May 292017

Dad, the boys, and I had a wonderful time attending the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. I shall blog about it.

However, I’m a little too tuckered to do it tonight. Instead, I will briefly write about the only real negative of the weekend here, in order to a) isolate it from the overwhelmingly positive recollection to come; and b) get it out there so I may have my hair of plausibility in thinking that he might see it. Are you sitting comfortably? Excellent. Then I’ll begin.

To the police officer directing traffic in Speedway, Indiana, at Lafayette Rd. and W. 30th Street, about 9:50 the morning of May 28, 2017:

Listen, you contemptible prick. I drove through the intersection when you waved me through. Eminently reasonably, I believed that to be the end of our interaction.

Now, unbeknownst to you, but knownst to me, I needed to change lanes from the right to the left to get to my parking lot. Seeing an opportunity to do so after you waved me through, I did so.

Apparently, this was me getting one over on you somehow, because you then beat on the side of my wife’s car and appeared at my window. When I lowered it, you yelled at me to get back in the right lane immediately.

Not wishing to further anger an obviously irrational man with a gun, a club, and the authority to take me into custody and ruin my race weekend, I complied.

From here, I’ll say hey man, what the hell?

I am a big supporter of the law enforcement community. I appreciate the work you do. But I really resent you unloading on me, particularly when my “violation” was apparently against some made-up shit in your head. Straighten up, you jackass. We’re trying to have a society here.

(And hey, if you recognize yourself in this narrative, feel free to email me. I’ll give you your side of the story! Make you an Internet sensation!)

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Mar 172017

I’ve been kidding myself all day thinking I wouldn’t, but I finally just said “how could I not blog about Sherry Frost today?”

Sherry Frost is Mrs. Chili, who longtime readers may recall visited Saintseester and me for a weekend, just about nine years ago as I type. We were fast online friends, and Sherry, ‘seester, and I decided we’d split Sherry’s airfare so we could hang out in person. It was a great weekend, and I hated to see it end.

Sherry Frost is also now a New Hampshire state representative, having claimed the uncontested seat in December. She’s been in the news several times since, most recently for tweeting she felt “homicidal” after men told her to “calm down.” Her Twitter feed is here.

(This is consistent not with the person(a?) for whom I built such affection, but with the person she eventually revealed herself to me to be.) Her behavior at the end of our relationship was viciously hateful, and I compounded my own pain by trying to save it for too long.

As heinously as Sherry behaved, I was never interested in thrashing through the fallout of our severed friendship on I’m still not. I’m fascinated, however, that she’s backed into a position of some prominence—a place from which she could, ostensibly, advance her stated objectives, were she able to maintain some decorum—and she’s instead reverted to form.

“I always wondered what would happen if her blog persona escaped into our dimension.” – Saintseester

I would hate to think Sherry will be lionized for this shrieking hysteria, but these days you just can’t tell. Hey, she has a 2017 post about her now, so did I just aggravate the problem?

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Mar 082017

“Building success with words takes investment. We wanted to create an atmosphere where that investment will begin or will expand.” My friend and fellow writer Kathryn Lang chairs the inaugural Mountain Valley Writers Conference, an upcoming event in Guntersville. The event, for writers at all levels, will offer guidance on social media, digital marketing, independent publishing, […]

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Feb 272017

I have at least two blog posts that I could put up almost as quickly as I could type them. But one would hurt someone’s feelings, and the other would make someone mad. So I’ll not write either one of them. Supposedly it’s therapeutic to go ahead and write these things you’re never going to […]

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Feb 212017

I would guess some people will compare Milo Yiannopoulos to Icarus. I am reminded instead of one of my stepbrother’s years-ago adventures. Long story made very short: bunch of buddies together, one had a go-kart, and oh yeah, there was some beer. Every time they refueled the kart they were using a bottle of 104 Octane […]

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