Sep 212017
  • I apologize for my reduced frequency lately. I’ve been writing less anyway, and I didn’t manage even my new “standard” this week. It’s been an unusually busy time.
  • Gene Simmons says he’s charging $2,000 for his box set The Vault, and will personally deliver it to anyone who purchases it. I doubt he’ll find it practical to follow through on that. Expect additional constraints. (No, I am not a prospect for the set.)
  • Last man standing at my house. Nate got sick about a week ago. Lea was next. Now Aaron has it. It’s cold symptoms with a fever; lasts about three days. I hope I don’t get it at all, but I can now without a severe hit to my schedule, so I’m thankful for that.
  • Taco Bell is going to serve alcohol at up to 300 locations. Presumably the model is you drink until Taco Bell food sounds like a good idea, and then you’re already there.
  • The Duluth Trading Buck Naked boxer brief acquisition is nearly complete. I’ll have a full, yearlong review underway by next week.
  • I had pho tai at Viet Cuisine for lunch, and it was good, but a little off. It’s my favorite in town, but there might be an issue with consistency. Further research warranted.
  • I had a nice stainless wristwatch bracelet repaired at this shop this week. It was good, prompt work at a fair price—and the repair is better than original.
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Sep 142017
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Sep 072017

Irma looks like a very nasty girl indeed. Praying everyone in affected areas gets out all right. As for here, it’s not quite football weather, but it’s much closer to it than not. Diggin’ it. Got a splinter from a chopstick last week, which has generated an immediate and permanent aversion to wooden and bamboo chopsticks. […]

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Aug 312017

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza, one of my very favorite local businesses, is donating 100% of its proceeds this Saturday, September 2, to Hurricane Harvey relief. Go by and have the best pizza available for four counties (or pick a few up for your football party!), and say hi to my friends Stan and […]

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Aug 242017

Hurricane Harvey could be bad. Thoughts and prayers with everyone in the affected areas. We had a good time watching the eclipse with the boys, though our 97% coverage didn’t equate to nearly as much loss of light and heat as we’d anticipated. I haven’t talked to Lea about it yet, but we may travel […]

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