: “Irresistible.” Trixter: Don’t remember, but I saw ’em once. And I’m sure they did a hell of a job.
  • Would you rather fold towels for 15 minutes every 3 days? Or fold towels for 2 hours every 2 weeks?
  • “I like seeing folks, but I also like not sharing you.” That’s the conflict with getting together with important people from your long ago. Watch for a blog post. I think it’ll be a good one. I’ve missed her.
  • It emerged, rather innocuously, in conversation with Lea last night that our children have experienced a lot less drama to this point in their lives than I had. I’m thankful for that.
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Aug 042016

The boys started school yesterday and they seem fine. Aaron is particularly mellow this year. He’s historically had more of an adjustment to make. Pleased (for him) that the stress is abating a bit. Yesterday I had occasion to sit in a waiting room and experience roughly 30 minutes of one of those coffee table […]

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Jul 282016

Stranger Things on Netflix is high-quality programming for anyone who loves a good thriller, but if you’re Generation X, a Steven Spielberg fan, and/or a Stephen King fan, make haste. Only one season has been made so far, and it’s only eight episodes. Check out of adulthood one bad-weather Saturday and binge it. That’s what […]

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Jul 212016

You know, I tried to be a pajamas guy, but I’m just not. Doubt I ever will be. I have an around-the-house classification of shorts and T-shirts, and that’s what I put on when I get home. I take them both off and go with just underwear for PJs in warm weather, and frequently leave […]

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