Feb 182015

Well, I’ve not had a full day at work and the boys have not had a full day at school yet this week, thanks to winter weather. I’m hoping to get one tomorrow. The boys are already delayed three hours (for temperature, which I’m quite confident never happened in my childhood). It’s supposed to be […]

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Feb 152015

Well, Alabama was in the national news all week. Gay marriage is legal here now, despite the continuing efforts of our buffoon Chief Justice. I’ve said pretty much all I have to say about gay marriage here and here. I’ve had it settled to myself for decades—intellectually, morally, emotionally, spiritually—and I hope this divisive and […]

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Feb 092015

On February 9, 2015, committed gay couples married in Alabama for the first time. I hope we will look back on this date as the moment we began to feel this page turn in earnest. I hope outspoken conservative leaders recognize the harm in continued resistance, and realize that if they can’t agree, they should […]

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Feb 082015

OK, social media gurus. Riddle me this. A few months back I unfollowed five accounts on Twitter because they were all posting the same content (almost always links to listicles). Each account belonged (ostensibly) to a different attractive young lady with a non-trivial amount of followers (tens of thousands). Each account followed me first, and […]

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