Jun 232017

We’re back from visiting my sister and her family in Williamsburg, Virginia. We saw Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and the USS Wisconsin, in and around a lot of good food and laughs.

The roller coaster diet plan is solid, but it wasn’t grand enough. I only got to ride Loch Ness and Verbolten, missing out on all of the rest. (Verbolten was close, so I might have actually achieved that one with my loss.) Here is Nathan taking a turn on the Griffon, the one I most regretted:

I still need a good four inches off to get into the others. That’s excellent motivation for next year.

More later. Today is a day of recovery.

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Jun 192017

As I type, my mother has been gone for 16 years; her mother, for 14.

But because of the haphazard ways they brought to some things, my sister still occasionally finds a box of photos we haven’t been through. This most recent one we’ve examined might be the best one yet.

If I’ve seen the photos before, usually I can remember going through them, even decades later. I pick up the narrative of the collection and start remembering other photos that I’m about to encounter that I haven’t yet; stuff like that.

But this box has a lot of photos I’ve never seen, including a truly amazing photo of my parents, as well as photos of my childhood home under construction.

I’ll begin sharing them with you in an upcoming post. Tonight I am finding them incredible because they’re supercharging the reordering of things in my mind that was already underway. I have some rooms I’m trying to expand. I have others I need to keep around, but move some things out of. And finally, I have some I need to brick over and forget about.

I guess that’s not really all that novel. But I’m badly overdue, so it feels so.

More soon.

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Jun 052017

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list. BJ’s opened a year or two ago in Bridge Street, right in my work neighborhood. It’s a center-bar place with its own beers, and both the experience and the menu are elevated just a […]

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