Feb 092016

Loath as I am to contribute to the search engine footprint of the hysterical Cam Newton shriekfest, I will offer one meta-comment.

I am absolutely amazed, and not in a good way, at the depths to which so many people have gone over the last 36 hours to both attack and defend his actions (both on the field and off). Nothing that happened was particularly complex, though we have eagerly manufactured a contrary fantasy.

I wish we so readily sought deeper understanding of things that were actually complicated—and that actually mattered.

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Feb 052016

I worked with a guy some time back. Let’s call him Steve. I would guess Steve is 58 or 60 now. He’s been single as long as I’ve known him. He’s currently taking an extended vacation somewhere in a tropical part of the world, evaluating it as a possible spot for retirement. He posts beach and sunset photos periodically.

So Steve recently posted a photo of an attractive, and young, woman, calling her his “new friend.” She looked like she might have been 30, but she initially hit me as 26 or 27. The resulting comments were predictable: way to go Steve, how old is she, can she be everyone’s new friend, and so forth.

Now, sensing a golden comedic opportunity, I didn’t want to squander it. So I thought quite a bit before I commented “Hey, maybe she could have you over for cookies and milk and then y’all could play Barbies!”


Now I think the line is quite funny, but I’d have still withheld it had I known he’d take it so hard. But, really, what is the great offense here? How is my comment so different from what went before it? It’s a huge age difference. To be charitably vague, there are likely some dynamics in play here that are generally not in play with two people closer in age. That’s the subtext of the previous comments, just like it is mine, is it not?

So Steve can’t come back with a “yeah, yeah”? A “you’re just jealous that I’m at the beach with her, and you’re at work in cold, wet Huntsville”?

I’ve mentioned before that so far, my taste in women has tracked reliably with my age, and that I consider that a good thing. If yours doesn’t, more power to you both, and all the best.

(But grow a little skin. It’s small to take a smartass jab so seriously.)

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Feb 022016

Ted Cruz just won Iowa, and it was competitive, but hardly a photo finish. In fact, runner-up Donald Trump was much closer to Show horse Marco Rubio than he was Cruz. Pay attention, dudes and dolls, because the next two weeks will be educational (and, if such is your wont, entertaining). Donald Trump’s candidacy has […]

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Jan 252016

Donald Trump is a boorish, vulgar, narcissistic self-parody, for whom simple civilized and polite discourse is an apparently impossible task. Oh, and you better get used to him, because he’s going to be the 45th President of the United States. The Republican establishment’s primary response to Trump’s candidacy has been to try to run out […]

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