Jun 022017

Can you believe the colors they used to paint Corvettes? This one was at the National Corvette Museum when we visited on our way back through from Indy.

Yes, this is a factory color. It’s called, rather innocuously, Classic Cream. (It looks green to me, but this is right in that band of colors in which I have trouble.)

(Still take it, wouldn’t you?)

Have a good weekend.

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May 102017

Are you Aldi people? We’re Aldi people. The experience is a little odd, but once you get used to it, there are a lot of killer deals within.

You have to be careful, though. Most of the offerings are of high quality, but there are a few duds there too—even, occasionally, within a range of products. For example, with Willow toilet paper at Aldi, you must select “Ultra Premium” (on the right side of this photograph).

The Ultra Premium is as fine as any toilet paper you have ever used. You’ll hear a faint trumpet fanfare when you unroll it, and when you apply it, you’ll just barely believe it’s not linen.

The “Essential,” on the left side of the photograph, could be a traveler through time and space, visiting us from 1978 East Germany. It is thin, rough, and harsh, like a meth-addicted hooker. Even the thought of donating it makes me feel guilty. It may just have to go to the landfill.

Choose wisely.

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May 022017

Longtime readers know I’m a big advocate for remaining faithful to your spouse. I got a little spun up on it late last week and needed to do something with my agitation, but it actually played rather well into a larger post series I’m preparing. So I’m thankful for that too. And it’s got me […]

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