Jul 282015

I was less intellectually and spiritually sure of myself in college than at any other time in my life. That’s just how it should be. Higher education is about many things, but it must be about questioning everything we think we know.

It should be more difficult to be fat and happy with your beliefs at a university than at just about any other place in the world.

And that is why the proliferation of “safe zones,” the prattling about “microaggression,” and the massive growth of speech codes is one gigantic travesty.

Look, we’re all adults here. Let’s seriously consider the notion that if it takes longer than ten seconds to explain why using this term or that is offensive, then there’s a really good chance the offense is manufactured. Political correctness is obnoxious everywhere, but it’s hugely toxic on college campuses.

For example, I learned today—hat tip, Katherine Timpf—that the word “American” is offensive. Do go spend some time with the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide.

You see, “American” excludes South America, as well as Canada and Mexico. (Never mind that there is not another country whose official name ends with “America” besides the United States of America. “United Statesian” just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?)

“Senior citizen” is offensive, too. Use “old person.” (Really?)

“Obese”? “Overweight”? No. “People of size.” (Presumably “lard ass” is verboten as well.)

I’m sick of this crap. You know if someone’s offending or not without reading some stupid “language guide.” Grow up.

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Jul 102015

That I can recall, I only ever owned one rebel flag in my life. Dad took me to a small circus at the Oxford Civic Center, and bought me a “Dukes of Hazzard flag,” as the merchant called them, for $1.

I’ve never had any desire to fly it as an adult until about two weeks ago.

It’s unfortunate that bad guys are, all too often, sufficiently empowered to set the narrative. I don’t think white supremacists have taken the rebel flag as far into the abyss as the Nazis took the swastika, but I fear the difference is only one of degree.

I’m amenable to careful and considered display of this flag. I don’t think it should fly over government buildings, for example. But I think removing it from war memorials is at least misguided. And I think the budding war on anything to do with the Confederacy is motivated much more by loathing of the South than a sincere desire to remove a symbol some consider racist.

I believe this because I see and hear the kinds of people who are screaming the loudest.

It’s time for someone with a larger audience than I have to find the courage to stand athwart this hysteria.

I’ll write more later. Maybe. I hadn’t addressed this here because I was sure it was fleeting nonsense. Alas, no. It’s a full frontal assault.

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Jun 272015

My dear friends Jennifer and Melissa, life partners since 1993, got engaged yesterday. I am so very happy for them and the many other couples who were similarly unencumbered with this ruling. I’m also exhausted. Oh, not that I’ve been some kind of tireless activist. I’m just so weary of this being a thing. This […]

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Jun 232015

“…the Confederacy’s primary reason for being was to preserve racial slavery — that is, to violate natural rights rather than to secure them. That is what Confederate soldiers fought for. Whatever else their battle flag may mean, it has to mean that.” “If your ancestors fought for the Confederacy, I do not respect their ‘service’ […]

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Jun 172015

The U.S. Treasury has announced that the new $10 bill, to enter circulation in 2020, will feature a woman. Who? No idea. By law she has to be dead, and “the theme of democracy” is mentioned at the above link. Other than that? Well, she’ll have a vagina! This is a splendid manifestation of this […]

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