Jun 142016

I don’t generally repeat myself verbatim on BoWilliams.com, but I’m going back to this documentary that I first posted about in December, shortly after the San Bernadino attacks.

Many people believe that radical Islam and Islam are two separate things; that the former has nothing to do with the legitimate religion, and that anyone who claims otherwise is racist and/or propagating hate.

It is true that most practitioners of Islam are fine people. I have worked with them, and I have broken bread with them. The homecoming queen and drum major at the boys’ school is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. As she has an Arabic name and her mother wears a hijab to football games, I presume she is Muslim.

We will definitely need the help of moderate Muslims if we are to solve this problem. They are likely the greatest potential agents of change.

The Clarion Project has put together an excellent 15-minute documentary on radical Islam called By The Numbers. Soberly presented by Sunni Muslim and anti-terrorism activist Raheel Raza, it provides rigorous documentation of the magnitude of this single greatest threat to civilized society.

If you believe that radical Islam and Islam at large are not related, please take the time to watch this program.

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May 172016

I wrote once about these way-too-happy-all-the-time guys (it’s almost always men) who are eternally whistling, sauntering instead of walking, taking way too damned long to order lunch because they think the server genuinely wants to have a conversation, and so forth. Frequently there is overlap with Incremental Guy. These people still piss me off more […]

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