Feb 022018

I don’t even know what that means. I have paid no attention to political news of this sort in months. I have no idea what THE MEMO is about. Apart from “Donald Trump” and “the FBI,” I couldn’t name any of its likely principals. Is it about the election? Russia? Hillary? The treasonous transgendered person […]

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Jan 232018

Citing doctor’s advice following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Neil Diamond has abruptly retired from touring just a couple of days shy of his 77th birthday. In doing so he abandons the Australia-New Zealand leg of his 50th anniversary tour. Neil Diamond is one of the greatest showmen of my lifetime. If your first time […]

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Jan 152018

Kids, don’t eat dishwasher detergent. That’s where we are today, here, now, societally. You know, I tend to magnify my parental shortcomings. In a certain frame of mind, it’s far easier for me to recall things I wish I’d handled differently, or just out-and-out mistakes, than it is for me to remember triumphs. But then […]

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