Jan 072018

“So far as the law is concerned it knows neither native nor alien, Jew nor Gentile, black nor white. This case is no different from any other. We have only to do our duty without fear or favor.” – Judge James Edwin Horton

Nathan and I went to see Judge Horton after church today. I had wanted to get over for the dedication of the statue last year, but couldn’t get away.

Judge Horton was my great great uncle by marriage. His middle son, Ed, married my paternal grandfather’s sister. Ed was one of the finest people I’ve ever known, so it is no surprise to me that he had quite a father.

Judge Horton caused himself a great deal of misery doing the right thing. But I bet he didn’t have any trouble living with himself—or explaining himself to God.

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Dec 312017

We prayed the Wesley Covenant Prayer this morning at our last service of 2017.

I have a hard time with it in some ways because it’s difficult. It’s easy to think of how I know I will fail its pledges multiple times in the coming year. I have to remind myself that I am expected to fail, but that I am also expected to aspire.

I am no longer my own, but thine.

Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt.

Put me to doing, put me to suffering.

Let me be employed for thee or laid aside for thee, exalted for thee, or brought low for thee.

Let me be full, let me be empty.

Let me have all things, let me have nothing.

I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal.

And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

thou art mine, and I am thine.

So be it.

And the covenant which I have made on earth, let it be ratified in heaven.


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Dec 172017

David and Allie Houle visited our church this morning to share about their upcoming work as missionaries. They’re going to spend five years in Thailand, helping to plant Christian churches and fight human trafficking. I’m blown away. Two young professionals who would choose that life for those causes? Wow. They are instantly my heroes. They’ll […]

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