Feb 122016

belkcherryJust wasn’t feeling it this morning.

Is it the absence of caffeine in my system? Not sure, but today just didn’t look like a regular day, so I didn’t make it one. I worked a little bit, but most of the day I did my own thing. Needed saline solution, and also needed a Valentine’s Day present. It was a good day to be out and about. Sweatshirt and window halfway down was a perfect combination.

I tacked saline onto the beer run at Publix. I wound up entering Belk at Bridge Street for a Valentine’s Day present, and wow, that was my Belk at Bridge Street cherry! How long has it been open? Maybe 18 months? Can anyone beat that?

I’m making my family’s favorite stir fry for dinner, and Upward tomorrow, and life is good.

Have a good weekend.

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Jan 052016

This year, Papa Ross and Grandma Martha got us a NINJA for Christmas!


As you can see, it has about as much power as my first car did, and it also comes with TOTAL CRUSHING TECHNOLOGY.

We are having a really good time with it so far. Lea’s been making fruit and vegetable smoothies for a couple of days. I just started tonight, and this really would have been a much better post if I showed you a drink I’d made with it, but I’ve already had two, and having a third seems gastrointestinally inadvisable.

So far I’ve learned that bell pepper and green apple go well together. I’ve also learned that the taste of raw spinach is easily dominated, so you can put a whole bunch in. Oh, and flax seed completely vanishes. I’m sure that’s the TOTAL CRUSHING TECHNOLOGY.

I’m looking forward to experimenting further and getting some really solid standbys together. Do you have any favorite good-for-you juice/smoothie recipes?

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Dec 212015

(No spoilers.) I remember a lot of hand-wringing when Disney paid George Lucas $4,000,000,000 in cash for the Star Wars franchise. I never understood that. I thought Disney buying Star Wars was the best thing that could have happened to the franchise. “They’ll ruin it!” came the cries. Really? Paid any attention to what the […]

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