Jul 312015

Today, my BoWilliams.com visitors, for whom I hold significant adoration, I shall bang out a post from start to finish whilst totally avoiding our most common linguistic symbol.

(Not really, but I did manage an entire, meaningful sentence. Wow, writing without the letter E is pretty hard.)

Not sure what I’ve got for you today, dudes and dolls. My friend Cameron and I were texting so I asked her what to write about, and she laid a lot of good ideas on me, but all pretty heavy. I’ll suss out some things for next week from her input.

So, I’m all the way to the fourth paragraph without saying really anything at all! Are you impressed? I should write political speeches. I actually had a killer idea at lunch yesterday for a post I think would be screamingly funny, but I wouldn’t want my real name on it. Might need to give that some thought. I mean, it’s irreverent and potentially offensive, not just immature. If it were only about boogers and Pop Rocks or something, I’d put it here. Some days it’s a low bar, as longtime readers shall readily attest.

With that I’ll say I’ve stolen enough of your day, dear hearts. Have a marvelous weekend, and as always, thank you for reading BoWilliams.com.

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Jul 302015
  • I’ll be substantially participating in Huntsville Restaurant Week, and I’m looking forward to it. Stay tuned for details!
  • Our boys’ last week of freedom wanes. Lea’s enjoyed the time spent with them and is lamenting its imminent end. That’s got to be a big win when they’re 13 and 11, doesn’t it?
  • Fire Phone a week in: still a win. I like this hardware. If it’ll meet a need of yours, pull the trigger. Oh, and I never drop my phone, but I dropped this one seven feet directly onto a rock last weekend at the lake. It’s operationally unscathed, and I’d have to point the cosmetic damage out to you very carefully. (And we’d need full sunlight, or close to it.)
  • The new Saxon album is called Battering Ram, and it’ll be out this fall. If the last five albums are any indication, and I suspect they are, it’ll be great.
  • If you’re desperate to get me a present, I’d point you toward the Orient Mako USA. I like the blue dial model best, thought I’d take any color. A diver with a respected movement and sapphire crystal at that price is a slam-dunk. Thanks in advance.
  • I’m considering catching the new Terminator movie over a long lunch. Neither of the boys has any positive expectation about it whatsoever. Ergo, no need to make an event of it.
  • Alabama plays five weeks from the day after tomorrow.
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Jul 232015

The Wayward Pines finale is tonight. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been a big David Pilcher fan, but I wonder if he might be genuinely off the rails now. I’ll post a few thoughts on Amazon.com’s Fire Phone tomorrow. (Big hint: I’m probably mostly pleased with it.) Veteran Ed Carpenter and rookie Sage Karam […]

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Jul 162015

I stayed away from Amazon.com’s Prime Day yesterday, mostly because the car insurance is due. Heh. Here are some interesting facts about it. Somehow I missed the news that Rick Ducommun died. He was one of the second wave of all of those great comics of the ’80s, and quite a funny fellow. RIP. Hampton […]

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