Apr 262016

For a few months in 2016, every week or two I’m going to have the hottest wings available at a different area restaurant and give you my thoughts.

tbwings0I just did a full-up review of Toy Box Bistro at Rocket City Mom, and enjoyed it very much. I went back for wings yesterday for lunch. This is where Beauregard’s used to be on the southwest corner of Jordan and Holmes.

At Toy Box Bistro, the hottest wings listed on the menu are simply “hot.” When I asked if those were the hottest, I got “nope, we have ghost pepper butter too.” Ah. Yes, please. You can order six, twelve, or twenty wings. I did twelve, which turned out to be eight flats and four drums. They were served with a few carrot sticks, and they were $14.16 before tip. Our server Joseph did a fine job.


Quality: 9/10. These were lovely wings of considerable quality. They were meaty, uniformly sauced and cooked, and served at ideal temperature.

Flavor: 6/10. These are not buffalo wings, but they don’t really fit into any ready variety. There is a basic flavor profile here of chili peppers and sugar that doesn’t ever really change. They’re fine—I ate them all—but they’re very simple.

Heat: 4/10. Well, shoot. We’re regressing on heat again. There is a small but immediate punch, so I’m thinking something else accompanies the ghost peppers in this sauce. The back side heat comes online quickly, but unfortunately peaks much too soon, never getting above a smolder. The tingle is on the lips and tongue. I didn’t need a drink.

These are the prettiest wings I’ve had so far, but they could use a little passion. Double the heat, or maybe a good shot of garlic? Or both?

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Apr 192016

For a few months in 2016, every week or two I’m going to have the hottest wings available at a different area restaurant and give you my thoughts.

bh1I was probably at Baumhower’s the first time I was ever served hot wings in a restaurant (though back then it was called Wings, and I think I remember it was over across from Red Lobster instead of off Airport).

The model at Baumhower’s is to choose a heat level and a flavor. There are 6 heat levels and a whopping 16 flavors, so there are 96 different varieties of wings available. The top heat level is Bring Da’ Pain, and I chose Sweet Fire for my flavor. I ordered the 1-lb. lunch special, which comes with curly fries, dressing, and celery. That turned out to be six flats. This was $10.34 before tip. Our server Aaron did a fine job.


Quality: 6/10. Two of the six flats were a little scrawny, and one was a little done (visible in the photo). They were otherwise cooked properly, and served hot.

Flavor: 7/10. There is a lot of sugar in this sauce, but there is also a fair bit of vinegar, so there’s a bit of sweet-and-sour vibe. It melds well with the heat. When I was ordering I thought Sweet Fire sounded something like Golden Flake hot potato chips, and that’s a fair approximation. The wings were good.

Heat: 5/10. There’s a bit of “turbo lag” with Bring Da’ Pain. There was nearly no heat until the third wing, and then it came on a bit. It’s a pleasant warmth, but with no obvious specific pepper variety. A little tilt toward the chemical, but that was a by-product of vinegar, with no bitterness from extract. Heat lingered on lips and tongue for about 10 minutes. My lunch companion, who has a normal palate, dipped her finger in the sauce and said it was an 8 to her.

It was good to drop back in on what is, for me, the original wings place.

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