Jun 172015

The U.S. Treasury has announced that the new $10 bill, to enter circulation in 2020, will feature a woman. Who? No idea. By law she has to be dead, and “the theme of democracy” is mentioned at the above link. Other than that? Well, she’ll have a vagina! This is a splendid manifestation of this […]

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Jun 142015

Aaron picks good places for his birthday dinner. It’s because we’ve made sure to take him to plenty of good places. Happy to be here, but oh so cool. Not quite too cool yet to blow out the candles, though! Happy Birthday, my friend. I love you. So proud of you.

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Jun 122015

Reckon what’s in there? What am I right next to right now, at most of 80 mph? The green leather couch that a husband and wife fought for weeks over (and that continues to generate an occasional snide remark)? Aunt Trudy’s old clothes that someone didn’t take to goodwill in time, so he’s having to […]

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