May 212015
  • Dear motorcycle-riding dumbass child who pulled out directly and much too closely in front of me at Madison Boulevard and Slaughter yesterday evening: if I had been adjusting the air conditioning during that particular third of a second and therefore incapable of slamming on the brakes (engaging the ABS! that’s how hard) reacting to your extremely poor decision, your incredibly stupid ass would be a small pile of steaming pink slop in the middle of the road. A police officer would knock on your mommy’s door with folded hands and a somber expression, as well as a rock-solid guarantee that you’d never show your little brother how to throw a fastball (or whatever). I singlehandedly saved your life last night. Hey, dude? You ride as if you were invisible. You will die of this if you don’t. That’s a guarantee, shit-for-brains. Sheesh.
  • Wayward Pines continues tonight, and if you tune in at 7 CDT, you’ll get to watch the first episode before taking in the second. You should do so if you missed it. This is a good ride.
  • The Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sub, available only on the catering menu, is tasty but not worth the money because it’s too small. You should pass.
  • I am really digging the Bluetooth audio on the new stereo in the Technical Writing Express. I had no idea it was so mindless. I get in the car with my phone, and the music just starts. My phone audio pauses when I shut off the ignition. Quite cool. I spent $20 more to get the Bluetooth. Glad I did.
  • The boys are digging the House of Wolves expansion pack for Destiny so far.
  • The forecast, as I type, is 52º tomorrow night. I’ll take it. Love another window fan night. Feels stolen so late in the year.
  • My step-siblings’ father died last week. Please keep them in your prayers.
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May 142015
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May 072015

The Patriots cheated. Film at freakin’ eleven. Even given my decidedly narrow tastes, there are some embarrassing holes in my cultural mosaic. I’m filling this one right now on Netflix. Actually, it’s probably good I’m watching it only now. I was 19 when it was in first run and almost certainly incapable of appreciating it […]

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Apr 302015

My beloved Madison Square Mall has been purchased, for $5.38/sq. ft., by a Huntsville organization with established interest in effective mixed-use spaces. This is as promising a development as possible, methinks. (Funny; I never considered that a buyer might be local.) I’ve done rather well cultivating a tranquil driving style on my commute over the […]

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Apr 232015

I adore the last little sliver of cool weather before the heat engages in earnest. We’re in that sliver right now. I switched from a Fitbit Zip to a Fitbit One this week. I like it, and I’m even glad I chose the red one. I will say that so far, the sleep tracking is […]

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