May 192016
  • Morley Safer has died at 84. RIP.
  • Headed to New Market for soccer on Saturday, which is kind of a haul. But, New Market BBQ awaits at the end of the game!
  • Good sleep has never eluded me to such a significant degree for so long. Last night was still not great but a few clicks better, I think because I actually got some exercise in the evening. Take notes, Bo.
  • The new most obnoxious thing in the first world is audio and video at the pay-at-the-pump. So obnoxious. Do that to me once and I won’t be back. I’ll choose somewhere else for as long as I can.
  • I have 13 wings reviews published now in my #HsvHotWings series. I’m doing seven more. Stay tuned.
  • Disappointed in Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones, and doubly disappointed that Coach Saban hasn’t already dismissed them.
  • The older boy has brought the eighth-grade plane in safely, but it was a somewhat bumpy landing. We have much more structure in school day afternoons coming this fall.
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May 122016
  • The boys have their end-of-schoolyear prickliness in full bloom. Hang in there, guys. Not much longer.
  • Well, the Cubbies seem to have gotten genuinely uppity on us. Maybe I’ll have to pay semi-attention this year.
  • I think I’m two-thirds or so through my exploration of Huntsville’s hot wings. I see five more reviews for sure in the pipeline. If I haven’t looked at your favorite place yet and you want to be sure I don’t miss it, please let me know.
  • There is a truly massive frozen fruit and vegetable recall underway. I can’t remember a food recall so large. The concern is Listeria. Check out the complete, continuously updated list here.
  • I’m finally all the way into Better Call Saul. This is a departure. I don’t usually watch anything unless it’s all the way over. But, maybe a whole season at a time will work out for me.
  • Human and rat DNA found in grocery store and fast food burgers! Bon appetit! (A tad sensational, really. Some of this kind of thing is inevitable in any large-scale food production.)
  • Cool again this weekend. Digging it. Hang around all summer, weather like this!
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Apr 282016

We watched The Force Awakens this past weekend. Yeah, that’s a fine film indeed. No regrets giving it a 10/10. I had a can of coconut water with my salad at Earth Fare once. I didn’t like it. Now Lea and the boys have tried coconut water from Aldi. They didn’t like it either. We’re […]

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Apr 142016

Please say a prayer for Ryan Parris, a fine young man I know by association about four different ways. He has a rare eye disease that is threatening, among other things, his University of Alabama football career. Earlier this week my friend Cliff, who is an Uber driver, picked up a fellow who had just […]

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Mar 312016

There is a strong east wind as I type. That’s easily the least common direction from which wind comes around here. Always catches me off-guard. Lea and I haven’t had a good relationship with glass this week. Add replacement automotive side mirror glass to the list of things you can get on And, for […]

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