Dec 182014
  • As a society, it feels like we’re way too excited about ugly Christmas sweaters this year.
  • Alabamians Can Read has postponed its next broadcast until after the first of the year. Because December.
  • I’ve never had the storage capacity to carry my entire music collection with me before now. It’s pretty cool getting Cortana to play a song, when I can literally call out anything I own right when it pops in my head.
  • I think listicles have gotten out of hand. I do one here once in a while, I know, but I’ll use great discretion going forward. I have Twitter friends who post nothing but links to them anymore.
  • Norman Bridwell, the creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, has died at 86. RIP.
  • Bowl games are upon us Saturday.
  • Getting on toward time to let go of it if you don’t have it done. You get to have Christmas too.
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Dec 112014
  • If current trends hold, in just another month or two the tallest person in my household will be 13 years old, not 43.
  • I like my new phone a lot, though I’ve found a couple of minor bugs. I’m enjoying Cortana more as I learn how to talk to her. The location-based stuff is pretty trick, though not being able to set current location as a favorite with a single action from inside Cortana strikes me as a significant UI blunder.
  • On my commute, there is a mud flap that came off a large truck lying in the road. It’s been there for three days. There are screws sticking up on it. Isn’t this the kind of thing a police officer should at least get off the pavement? It would take him/her two minutes. I would do it myself, but I can’t pull off safely where it is. Something like…oh, a police light bar would make it easy.
  • No surprise the playoff committee went with Ohio State, is it? Avoid the Big 12 question entirely that way. Oh, and the committee saying the conference’s declaration of co-champions figured into it is lame. You can look at a head-to-head result whether the Big 12 “officially” does or not.
  • I may try our Christmas Eve shrimp with royal reds this year.
  • The saga of Harvard professor Ben Edelman being overcharged $4 for Chinese food is compelling, jaw-dropping reading. He apologized yesterday.
  • Got the Christmas hot sauce box this week. Looking forward to trying some of my new ones, but I need to make some space first. I think I have ten open bottles right now.
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Dec 042014

Orion just missed its launch window. Hope it can go up tomorrow. Until Sunday, it might as well be September—at least as far as the weather is concerned. Is 2014 Nick Saban’s greatest coaching job? Maybe so. Incidentally, my friend Jenny could have written this a week ago. I usually get a watch for myself […]

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Nov 202014

I saw snow in November. There wasn’t much, but it was definitely there. Wow. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. It’s hard to get good gas mileage in the cold. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? Want to text Groot? His number is 1-866-740-4531. He’d love to hear from you. Let him know […]

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Nov 132014

If the current forecast is accurate, then we might see 50 degrees on Saturday, and that’s as warm as it gets for a good while. If you don’t have your sweaters and coats down yet, now is the time. The new Star Wars film is officially subtitled The Force Awakens. This is getting razzed from […]

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