Jul 112016

Well, I might be back and forth on Donald J. Trump until that day in November arrives. I had occasion to correspond with a longtime and greatly respected friend today on another matter, and took the opportunity to ask her what her feelings were on the election. Here is her reply: All in for Trump.  […]

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Jul 062016

This is one of my favorite photographs. It’s a self-portrait of Tracy Caldwell Dyson aboard the International Space Station in 2010, two weeks before she came home. Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who would have so totally been my girlfriend except that we grew up on opposite sides of the country and did completely different things, has […]

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Jul 012016

The 2016 U.S. presidential campaign is unprecedented, particularly on the Republican side. It has held surprise after surprise, following a narrative no one came close to predicting. There is every reason to believe the Republican National Convention, to begin in 17 days as I type, will follow suit. It turns out that all of the […]

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