Apr 142017

Yesterday, Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 11:40 am, at 4100 University Dr. NW in Huntsville, AL, I verified that Arby’s will indeed sell you a $10, limited-time-only sandwich called the Meat Mountain. (I’m also relieved to report that when you ask the fellow at the counter for it, there aren’t spotlights, sirens, and a big […]

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Apr 082017

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list. In my first unambiguous #hsvhotwings venture outside the Huntsville metropolitan area, Lea, the boys, and I went to Wingzilla tonight. Wingzilla is on the southeastern corner of Browns Ferry Rd. and U.S. 31 in […]

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Apr 072017

Now you have to love a company that names a food product Soylent. And if a prominent local blogger and reviewer has an opportunity to be seen drinking from a bottle labeled Soylent, then he certainly must take it, mustn’t he? Soylent is a line of products that includes ready-to-drink food in four flavors, as […]

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