Mar 092017
  • The first green flag of the 2017 IndyCar season is Sunday!
  • A few nights ago, I dreamed I smoked a cigarette. I was sitting on a wall looking out over Logan Martin Lake at twilight, and my companion (don’t know who he was) passed me a pack of Winstons. I shook one out, lit it, and savored it. It was so vivid I woke up feeling guilty.
  • The Volkswagen Atlas is on the way. It looks like VW’s first credible play in the mainstream SUV space. It’s also another model that would have been built here had we landed the plant.
  • I’m standardizing the frequency of my hot wings reviews a bit more. I think you can reasonably expect a new #hsvhotwings review every other week now.
  • The boys and I are loving going through favorite movies of my childhood and young adulthood. It’s amusingly conspicuous that everyone has to use landline phones, though!
  • “Eugene? You didn’t say one wrong thing in that whole conversation!” – Daisy
  • Did you see the slight but non-negligible snow chances next week?
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Mar 022017
  • Fair bit of hail at our house yesterday. I’ve gone over the Leamobile pretty well for damage and I don’t think there is any, though the magnitude is about what triggered our roof replacement some years ago. I think I’ll watch for the trucks in the neighborhood as a first step.
  • Judge Wapner has died at 97. RIP.
  • After quite a bit of trying, I am subscribed to exactly two podcasts: The Larry Miller Show and John Derbyshire’s Radio Derb. I listen to these faithfully. I have not, however, found anything else I can stand for more than 10 minutes. What do you have for me, intelligent readers? I want humor/commentary/insight, not tech.
  • My first adult exposures to Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century were when the Sci-Fi Channel showed them in edited reruns, subtracting six to ten minutes from each episode. When I see the unedited versions today, I have no trouble detecting the portions that were edited out. There isn’t much top-notch acting and writing anywhere in these series, but the parts that got the axe are usually laughably bad. I mean, they pop up on the screen, and it’s immediately “WTF?” territory.
  • Speaking of Buck Rogers, remember how far in the future 1987 sounded when these episodes originally aired?
  • Despite owning several high-quality shortwave receivers, I haven’t listened in several years. I need to break them back out.
  • Lake City was barely around at all. I have a shot glass for my collection, though! I hate that it didn’t make it. We had a blast when we visited, and were looking forward to returning.
  • I think I’ve decided I’m getting a freezer for my birthday next month. Could be a chest or an upright, but whatever the case, I’d like to be able to purchase significant quantities of meat at one time.
  • My last Upward Saturday approaches. It’s crazy hair day. I’ll have a mohawk, at least. Maybe mutton-chop sideburns too. I’m sad. Part of me has gotten back to denial with this. I’m sure I’ll write more later, but for now, God bless you all who have made this ministry go.
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Feb 232017

Alan Colmes died today. I used to enjoy his commentary quite a bit. RIP. I have two Lava Lites in my home office. They’re on timers so they only start about an hour before I get home, and they’re on for about six hours a day total. I don’t run them in the summertime because […]

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Feb 162017

I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot, loved it, and then never went back to it. I restarted it last night. Two down. I’ll stay with it this time. Watched the pilot of Shameless a couple of nights ago too. Still considering that one. I’ll maybe make a call after three episodes. New bathtub […]

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Feb 092017

“She’s real fine, my 409…” That was one of the first Beach Boys songs I heard, from my dad’s collection of 45s. It was the B-side of “Surfin’ Safari.” I can remember asking my dad what a 409 looked like, and being disappointed when he showed me a picture of just some old plain-looking Chevy […]

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