Feb 282015

We played our last Upward game this afternoon, and yes, it was Crazy Hair Day again.


Hey, what’s tougher-looking than a mohawk with a bald spot?

Can’t say enough about how important this ministry is to me, and how it blesses me many times over the amount of commitment it requires. I wish my assistant coach had been here for the photo too, but he had an out-of-town Scholar’s Bowl tournament.

This is my third mohawk. I need a new do for next season.

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Feb 262015
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Feb 192015

I put Windows 10 on my netbook this week, but couldn’t find a suitable video driver. Maybe I’ll look harder this weekend. I got Windows 8.1 to display properly without a supported driver. I just don’t remember what I did. Madison Police has a charcoal gray, previous-generation Impala that I suspect has been an excellent […]

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Feb 122015

Some yo-yo thinks there will be a $3.5 billion theme park based on the musical history of Muscle Shoals. Man, that sounds awesome. I hear the roller coaster is powered by unicorn poop. Did you know that Tom Selleck was originally cast as Indiana Jones? Does that work for you? It’s a stretch for me. […]

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