Jun 242016

As hard as I try to evaluate different views equitably, I’ll confess there are a few phrases that make me tune out nearly immediately.

For example, anytime I see someone fretting about people “voting against their own self-interest,” it is invariably a lament against greater self-determination (and therefore liberty). I can’t believe the South opposes Obamacare so consistently. They’re voting against their own self-interest. How could Great Britain’s people think leaving the European Union is a good idea? They’re voting against their own self-interest.

There is an inherent arrogance in the phrase that flirts with outright dismissiveness. Do you see how it leapfrogs any possibility of considered dissent? This is settled. These poor, unfortunate rubes don’t know what they’re doing. I mean, that’s the only explanation for it, isn’t it?

To be fair, most of the time confirmation bias has a lot to do with how these closed-minded views form. So the arrogance and dismissiveness isn’t intentional, but that doesn’t make them any less insidious. People like to nod and clap each other on the back.

We’ll talk about “social justice” sometime soon.

Have a good weekend.

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Jun 172016

I’m not in the habit of discussing the “Westboro Baptist Church.” However, a great many people are, and we need to get more accuracy on their Google footprint.

So here I am with that. BoWilliams.com is about service to others.

First of all, Westboro Baptist Church is not a Baptist church. “Baptist Church” is part of their name because that is what they have named themselves. No recognized or sanctioned Baptist organization, large or small, claims Westboro. It is exactly as if I said I had conquered the universe because I started calling myself “Bo Williams, Conqueror of the Universe.”

Westboro has fewer than 40 members, nearly all of them related to each other. Most of them are descended from Fred Phelps, Westboro’s founder.

Westboro gets press very far out of proportion to its size. This is partially because they are crafty marketers, but mostly because they are regularly trotted out as some sort of counterpoint to radical Islam. “See,” some bloviating nitwit will sniff, “Christianity has its own problems.”

Eh, no. Westboro is not a problem of Christianity whatsoever. It’s three dozen or so hateful people with a really small gene pool in a Topeka neighborhood, receiving regular injections of currency from those with anti-Christian agendas.

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Jun 142016

I don’t generally repeat myself verbatim on BoWilliams.com, but I’m going back to this documentary that I first posted about in December, shortly after the San Bernadino attacks. Many people believe that radical Islam and Islam are two separate things; that the former has nothing to do with the legitimate religion, and that anyone who […]

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Jun 102016

With Brock Turner’s crime and woefully inadequate sentence dominating the news cycle this week, a friend reached out and said something that no one has ever said to me before: “I am a rape survivor.” She asked if she could say something on BoWilliams.com, and I am humbled and gratified to give her this post. […]

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