Dec 092014

We call it The Talk, like it’s one discussion we have with our children about sex. It’s really at least two. For parents of sons, a third has become necessary.

The first talk is really pretty easy. Men and women fit together like puzzle pieces. It takes both to make a baby. Sperm, egg, zygote, and so forth. Good talk, son. Come back anytime you have questions.

The second talk is harder. Emotions. Protections. Consequences. Radically altered life plans. Do you very best to make good choices, son. Come back anytime you have questions.

The new third talk for sons is on how to avoid the contingent of shrieking lunatics with a malicious and dishonest desire to see them charged with felonies.

Sexual assault is a serious issue that deserves serious discussion. I will have that serious discussion with my sons as part of talk number two.

I hope that by the time they go to college, the senselessly bloodthirsty and disingenuous environment from which things like this Rolling Stone travesty can plausibly spring is gone.

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Nov 252014

It’s complete. I heard it on a radio commercial this morning.

I got a little cranky a couple of years ago over a TV commercial that came on during IndyCar races that used the phrase “kicking some ass,” but I don’t even mind that as much as saying something “sucks.” It’s just cruder than I think we ought to be as a matter of course in everyday conversation. (It doesn’t refer to sucking lemons, you know.)

The boys don’t understand how something they hear everywhere can be a word they’re not allowed to say. And this, as with linguistic bastardizations like “melty” and “ginormous,” has gotten here by brute force, which means it won’t be vanquished in my lifetime.

I shall remain locked in battle with it, however lonely that is.

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Nov 232014

It is very hard for me to believe that Bill Cosby is a serial sexual predator. It is also very hard for me to believe that so many women are fabricating stories of him assaulting them. (Opportunistic liars tend to come in onesies and twosies, not dozens.) There are the parts of the public record […]

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Nov 122014

As commentary on my views, I rarely find anything as wrong-headed as the assertion that I’m “voting against (my) self-interest.” I recently encountered a typically obnoxious example (and with a race card bonus!). These assessments of my motivations are at best presumptuous, and at worst ignorant. They assume a single, predictable effect of a proposed law […]

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Oct 262014

…didn’t know anything about popular music. He never knew anything about what I was listening to, and he didn’t even reliably follow his own favorites, like Billy Joel and Neil Diamond. I understand it now. …would try to fix some cheap something-or-other instead of replacing it. He would sit and fuss with low-quality crap trying […]

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