Sep 242014

blacklistI’m a very bad serial television watcher.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I gave it up entirely after Six Feet Under ended, because I never wanted to be so involved with a television show again. However, there have been some major changes in how programming is presented since that Sunday night in 2005. I got excited about those in this post, back in the spring.

I’ve determined that I messed up starting with Breaking Bad. It’s one of the best ever, which is most of why I haven’t been able to keep interest in anything else, I think. I got through the first season of Orange is the New Black in about three days, and now I’m stalled out on the fourth episode of the second season. I think I’ve watched the first half of it four times. I need to pull that plug. I just don’t care enough. It’s not a crime. It won’t go on my permanent record.

A friend is after me to watch Luther so she and I can talk about it. It’s short, so maybe I’ll manage that one.

Most of what I notice now with modern television is that folks look vaguely familiar. This image advertising the show The Blacklist started showing up just about everywhere I went online last week, it seemed. Hmm. I know that guy. Who is that guy?

Ah! Of course! It’s recovering alcoholic, cashmere sweater-owning, nascent rageaholic Stanky Hanky!

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Sep 222014 is not a review site per se, but I’ve done enough of them now that it makes sense to gather them in one place. Hence, there is now a Bo’s Reviews tab on the navigation bar above. All of the restaurants, hot sauces, movies, or whatever for which I’ve written a review have a link there. The newest reviews are listed first in each category.

I lead the page with my restaurant reviews at Rocket City Mom, because I’ll reliably add to that list. My restaurant reviews usually appear at Rocket City Mom on the fourth Monday of the month. Hey, guess what today is? Head on over and check out my thought’s on a Huntsville mainstay, Big Ed’s Pizzeria.

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Sep 202014

“Volcanic” is a rather enticing adjective for a hot sauce and pepper fanatic, don’t you think? I went to Earth Fare this week to see if kefir was any cheaper there than at Publix (it is, but only marginally). On the way out, this little pint of salsa said “buy me! buy me!” Hmm. It [...]

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Sep 172014

Went to Monaco Pictures last night with Dad and clan BamaDan to catch Guardians of the Galaxy. (Fun film.) I hadn’t been to the north end of Bridge Street in some time. All of the structure for the new parking deck adjacent to Belk appears to be in place. Now given my longstanding affection for [...]

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