Nov 262014

For years and years, Black Friday was enough. Not too long ago, Thanksgiving night stuck its nose under the tent. And tomorrow, several retailers will be open regular hours, or nearly so. We seem to be on the way to Thanksgiving Day being the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

And there is outrage.

We’re losing all of our most important heritage! What has become of traditional American values? Must this relentless commercialization invade even the day itself?

I sympathize. Thanksgiving is perhaps the most family-focused holiday we have, and there’s a strong case for the decay of the family driving many of our worst problems as a society. That decay doesn’t need a further nudge.

I don’t consider it the heinous affront that many seem to, however. It used to be axiomatic that one of the very most American values was minding one’s own business. We can certainly vote with our wallets, but that ought to be the extent of it. It’s not our concern when a merchant chooses to open. It’s not our concern whether said merchant’s employees choose to remain there.

If the merchant’s behavior is profitable, then so be it. Free market forces are practically demonized anymore, but this remains a relatively pure example of how well they work.

I haven’t been out on Black Friday in years, and I certainly won’t shop on Thanksgiving Day. You want to? Go for it.

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Nov 162014

Aaron: “Dad, did you pass your driver’s license exam on your first try?” Bo: “Yes, I did pass the first time I took it.” Aaron: “Did you keep up with your examiner? Like, are you friends today?” Bo: “Ummm…no.” Aaron: “OK. It was just a thought I had.” Isn’t it great what kids think sometimes? […]

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