Jan 122017
  • Congratulations to Clemson on winning its first football national championship since 1981. I’d have rather Alabama won it, of course, but of all the teams who could have it instead, I may mind Clemson the least. I’m very happy for my long-suffering friend Cheryl!
  • Aaron asked me last night “how long ’til IndyCar?” Too long, buddy. Too long. (Two months from today.)
  • When I was in the fourth grade the Atari 2600 was out there, but hadn’t quite barnstormed the world yet. Dedicated handheld (or occasionally tabletop) electronic games were at least as popular—the Mattel Electronics sports games, Merlin, Simon, things like that. I remember these toys costing $30-50 each in 1979 dollars. That’s $100-$166 today. Wow. I was going to say our folks were nuts sending eight- and nine-year-olds all over creation with these things, but we’re doing the same thing today. Even the inflation works.
  • We missed our first Upward Saturday on a day that it not only didn’t snow, but was actually sunny for most of it. Now it was 22º—but we don’t play outside. Hmph. We’ll get going this weekend.
  • I don’t much care for this rainy/cloudy mid-60s vibe we have going right now. It’s quite un-January. Dissonant.
  • I’ve been intrigued by the idea of subscription boxes, in which you pay a small-but-not-insignificant amount of money to subscribe to monthly shipments that contain…well, you’re not exactly sure, but there are different ones for different interests, and the ones that persevere tend to have good stuff in them. Last month I was finally stimulated enough by one to try it out. My first shipment should be here next week. Report forthcoming.
  • TwoDots is my favorite silly little phone game in a long time.
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Dec 222016
  • I don’t think “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was in my consciousness at all until this year’s hubbub over its lyrics. I just heard some version of it on the radio and was surprised at how banal it is—not just lyrically, but musically. How did this become a Christmas standard in the first place?
  • Lea, the boys, and I watched V for Vendetta together recently. I was delighted at what the boys took away from it, as well as how ridiculously entertaining that film remains a decade later.
  • I tried my first live Facebook video this week. It worked, though I’ll definitely try to have more to say next time. I need to consider how to look for good opportunities to use the function.
  • Johnny Gryll’s Creepin’ Reaper wings are now available on University Drive! Look just west of Burlington Coat Factory in that shopping center. Maybe with that particular fix so close, I’ll actually try some other flavors now.
  • That shopping center is as vital now as Madison Square Mall is dead. The contrast is stunning. It’s only Research Park Boulevard between them, after all.
  • The hot pistachios have arrived. They’re making me want the hot Chex mix and the hot cheese straws. (No surprise I have spicy Christmas traditions.)
  • I request prayer for a friend who lost his mother this week after a long illness.
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Dec 152016

I was reminded of the story of last night’s post listening to Larry Miller’s podcast, and particularly his telling of his very limited experience with strip clubs. Mine is similarly limited. My encounter with Holly was much more interesting than the story of the only time I ever actually went into a place where there […]

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Dec 082016

Arrests in the Gatlinburg fire, thank goodness. There are 14 people dead, and more than 150 injuries. More than 1,700 buildings are damaged or destroyed. Try as adults, please. Since I quit smoking, I don’t get as many colds, they don’t hurt as much, and they don’t last as long. But I certainly am ready […]

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Dec 012016

Should I have eggnog with Jack Daniel’s? Or eggnog ice cream with Jack Daniel’s poured over it? Florence Henderson has sadly added her name to a devastating 2016. RIP. Nathan is excited about getting his aquarium going again. Multiple mentions have occurred several weeks apart, so maybe we’ll give it a go. He didn’t do […]

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