Jul 162014

You may have read of a kerfuffle involving a parade float that included an outhouse labeled Obama Presidential Library and a scared zombie.

Obama’s Justice Department has deemed this worthy of its attention.

This is absolutely outrageous.

In the first place, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have been all but idle in investigating Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or rampant IRS corruption. Now this rates department resources?

In the second, folks, free people get to make fun of their presidents. (Could you even fathom Bush’s Justice Department investigating any of this?) A federal agent investigating a parade float is true banana republic stuff.

Mr. President, this is the United States. You are a thin-skinned whiny cry-baby, and it’s undignified and embarrassing. Get over it, wimp.

(‘Course, we should have seen this coming when he put Maureen Dowd “on notice” for commenting on his ears.)

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Jul 112014

Can you do this? Aska can!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors (most notably the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Yellowhammer Brewery, and AlaBev), and the hard work of our members (most notably Amanda Conger and Amy Jones), the Rocket City Bloggers had another great networking mixer called Connect! last night! Thanks to everyone who pulled it together. I had a lot of fun. I think everyone did. I was present for a couple of meaningful plug-ins, and I talked to several folks excited about blogging for the first time.

These get-togethers are a wonderful place to be around a lot of intelligent and verbal people, which goes a long way toward explaining why I enjoy them so much. (The female-male ratio doesn’t hurt either.) The Rocket City Bloggers try to have these larger, evening events about twice a year. If you’re a Huntsville-area blogger, or a Huntsville-area business owner interested in finding out how blogging might help you succeed, keep an eye out for these events.


Our leader Amanda and our talented emcee, Marsha of Rocket 95.1!



With Constance of The Foodie Army Wife and Carol Ann Marks!

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Jul 012014

That’s about what you’d think, given the spittle-flecked outrage. Hobby Lobby is blocking access to nothing. Hobby Lobby employees have 16 contraceptive options in their health plans. Fact. Fact. Hobby Lobby does not want to be forced to pay for four drugs its owners consider abortifacients. That’s it. This should be a market decision in [...]

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