Nov 172015

This blog post is making the rounds. It’s hit me from a couple of places. The author took longer with it than I would have, so I’m glad he wrote it. Maybe I’ll figure out how to resonate with the populace to such a degree one day.

God be with friends and family of those lost in the murderous terrorist attacks in Paris.

A sensible foreign policy speaks to both the United States’ role in the world and its border security (which are really two sides of the same thing). The bottom line is that there is going to be a biggest kid on the block. Recorded history bears this out. Either there is an unambiguous strongest power, or widespread war.

Can you name a period to the contrary?

If I may twist a well-known axiom about politics: you may not be interested in foreign relations, but foreign relations are interested in you. It is dangerous and naive to think that minimizing American influence in the world is desirable. There are two big reasons:

  • All countries do not share our world view. For the United States to desire mutually beneficial trade relationships and no “meddling” in others’ affairs sounds great—until you consider that there are a great many people in the world still interested in taking by force, if they think they can get away with it.

    “I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air.” – Margaret Thatcher

    Lasting peace tends to result from complete surrender of the vanquished, and nothing short of it.

  • The biggest kid on the block promulgates values more effectively than any other. Fashionable to hate on the U.S., but as bad a beating as personal liberty has taken, where does it still have the best chance in the world? The United States influencing is better than any other country in the world influencing. Do you disagree?

No, I’m not the least bit interested in declaring war on Islam at large. I know too many adherents who are good people.

But I am interested in a president—in a world—unafraid to state the obvious fact that terrorist acts are overwhelmingly committed by radical Islamic fundamentalists. I am interested in a president—in a world—unafraid to point out that even standard grade school curricula in Saudi Arabia contain appalling hatred and intolerance, inconsistent with civilized society.

I am interested in a president—in a world—who shall name the enemy, fearlessly, and defeat it.

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Nov 132015

There are no “safe spaces.” They don’t exist.

I know some of you don’t need to hear that. Actually, I hope that far more of you than I realize don’t need to hear that. If that’s you, then I’m not talking to you.

But if you think a “safe space” free of “offensive” or “hurtful” speech on a college campus is a legitimate construct, then read on.

You have no right to never be offended. More importantly, a college or university should be one of the least “safe” places anywhere, ideologically speaking. Everything you know, or think you know, ought to be subjected to close scrutiny and inquiry. Now perhaps you’re going to college to learn things that will help you get a better job. That’s important.

But college also should teach you to think. And you’ll quickly learn, if you truly open your mind, that reasonable and intelligent people often reach different conclusions.

You should not be protected from this. Rather, it is this concept itself that should be protected.

I said there are no safe spaces. That’s true. But, it’s a relative concept. Some places are safer than others. And the very safest spaces are full of people with different ideas who express them freely.

That freedom is far more important than your imagined right to a life free of perceived insult.

(Incidentally, that freedom, and a lot of others like it, is also closely tied to GUNS. But we’ll leave that for another time.)

Go forward, young ones, armed with this truth. Be smarter. Know that I would never call you ridiculously mush-headed nitwits.

(But I get to if I want to. God bless America.)

Sincerely yours,

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Oct 192015

So National Review has its first bona fide this-could-happen piece on Donald Trump out today. Longtime Republican strategist Ed Rollins is quoted as finding the notion plausible, and he’s not the sort of fellow to allow a moment to overwhelm his judgment. Has this bizarre exercise gone on longer than I expected it to? Why, […]

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Oct 052015

I love the Hardee’s television commercials. I’m not going to link to any of them here, but I trust you know the ones I mean. They’re defiantly and gleefully politically incorrect, abandoning even a limp pretense of doing anything but moving burgers with sex. I doubt the Katherine Webb one would have even made it […]

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