Mar 232014

acrAs many as eight or ten of you may remember the Dark and Stormy Book Club. Quoting my friend and collaborator Saintseester, it was “a book club geared toward busy people who wanted to read and explore with other folks, but who did not have the time to join an in-person book club.”

We had a blast with it. We had a live internet radio show and associated blog. We read some great stuff. It was high-quality intellectual stimulation.

We’re doing it again—just the two of us this time. ‘Seester and I have just launched Alabamians Can Read. Our launch title is The Great Gatsby, which, believe it or not, neither of us have ever read. (Actually that’s very easy to believe about me, but I’d have bet and lost $100 that ‘Seester had read it.)

acr2Yes, I know you don’t have time for a book club. We don’t either. That’s the point. Join us, won’t you?

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Mar 122014

Gonna get a Corvette and a surgically enhanced girlfriend with a room temperature IQ and hair transplants and liposuction and a tattoo and a piercing and it’s on, BAYBEE!!!

Just kidding. I’m not ever having a midlife crisis. Take it to the bank. -5.

But my blog is. I’m wondering:  what am I going to do with now?

Frequently I think something like that after stimulating Rocket City Bloggers conversation. I’ve got seizure-inducing levels of it after attending Strategy 2014.

I’ve always valued readership integrity highly. I’ve said several times that I’m going to be Bo Williams, and that’s my only mission statement. If I get readers doing that, then I got them on my terms.

I’ve also noted that when I write whatever I want day to day, chances of appealing to the same person markedly decrease. However, I have used an (unpublished) post schedule here before, and I did it for months. The only surviving remnant of it is Thursday miscellanea posts (though when I begin another post series I’ll probably put it on Tuesday again because I like the balance).

While watering a budding friendship at the conference yesterday, I admitted that I had sometimes chased page hits by posting about something topical and maybe vaguely “tabloidy.” Here is an example. Here is another. Both of those posts did well. I still get significant hits on the ShamWow guy hooker one, actually.

Even tailoring to Headlinus vulgaris to that small degree feels vaguely whorish to me. But what if it occupies one spot in a six-post weekly schedule?

What if I have a regular hot sauce review column?

What if I name every day of the week’s post something distinctive, such that eventually only Tuesday’s posts, or Friday’s posts could serve as a more tightly focused blog than at large?

What if I subdomained them?

What if…

I’m still having a blast with It’s a friend, and a primary mechanism with which I document my life. If you told me I’d be writing this, its 2,469th post, seven and a half years after making the first one, it would have blown me away.

But what does want to be when it grows up?

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Feb 212014

I’m not going to say much about Richard Petty’s latest comments on Danica Patrick. I respect Petty’s life and career, and I wish he’d remain above this sort of fray. If Danica Patrick were without racing skill, I would not be a fan. (Granted I enjoyed watching her much more in IndyCar. I like speed.) [...]

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