Jan 152016

I was fascinated by this recent story of a fellow who runs a Silicon Valley startup, yet doesn’t own or carry a smartphone (or, indeed, any mobile phone). Certainly, there are parts of the narrative that sound appealing. He speaks of thinking more clearly, and rediscovering peace. But–but!–he does confess that he makes occasional use […]

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Jan 132016

Well, our esteemed president’s final State of the Union address was last night. It was full of self-congratulatory pap, false dilemmas, and comically insincere appeals for civility in our discourse. So, it was a standard Obama speech. It wouldn’t take a particularly clever software program to write them at this point. I don’t like what […]

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Jan 112016

Legendary musician and actor David Bowie has succumbed to cancer at 69. David Bowie did so much, so capably, in so many different styles, in his career that it’s pretty much impossible he didn’t appeal to you at some time or another. Furthermore, his influence was tremendous. I really loved what he did to shape […]

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Dec 292015

Lemmy Kilmister, best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, primary songwriter, and founder of the heavy metal band Motorhead, died yesterday. He was 70. I enjoy a lot of what Motorhead has done over the years, but I never needed to purchase any. There was always enough of it around to suit me. “Iron Fist,” […]

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