Jul 312014
  • I have seen desert, because I have flown into Las Vegas and looked out the window whilst doing so. But I have never been in the desert. Makes me curious about the numerous Breaking Bad scenes.
  • Nathan will be driving in scarcely more than two years, which means that I’ve begun to talk to him about what makes a good driver. We have particularly touched on the fact that you can be a rotten driver without breaking the first law. I’m putting together a list around that concept for public consumption as a BoWilliams.com post. Stay tuned.
  • I consider myself qualified for such because I’ve driven over a quarter of a million miles since my last wreck on Christmas Day, 1993.
  • I bought a bottle of Cabo Wabo Anejo when we went on our sinkhole pilgrimage. It’s good, but I think I enjoy the reposado just as much. I drink a double shot neat, in a snifter, and I’ll do an occasional top shelf margarita. Not much of a fan otherwise.
  • I had a homemade Ukrainian kielbasa early this week. It was really tasty. I recommend it.
  • I can find all of my happy places on Google Maps now. Can you? Give it a shot. There aren’t many low-resolution images left.
  • Xbox One is inevitable at my house. Can we hold out until Christmas? Stay tuned.
  • Only a month or so until my cell contract is up. Will I stay with Windows Phone? I probably will.
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Jul 242014
  • Saintseester told me in the middle of last year’s mild summer that we’d have a brutally cold winter. I laughed her off. She said the same thing yesterday, and I chose not to laugh this time.
  • Apparently there is a Fifty Shades of Grey movie on the way. The still from the trailer accompanying the blurb I read appears to show a boy of perhaps 12 as the male lead. Yeah, that ought to be great.
  • Coach Saban could have gotten his point across without calling the Sugar Bowl a “consolation game,” and I think Coach Stoops is justified in returning fire. Can the rationalization, folks. Oklahoma didn’t sneak by us. They beat us soundly. Let’s hope we get another shot at them sometime and leave it at that.
  • I caught a little of the band touring as Van Halen massacring “Unchained” on YouTube last night. I think we have an awful lot of emperor’s new clothes happening here. Dave is just a bad lounge singer anymore, and Michael Anthony’s harmonies are sorely missed.
  • Have you seen the hospital billboards that have continuously updating wait times for their emergency rooms? Why? Are you going to say “well, try to hold your ankle together and stop screaming there, Junior. The wait there is too long. Let’s try the next town”?
  • My Fitbit spontaneously reset itself to zero steps yesterday about dinnertime. That’s rather irritating. Hope it’s a fluke.
  • Porsche’s Macan is its second SUV. Poor ol’ Ferd must be spinning in his grave. How about a pickup next, guys?
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Jul 172014

Well, we pulled it off. Lea and I took the boys to Kiss and Def Leppard (w/s/g Kobra and the Lotus) last night in Nashville. So pleased to finally get the boys their in-person Kiss experience, and I think we all had fun. It was bittersweet too, though. More to come, probably tomorrow. Lea recently [...]

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Jul 102014

I just finished the first season of Orange Is the New Black. I said I wasn’t going to watch anything that wasn’t all the way over, but the model for this show—dumping entire seasons out there at once with no ads—works for me too. The show is largely what I expected, but there’s also a [...]

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Jul 032014

Eight weeks from tonight. Only eight weeks! Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V for some skank character she says is her without her permission. Sigh. I certainly wish she’d make news for a different reason. I can encounter gristle in a steak and keep trucking, no problem. But if I [...]

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