Feb 272015

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Leonard Nimoy died at his home today after a long illness. He was 83.

Many actors who become as closely identified with a character as Nimoy was Spock feel imprisoned by it. And I think he did, for some portion of his life. But I also think he came to realize how important Spock was to people at an uncommonly deep level, and ultimately embraced him, perhaps aided by the self-assurance and wisdom that comes with age.

Want to know something crazy? My first exposure to Leonard Nimoy wasn’t even on Star Trek. He hosted a show that my dad liked called In Search Of… I liked sitting in the recliner with him and watching it.

Could he pull off acting in and directing Star Trek IV, and make it funny, but also make it a Star Trek movie? He could. (“Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?”) Did you remember that he directed 3 Men and a Baby? He did.

(He did a T.J. Hooker too. Love him even more now, don’t you?)

Nimoy is remembered by us all as a talented actor, director, photographer, author, and scholar. Those who knew him personally remember those things, but also that he was a genuinely decent man and a good friend. Thank you, sir. RIP.

(Updated to include Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet.) One wonders whether he realized how close he was. I think he might have.

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Feb 132015

This is Nathan’s sweet girl Molly. We adopted her two years ago. Our vet guesses she’s a cocker spaniel-boxer mix, which looks right, but for some reason Lea gets mad when I call her a “boxacock.”


At first, Molly was going to spend the majority of her days outside.

Then, Molly was going to be inside most of the time, but primarily in the kitchen.

Then, Molly could come out of the kitchen, but only when someone was with her.

Then, Molly could roam the house when we were home, but she couldn’t come in the master bedroom.

Then, Molly could come in the master bedroom but she couldn’t get on the bed.

Now, Molly can get on the bed, but only on top of the blanket. She can’t get on the sheets.

So far, this line has held the longest.

Is there a greater persuasive force than an affectionate, pretty dog?

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Jan 262015

In the spring of 1989, at UAH in my Introduction to Philosophy class, there was a girl named Carol whose eyes were the greenest, most lustrous things I’ve ever seen. They were pools of molten emerald. She sat several rows over and slightly further forward, so we’d have opportunities for eye contact as Dr. Cling […]

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