Oct 302014
  • Couldn’t tell you the last time I sat and watched a baseball game. I watched almost all of Game 7 last night. Sorry, Royals. I was your fan for three hours. Maybe that’s what did you in.
  • My bottle of my friend Jason’s smoked red moruga hot sauce has gotten half again as hot since I bought it. The flavor is so good that I want to use it on and in lots of things, but I’m using smaller and smaller drops!
  • Relatedly, Scott Roberts has substantially updated the best Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale on the web. Check it out.
  • I like the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln spots. I do. I liked the first one the first time I saw it. I think it’s an artistically solid effort to do something different with a car commercial.
  • Of course, my preferred narrative is Auburn deals Ole Miss its second SEC loss this weekend and Alabama wins out. An Auburn fan has a steeper mountain right now. They need the same two losses from Mississippi State that we need from Ole Miss—only Mississippi State doesn’t have any losses yet.
  • Quick, name an iconic rock band named after a sex toy! Steely Dan took its name from the Steely Dan III—a dildo in William S. Burroughs’ 1959 novel Naked Lunch.
  • We just might need the heat by Saturday night. Won’t need it long—high of 60 forecast for Sunday—but a cool Friday, a cold Friday night, and a cooler Saturday might be enough to run it for a few hours.
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Oct 232014
  • It was 30-something at my house last night.
  • We just did our broadcast and started blog discussion on Beloved over at Alabamians Can Read. I’m glad we read this one. If you’ve read it, come on over and chat with us.
  • Decided I’d drink on vacation and have been loosey-goosey on it ever since. Need to knuckle back down until I’m significantly smaller.
  • It’s Tennessee week. At Alabama, Coach Saban is 7-0 vs. Tennessee, by an average score of 36-11. It’d suit me just fine to see him retire at 70 and be 15-0.
  • When you have very young people in your house, you set the hot water temperature low enough to not severely injure or kill them should they accidentally turn it on themselves. Then, when they grow into adolescents, they use up all of the hot water. I just reset it to an unfriendly temperature for babies but a friendly temperature for everyone having a hot shower, and the gas bill for the month was only $4 higher. Sold.
  • You ever know a celebrity is dead, but can’t recall when it happened, and then when you look it up you’re shocked how long ago it was? That just happened to me with George Harrison. He died in 2001. Invited to guess, I might have missed that ten years.
  • Need a Christmas present idea for me? I’d love an Orient Star Seeker with the white dial. There’s always a 30% or so coupon code floating around out there, so be sure to use it. That’ll make it only $770. Thank you in advance. You’re very generous!
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Oct 162014

With the passage of a little time, I’m appreciating Alabama’s defensive performance last weekend more. And we should have an easier time moving the ball this week. If we can avoid the unfathomably bad punt handling, I think Saturday may look better. I made stuffed shells last night that were just okay. I dislike putting [...]

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Oct 092014

All right, that’s enough Indian summer. Back to fall, please. Thank you. Escalator 1, Nathan 0. He got 17 stitches in his right knee yesterday. Oh, and he was in Atlanta, and we weren’t, so he scored his first ambulance ride and first ER visit. Good times. Heartfelt thanks to his teacher and principal’s wife [...]

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