Sep 022016

Today—the Friday before a three-day weekend—the FBI released detailed interview notes on its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Some high points: Hillary Clinton told FBI investigators she did not “recall” or “remember” something 39 different times. The current location of as many as 12 different handheld devices used by Hillary […]

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Aug 282016

I played Cards Against Humanity (“a party game for horrible people”) for the first time last night at my friend Beth’s birthday party. I knew in passing that it was pretty depraved, but not much else. Basically you’re asked a question, or occasionally to fill in a blank or two, and you answer with the […]

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Aug 222016

As I type, it is eleven weeks from Election Day. The conventional wisdom for the 2016 presidential election is that Hillary Clinton is all but inevitable. Don’t put a foot wrong, Hill—especially keep it out of your mouth—and you’re in. Run out the clock. But just how highly should we value conventional wisdom this time? […]

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Aug 172016

“You don’t get to decide what offends me!” This is, of course, true, but only trivially so. Any of us are free to be offended by anything we like. I’m offended when sesame seeds come on my hamburger bun. I’m offended by freight trains with an odd number of cars. I’m offended when the sun […]

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