Jul 132015

Believe it or not, some people don’t like me.

I know, crazy, right? I mean, really? Me? Bo Williams, of BoWilliams.com? But it’s true.

Sometimes it bothers me a little. Sometimes it’s someone I would prefer to win over, though honestly such impulses fade a little more with each passing year.

Other times I dislike the person right back. Now really, even as much of a jackass as I can be, that list is really short. I can almost always find something to like about someone.

But I saw one such person at lunch today. (I was somewhere I’m not usually, and guess what? You see different people when you do that.)

I’m not getting into who it is, when we were in each other’s lives, why we don’t like each other, or any other specifics. My antipathy toward this person was borne of just cause, and I’m sure she’d say the same of hers toward me. Both and neither of us have good points.

So I saw her. I’m confident that out of the corner of my eye, I saw her see me. I braced for twenty seconds of conversation, but it was never necessary. Turned out she wasn’t any more interested in stilted nicey-nice than I was. Instead, the vibe was “I don’t like you; you don’t like me. So let’s not pretend otherwise.”

Effin’ A, sweetheart.

It’s a funny thing. I think I dislike her a little less now.

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Jul 132015

So Bill Cosby’s wife says yeah, he’s a bad guy, but not as bad as you think.

This would be a classic example of what my longtime friend Dave calls an UCRA—U (You) Can Rationalize Anything.

Mrs. Cosby is doing the best she can with a rotten situation. The scaffolding of her extensive adult life is shattering. She is in my prayers.

Look, folks. Bill Cosby is at least sick, and quite possibly evil. Do your level best to make peace with that. I deeply wish he weren’t, but he is. Everything we’ve loved about him all our lives is valid, but we must separate it from the man. Break off the good pieces and take them with us.

It’s a career of 50+ years of outwardly apparent positivity the guy’s had, but he won’t outrun this. He’s done.

I am too. No more Cosby posts. I hate that it’s ended like this, but it has.

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Jun 272015

My dear friends Jennifer and Melissa, life partners since 1993, got engaged yesterday. I am so very happy for them and the many other couples who were similarly unencumbered with this ruling. I’m also exhausted. Oh, not that I’ve been some kind of tireless activist. I’m just so weary of this being a thing. This […]

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