Sep 062016

You know, I didn’t finally quit smoking until I stopped thinking about not smoking for the rest of my life. That’s too hard. But, I can not smoke for one day, right? So I said “I’m not going to smoke today.” Then I didn’t. Then the next day, I said “I’m not going to smoke today.” Then I didn’t.

That was 2011, and most of 2,000 days later, here I am, one day at a time. No problem.

Maybe it’s time for a similar approach on my weight.

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Aug 192016

I happened upon a shorter version of this story in a comment this morning. I needed to read it today, and I also want to retell it. Three years ago, Aaron and I were riding the elevator down from the beach condo at which we’d just had a vacation. It was the last elevator ride of […]

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Aug 122016

Our sons are old enough now that I have to consider carefully how to blog about them. (Well, even more carefully.) Some things are still easy. If they say funny things, they’re generally happy for me to share those, though most of those become Facebook statuses and not blog posts. But regular goings-on are more […]

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Aug 062016

I watched Walter get pulled over at the beginning of the Breaking Bad episode Caballo Sin Nombre tonight, and got to thinking about every time I’ve been stopped. If you’ve been dying for that information, you have just seriously lucked out. Stop one: In early 1987, I ran the stop sign that was then at […]

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