Jul 212017

Not paying quite enough attention to certain things means I occasionally do things like take my family blindly into a major Huntsville-area retail hub for lunch without considering that it’s a tax-free weekend.

Bridge Street was crowded and hot today.

As much as anything else, that may have colored my experience, so I’ve pulled the plug on a full-up review of Urban Cookhouse and will just offer a few words. Urban Cookhouse emphasizes locally-sourced ingredients, and uses a Big Green Egg to cook all of its meats. The Huntsville location opened up in Bridge Street last month, just about exactly due southeast of Belk. (Best parking there; second-best probably in front of DSW.)

I will say it is an elegantly-finished fast-casual environment, with a deli-leaning lunch menu and reasonably prompt service. Almost all of our food was fine (Lea’s shrimp tasted just a little tired) and an adequate value. I could detect and enjoy the smokiness in the meats in my wrap, and I appreciated that distinctiveness. My younger son commented similarly about his Cuban sandwich.

Other positives include family-friendly touches like highchairs, as well as changing tables in both restrooms.

On the negative side, I was distressed to find that Urban Cookhouse has chosen to proliferate the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine menace. And, the place is just loud. There are a lot of echoes off a lot of hard surfaces. (As mentioned above, my tolerance for this may have been already lowered by the time we got to the door.)

It’s a pleasant enough lunch stop to make it where it is, and yet another first-in-Huntsville franchise, contributing to our restaurant revolution.


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Jul 172017

Martin Landau has just died at 89.

Martin Landau has been in and out of most of my life. Some of my earliest memories of watching TV with my dad are of us sitting in the recliner together for Space: 1999.

When I think of him, though, the thing I always remember first (now) was his behavior at a Mission: Impossible film premiere party several years back. A young MTV correspondent (maybe Kennedy? can’t remember) approached him and said something cordial, which he returned. Then she asked him what his connection was to the event.

And instead of having a chuckle about youth and perhaps offering a vaguely paternal nudge in the right direction, he began viciously berating her for not knowing her stuff. I mean, he lit into her. She was deer-in-the-headlights. She apologized; he wouldn’t hear it. In fact, they cut back to her a few minutes later in a different part of the room, and he was still scolding her.

(I couldn’t find a video with a quick search. I’ll look for it again tonight.)

Now I get that we don’t really know celebrities. Sometimes that’s tragic (see here and here); other times it’s just potentially misguided. But that superficiality is really our entire relationship with these people, so it persists to some degree whether or not we like it.

It’s why I remember Martin Landau as a sour, graceless old man, and then an actor.

(See also Jay Leno.)

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Jul 072017

Aaron got a funnel cake kit for his birthday, and he made them this week. I guess I always thought there was some sort of black magic to these things that made them difficult or impossible in the home, but no, these tasted exactly like a ball game or the fair. (Just what we needed, right?) […]

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