Jun 232016
  • I have a longstanding policy of keeping Thursday miscellanea posts politics-free, but I don’t think Governor Bentley has enough friends for this to be controversial with my readership. There is a blistering and sadly entertaining article in GQ on him.
  • Couldn’t tell you the last time I watched an NBA game, but I had a lot of fun watching the Cavaliers win the championship.
  • This week I learned that my Fire Phone’s Instagram client, with which I have been pleased, lacks two big capabilities: direct messaging and the ability to post/view images that aren’t square. This kind of problem is likely to become more common as the Fire Appstore ages. However, a quick shop around tells me I’m going to make do for now. I’m happy with the phone otherwise, and I’d like to get something I plan to keep for a while next.
  • Still running Windows 8.1 on this desktop. Need to take care of that soon, or it won’t be free.
  • I went to do a little follow-up on my experience with wet shaving and give the Chisel Shave Club a little more love, but it would appear they’ve folded. Their web site is gone, anyway.
  • I had a conversation about eating raw oysters yesterday. Nathan and I were about two-thirds of the way through a plate of them the first time he tried them, when he abruptly couldn’t eat any more—not because he was grossed out, but because he learned they were alive.
  • Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones getting off legally seems suspect, but so far there are no open arms in Tuscaloosa. This is a good thing. I hope there are game suspensions.
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Jun 162016
  • Beth Bailey, who has been a fine high school teacher for the first part of her career, is going to be a fine realtor for the second part. Please consider seeing her for your northern Alabama real estate needs. No connection to her—well, except that she’s my friend, I love her, and I want her to succeed.
  • I’ve made fast friends with the big-ass Kroger since going in there for Shirataki noodles. There really is a lot in there that isn’t anywhere else I’ve been locally. And now I know my way around, so I don’t get frustrated.
  • There is at least one Tesla Model X in town. To be kind, this is a car that photographs very flatteringly. It looks like a turtle in the metal, especially from the rear.
  • The real Los Pollos Hermanos is Twister’s, at 4257 Isleta Boulevard in Albuquerque. It’s intact inside, down to the Los Pollos Hermanos logo on the wall.
  • There was a black bear sighting in my old stomping ground of Oxford, Alabama a few days ago. That is well south of its known range. Wonder if we have them here too? It would seem logical.
  • Herky-jerky start so far on lifestyle changes, take one zillion, but I’m finding my groove again. If you’re so inclined, please add me to your prayers. That I’ve made it to 45 without seriously damaging my health is wonderful indeed, but I’m out of time. I have to make changes stick, now and forever.
  • (Need proof I’m 45? I’ve begun collecting Hawaiian shirts and I’m fine with that.)
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Jun 022016

God be with the friends and family of Captain Jeff Kuss, the Blue Angels pilot who lost his life this afternoon in Smyrna, Tennessee. This will be the extent of my commentary on the boy and the gorilla. I am dry-running a bit this week planning to go low-carb next week. Breakfast and lunch will […]

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May 192016

Morley Safer has died at 84. RIP. Headed to New Market for soccer on Saturday, which is kind of a haul. But, New Market BBQ awaits at the end of the game! Good sleep has never eluded me to such a significant degree for so long. Last night was still not great but a few […]

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May 122016

The boys have their end-of-schoolyear prickliness in full bloom. Hang in there, guys. Not much longer. Well, the Cubbies seem to have gotten genuinely uppity on us. Maybe I’ll have to pay semi-attention this year. I think I’m two-thirds or so through my exploration of Huntsville’s hot wings. I see five more reviews for sure […]

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