Aug 012015

Behold the relay I replaced to restore proper operation of my wife’s van’s windshield wipers:


Thanks to for helping me assemble the answer. God bless the Internet.

Here it is, more elegantly than I could ever find it in one place there: if you have a second-generation Honda Odyssey and it suddenly loses intermittent and low speed on the windshield wipers, but high speed still works, you probably need Honda part number 39794-S10-003. It’s the bottom bit in the smaller of two electrical boxes located just to the left of the battery (covers removed):


Take the cover off, pull the old relay straight up, and push the new one straight down. Total cost: $23. Elapsed time: 30 seconds.

I had to remove these boxes to replace the starter a few months ago, so I may have jostled and inadvertently hastened the relay’s demise then.

This part is inexpensive enough, and the symptom specific enough, that you ought to give this a whirl before you go jacking around with the motor or the switch. (And you know it’s not a fuse. If it was, then high speed wouldn’t work either, right?)

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Jul 272015

evenfloMeet the Evenflo Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with SensorSafe. It’s a car seat that sounds an alarm when the ignition is switched off.

Because apparently a child is roasted to death in a hot car once a week or so.

I suppose I’m glad to see this product, because I’m sure it will save lives. I also remain appalled that the product is necessary, and I reject utterly the increasingly common refrain that “it could happen to anyone.” It could happen to anyone like leaving your infant alone in a bath could happen to anyone. Or, maybe allowing a high fever to climb out of control.

If you need this seat, you need a radical reexamination of how you’re living your life day to day. You’re doing it wrong.The act of leaving your child in the car should not be normalized at any level. It should not become just another one of those pesky little things we all have to deal with, sigh, you know how it is, whew, what say we get a bite?

I would support making it a felony to leave the very youngest children in the car alone for more than, say, 60 seconds. I’d support lifelong incarceration as a possible sentence for killing a child this way.

It’s not a package of steaks. It’s a person you chose to make exist, and one who is completely dependent on you. If there is an ongoing and legitimate threat of you forgetting this person in the car, then you may need more help than this seat can provide.

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Jul 212015

I know bunches of people who have cheated on their spouses. You do too. You know how I know that? Because bunches of people have cheated on their spouses. I’m not a big fan of marital infidelity. You don’t have to have been reading long to know that. Most cheating stories are bad, though […]

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