Oct 192014

One of the vent holes in my black Alabama cap was a perfect mount for my television antenna yesterday. Also carried my little compressor, which functions as a portable power source and can run my little TV for a very long time. It was a great rig to watch the Alabama-Texas A&M game. Don’t I look cool?


It hasn’t been a horrible fall soccer season for football game conflicts, but this is the second year in a row I’ve had to watch the A&M game at the field.

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Oct 142014

Fall is my favorite time to go to the beach. We had great weather until yesterday, and even then it was just windy. It didn’t really rain until after dark.


Shrimp and grits with a Bloody Mary at Tacky Jacks 2. This is what God has for breakfast.


Porpita porpita, commonly known as the blue button jellyfish. It’s actually a colony of interdependent organisms, like a Portuguese man o’ war. Apparently they’re common. I’d never seen one before.


Monday afternoon, before the big storms. The smoothness of the sand’s surface is a result of how windy it is, which is very.


Joe and Dave’s Favorite oysters at The Original Oyster House.


Aaron at Tacky Jacks.

See you soon, Gulf Shores!

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Oct 042014

I got to Publix, got home, and got chili in the CROCK-POT® all before Nathan’s soccer game. So it’s been cooking since just before 9 this morning. Best day of football of the season so far. It’s 62º outside. None of this is conducive to me writing anything profound today. Hope you’re having a good [...]

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Sep 242014

I’m a very bad serial television watcher. I’ve mentioned a few times that I gave it up entirely after Six Feet Under ended, because I never wanted to be so involved with a television show again. However, there have been some major changes in how programming is presented since that Sunday night in 2005. I [...]

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