Oct 172016

Several years ago I answered the door one Halloween night, and one of the accompanying adults was a wife/mom about my age, or maybe a year or two younger, from down our street. She was wearing a good Wonder Woman costume. And it fit her very well.

I don’t remember managing to get anything witty out. I think it was just mostly a look of admiration and exchanged smiles. I can visualize a wink from one or the other of us easily, but I’ve probably added that in the years since just because it would have been so cool. Door closed. Elapsed time: 10 seconds.

Now I think this sort of flirtation is not only harmless, but actually one of the things that genuinely enhance our quality of life. I liked her. She liked that I liked her. I liked that she liked that I liked her. What a marvelous little charge for she and I to enjoy, both at the moment and then for a little while after. Lea actually came home from trick-or-treating with the boys and wanted to make sure I’d seen her. Heh.

(And, oh, there’s this: we were both, you know, 40, with attendant maturity levels and sensibilities.)

A sexy Wonder Woman costume intended and sized for an adult woman is one thing. But folks, things have gotten way out of hand for much younger ladies. I started casually reading this piece half-expecting it to be a possibly overreacting mom of an older adolescent girl. Then I discovered that the mother was upset about a she-devil costume with a super-short skirt, red fishnet stockings, and knee-high boots—that her eight-year-old wanted.

I am sad and furious that there is a (clearly thriving) market for slutty Halloween costumes for prepubescent girls. This mom is even facing “all my friends are doing it” backlash from her daughter, which here’s hoping she’ll endure in the service of larger principles, but sheesh.

Do we really have significant numbers of parents now who genuinely don’t realize that there shouldn’t be any such thing as an eight-year-old “sexy nurse”?

There is a good discussion at the above link about how to healthily address what a sexy costume means and doesn’t mean, with good transition into why and how we seek approval and what it means to honor yourself. I’m pleased to see this good message in the Huffington Post, just as I’m appalled that it’s necessary.

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Oct 112016

My younger son coined that phrase last night. He wasn’t talking about the election, but he certainly could have been.

I thought I had said on the record I was going to vote for Trump if he became the nominee, and it turned out I did. I said it just about a year ago. Then, I stopped just short of saying it again in January.

However, I have known for months that I am not going to vote for Donald Trump, and today, four weeks from Election Day, let that settle into the official narrative. It will not happen.

BoWilliams.com will not endorse any nominee for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It is likely that I will vote for Gary Johnson, only because I want to be able to point to a television or computer screen and see my discontent, and that seems like the only way to do that.

Folks, it’s not going to be a happy election. We need to find considerable unity on the other side of it. Please keep that in mind as you air your views over these last few weeks.

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Oct 092016

Folks, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States. It is time to get comfortable with that eventuality. The Republicans, given the deepest, most talented field of candidates in a lifetime, managed to nominate possibly the only candidate a figure as reviled as Hillary Clinton could defeat. I am hoping for Republican […]

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Oct 072016

I don’t often go picking on something beloved without a perceived greater purpose, but I’m going to today. I don’t like Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road.” I never have, and I never will. Furthermore I don’t understand what is supposed to be so appealing about it. (There are lots of songs I don’t necessarily like but can appreciate.) […]

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Sep 232016

Can you handle this upcoming political theater? I’m not sure I can. Monday night’s presidential debate figures to be one of the single most entertaining and unpredictable political events of the past 50 years or so. Trying to script in advance how this is going to go—well, let’s just get the proverbial hundred monkeys and hundred […]

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