Oct 082015
  • Well, Alabama is awake (and how). Of course, I enjoyed the Georgia game tremendously. I hope the Tide stays focused. Arkansas isn’t great, but they’re dangerous enough to cause problems if they’re insufficiently regarded.
  • Two and a half weeks to Halo 5. Two and a half months to Star Wars.
  • I met Cameron at Chili’s for lunch on Monday. It was okay. It’s amazing to me how deeply the stuff-on-the-wall has sunk in my ongoing assessments of where to eat. If it’s totally up to me, I’m not likely to ever end up at one except maybe while traveling.
  • Want to see what the most dangerous neighborhoods in America look like without visiting them? Click the entry in the list and you’ll get a Google map, from which you can go straight to street view. It’s mostly cities you’d expect on the list, though Jackson, Tennessee surprised me. I was also surprised that Atlanta didn’t make the list.
  • I just had an LED light bulb fail after less than a year. I hope it’s an outlier and not the way things are going to be, because that was my biggest problem with CFLs—failure to even approach claimed lifespan. There are no problems with the wiring in my house.
  • If you’d like to pre-order a Surface Pro 4 for me for Christmas, here is the link.
  • I’m forcing some changes in my routine that are definitely making some positive differences. Figuring out how to blog about them. When I do, I’ll share.
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Oct 012015
  • We used Madison Pike this past weekend. It’s wonderful that it’s finally open, and it has indeed pulled a lot of traffic off Madison Boulevard in the evening.
  • Well, when it came time to pick the Alabama-Georgia game, my head said UGA, and I went with it. I would love to be mistaken, but I don’t think Alabama is playing with enough cohesion to make a run at it this year. No one looks entirely clueless on the field, but I don’t see enough single-minded purpose either. Go prove me wrong, guys.
  • I tried a Home Run Inn frozen pizza this weekend, and it was really good—one of the best frozen pizzas I’ve ever had. (Yeah, yeah. That’s better than “best sushi I ever had from a gas station,” at least.) They’re at Publix and don’t carry much premium over the more familiar brands. I may do a full-up review.
  • Speaking of full-up reviews, if you haven’t already, go read my review of Blue Plate Cafe at Rocket City Mom. When you are finished, comment and tell me what a great review it is. Also that you wish I weren’t married. (If you’re a woman.)
  • David Gerwitz shares his iPhone upgrade experience. I think I can count on one finger then number of times I’ve set foot in an Apple Store, and I would guess it was five years ago.
  • At Nathan’s soccer game last night, the opposing team’s coach was ejected about three minutes into the game. First time I’ve heard of that in the nine years we’ve been playing AYSO. I didn’t see it; I was still en route. Nate told me he argued about 30 seconds, though, which seems like a long time. If you’re gonna jaw, jaw once, then get jawed back at, and move on.
  • Watch for a post on Good Shepherd’s Upward basketball and cheerleading program soon. It’s that time, and I want us to make 2016 awesome.
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Sep 242015

Madison Pike reopens tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing how much traffic this pulls off Madison Boulevard in the evenings. I hope it’s significant. Thankfully, I was able to declare victory over the washer last night. I’m out $185 for parts, several hours of aggravation, and a little blood. (Not fun, but the upside is […]

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Sep 102015

The weather is about to break! It’ll feel like football this Saturday. Apple is saying its new pink iPhone is “rose gold.” No, it isn’t. It’s pink. Rose gold means a gold finish with a reddish tint, like this. We had a look at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, just west of Old Time Pottery in Madison, […]

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Sep 032015

No, I will not answer a survey question to read your stupid article. Not today. Not ever. The day has arrived. I have two predictions for college football this year. One is that a team that is supposed to be good will be bad. The other is that a team that is supposed to be […]

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