Feb 022016

Ted Cruz just won Iowa, and it was competitive, but hardly a photo finish. In fact, runner-up Donald Trump was much closer to Show horse Marco Rubio than he was Cruz.

Pay attention, dudes and dolls, because the next two weeks will be educational (and, if such is your wont, entertaining). Donald Trump’s candidacy has been, to now, a major success. However, there’s been very little about it that’s been traditional. Trump’s been untouchable, absorbing major body blows that would have taken other candidates down without so much as flinching.

But, when the first time for any official tally came, he didn’t come out on top. Trump has not yet genuinely played from behind. How will he respond?

I think we’re about to learn a bit more about what kind of leader Trump would be. Literally overnight, “more cowbell” suddenly seems a perilous plan. Moreover, damage control hasn’t been any sort of play for him yet. Even his most outrageous pronouncements have consistently settled into the narrative as only more evidence of his genius, so there’s been nothing to recover from.

Now there is a documented result. Trump didn’t win. Trump is first loser. He’s bleeding.

Will he dress the wound with peroxide or ditchwater?

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Jan 252016

Donald Trump is a boorish, vulgar, narcissistic self-parody, for whom simple civilized and polite discourse is an apparently impossible task.

Oh, and you better get used to him, because he’s going to be the 45th President of the United States.

The Republican establishment’s primary response to Trump’s candidacy has been to try to run out the clock. Oh, Trump’s out there saying ridiculous things and acting foolish, because that’s what he does, sniffed the GOP leadership. He’ll get bored. Or the voters will come around. Or both.

Despite the fact that this strategy has been an obvious failure for several months, I didn’t consider Trump a legitimate threat to win until this past weekend.

When National Review published its latest anti-Trump editorial late last week, I mostly yawned. There are few fans of The Donald among the National Review writer ranks, and their output has consistently reflected that. (It’s occasionally very funny, too.)

What happened next, however, was yuuuuuge. Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly slapped National Review across the face for it:

“Trump is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers. Because everybody else will fall in line. The Kingmakers have so much money behind them. I think that we need to respect the will of the majority. Republicans ought to be a grassroots party. And the grassroots certainly agree with Donald Trump on most issues, but certainly on the immigration issue… I certainly think he represents everything the grassroots want.” – Phyllis Schlafly

Certainly, a lot of circumstances have coalesced put the United States here. I think two terms of a sitting president who drips with contempt for the country he ostensibly leads is a significant factor. I think two terms of fawning, obsequious “journalists” who lick his boots is another. Love of country is an important trait that Americans want in their president, and Trump has been extremely effective in tapping into eight years of resentment stemming from its absence.

However we’re here, we’re here. If you’re inclined to vote Republican and you haven’t started making room in your world view for President Trump, it’s time.

What’s that old saying about not standing on the tracks when the train comes through?

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Jan 202016

The Sarah Palin of 2009 would have endorsed Ted Cruz. He is a legitimate threat to win the nomination, and essentially a Tea Party Republican. The Sarah Palin of 2016 has instead endorsed Donald Trump. He is a legitimate threat to win the nomination, and essentially an insatiable media whore, willing to say whatever keeps […]

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Jan 132016

Well, our esteemed president’s final State of the Union address was last night. It was full of self-congratulatory pap, false dilemmas, and comically insincere appeals for civility in our discourse. So, it was a standard Obama speech. It wouldn’t take a particularly clever software program to write them at this point. I don’t like what […]

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