Aug 272015
  • We just had two open-window nights in a row in August! Alas, they appear to be over for a while.
  • I saw an Alfa Romeo 4C yesterday in traffic. At a glance it looked like a Ferrari coming up, but the Alfa Romeo grille gave it away (and plus I saw how small it was when it got closer). Very sexy and unmistakably Italian, but it sounded horrible—exactly like a 20-year-old Civic with a ridiculous rice-boy fart pipe exhaust on it, frankly. A little research reveals that it was on purpose. Fiat-Chrysler, what an awful idea and potential image-killer as you’re trying to establish a new one for Alfa Romeo in the United States.
  • Most popular passwords on 123456, password, 12345, qwerty, and 12345678. Brilliance at every turn in these people.
  • Had dinner at The Original Public House this week. It was good, but it’s a little close in there for a fat guy. Hopefully the in-progress expansion will help.
  • Football is a scant week away. I’ve been busy enough that, while it hasn’t really snuck up on me, I’ve not been particularly impatient for its arrival. Definitely looking forward to it, though!
  • My older son shall soon march under the lights for the first time! Some of the best times of my childhood were in marching band. I’m pleased he’s engaged.
  • You know that Queen song “I Want To Break Free”? It doesn’t quite fit how I’m feeling because I don’t feel particularly chained. But I’m carefully considering that I haven’t been asking myself very challenging questions lately. I might be babbling, or this might be the start of a sea change. I haven’t figured that out yet. Stay tuned.
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Aug 202015
  • I used to especially love episodes of Batman with Batgirl. Her motorcycle snarling across the screen on the opening credits made me happy. Batgirl was tough, but she was also hot. Yvonne Craig has died at 78. RIP.
  • Ever heard of a restaurant scoring a 53 on its health inspection? Now you have. Who’s up for Chinese? Really, except for salad bars, buffets haven’t appealed to me in decades.
  • I haven’t smoked in more than four years, but sometimes when it’s warm and humid the Technical Writing Express will still give me a little whiff of it when I first get in.
  • I had already smoked a total of probably 20 cigarettes when I was the same age Nathan is now, and I was well on my way to developing a serious habit. (Living in two homes in which 100% of the adult population smoked wasn’t very helpful.) I think there’s little danger of Nathan smoking, though I’m thankful for how much more difficult it will be for him should he have such a silly idea. When I was 16 years old, nobody carded and you could smoke in the mall—even in most of the stores in the mall.
  • Not sure what to make of the 2015 Crimson Tide ahead of the season. I think there’s a definite vibe that the defense will deliver a game or two or three. I’m a bit anxious about the thin backfield and green receivers. I think the quarterback situation will settle itself fairly quickly.
  • The IndyCar championship is a squeaker. Juan Pablo Montoya leads Graham Rahal by nine points. Sunday’s race at Pocono is more JPM’s wheelhouse, while the season finale next weekend at Sonoma (a road course) is the sort of venue where Rahal has done serious damage this year. (That one’s double points, too.) I’d love to see Graham Rahal bring it home. Alternately, even though he’s got a lot of hardware already, Scott Dixon jumping up and grabbing it would be all right. (And some petty part of me is pleased that Will Power isn’t really in the mix.) This has been an amazing season.
  • For some bizarre reason, a spicy Chick-fil-A sandwich has 50 more calories than a regular Chick-fil-A sandwich (490 vs. 440). Get a regular and heat it up yourself. I recommend a half-teaspoon of mayonnaise and a half-teaspoon of sriracha, thoroughly mixed.
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Aug 132015

We lost Buddy Baker to lung cancer early this week. He was the first guy to drive 200 mph on a closed course (Talladega!), and is one of the drivers from “the old days” with whom I actually got to exchange a word once or twice. (Startled you how tall he was the first time […]

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Aug 062015

I have enjoyed a pastor who is a capable orator for a long enough time now that I forget how good I have it. It was jarring when I recently watched/listened online to one not quite so blessed for about 20 minutes. I’ve been enjoying Amazon Prime music, but the stations need work. I’ve encountered […]

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Jul 312015

Today, my visitors, for whom I hold significant adoration, I shall bang out a post from start to finish whilst totally avoiding our most common linguistic symbol. (Not really, but I did manage an entire, meaningful sentence. Wow, writing without the letter E is pretty hard.) Not sure what I’ve got for you today, […]

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