Mar 232016

So now there is apparently a recording of phone sex between my state’s 73-year-old sitting governor and a 43-year-old member of his staff.

No, I’m not going to listen to it. I don’t need to hear that to know it’s repulsive.

And I’ve made my position on such age-disparate relationships clear (whether adulterous or not). In short, I think that most of the time, it’s reasonable to dismiss them on their face as ridiculous.

His “apology” is defiant and insincere. And oh yes, sir: I’m quite certain you want to “move on.”

That Robert Bentley didn’t quit a year ago is only the latest instance of Bill Clinton’s greatest political legacy: never resign, because you just might survive it.

Governor Bentley married his wife in 1965. He has passed on multiple opportunities to be decent and honorable. I am, therefore, forced to conclude that he is neither.

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Mar 212016

I willingly moved among the Walmartians today to procure some Diet Buffalo Rock ginger ale. It’s a good-tasting, low- to no-cal, caffeine-free beverage for the last week of Lent, and I’m pretty sure The Awfulest Retailer is the only place in the area that stocks it. (If you know otherwise, please, tell me.)

DBR me now!

DBR me now!

Do you know about Buffalo Rock? My mama loved it. A Birmingham, Alabama original, it’s strongly-flavored ginger ale that tickles your nose like no other soft drink, with a spicy (like, almost hot) finish. It makes a good float with vanilla ice cream, and nothing is as soothing to sip when you have a tummy ache. It was the only ginger ale I ever had until I was 10 or 11. Needless to say, when I tasted “regular” ginger ale, it was rather underwhelming.

The diet version is as good as it could be, I reckon. The trademark spice and tingle are there. It’s about as sweet, but just with that little whisper of gustatory fraud. It reminds you that you didn’t get the real thing, but it’s more than pleasant enough to have during the day.

(And when the day is over, it’s a reasonable Bacardi recipient.)

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Mar 092016

Molly’s tail is crooked. This isn’t a great photo of it, but you can see it plainly here. Sometime before we adopted her, her tail broke and healed that way. When Molly’s name was still Buttons and Lea was getting to know her a little bit, the lady helping her said “now her tail is […]

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Mar 052016

I talked with a friend today about the concept of the meat-and-three restaurant. I can eat at a meat-and-three. If you invited me to lunch next week and said “how about (insert meat-and-three here)?” then I’d say yes, and I’d be there, and I’d eat, and I’d get full. But wow, do I burn out […]

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