Nov 112014

Veterans, thank you for your service to the United States of America. Thank you for protecting and preserving this greatest country that remains the best hope for lovers of liberty, and the most fertile soil for pursuers of dreams.

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Nov 042014

Looking like it’ll be a good night for Republicans. Odds of taking back the Senate are about 3 in 4. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is in a squeaker. That’s one of the only races I’m concerned about. It would be a grave error for Republicans to overvalue positive results for them tonight. The expected outcome […]

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Oct 242014

Actually I think the state itself is pretty great. But I hate the Tennessee Volunteers. I haven’t always. In fact, they used to be my second-favorite team. I was 11 years old in the fall of 1982. It was the first football season that my parents were divorced, and we were spending a fair bit […]

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