Aug 252014

The Obama administration has known all along—through all of the histrionics about damaged hard drives and whatever else—that Lois Lerner’s email is backed up, just like any other government email. Obama administration attorneys have dismissed this system as too onerous to search.

Here is today’s statement from Judicial Watch.

It is abundantly clear that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan smells a big rat. It sounds very much as if he’s going to, ahem, motivate them to search this system anyway, however “onerous” the task.

Perhaps this is finally a bridge too far for this band of thugs that has hijacked the executive branch of the United States government. Perhaps this is finally enough to overcome the terrible obstacles of a ceaselessly sycophantic press corps and a (shrinking, but still depressingly large) gaggle of groupies who seem to occupy themselves entirely with making eyes at our esteemed president and shrieking “racist” at anyone who dares not do the same.

What gall. What contempt for the American people.

Do we finally have a light so bright, there shall be no scurrying for the shadows?

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Aug 242014

I was only peripherally aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge until my friend Eric nominated me and several other folks at church, and my pastor David voluntold me I was doing it. Heh. Glad to, David, though you’re on a rather short list of people who could actually compel me to! For the record, [...]

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Aug 202014

You may remember me talking a bit about Bill Istad last Christmas. Bill is a formerly homeless man who my church is supporting on recovering his life. Bill was baptized tonight. He wanted to be immersed, and we don’t have a baptistry at Good Shepherd. Thanks so much to our friends at The Rock Family [...]

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Aug 192014

We need a productive and fruitful conversation on the increasing militarization of police forces. We need a productive and fruitful conversation on police forces and race. We can accomplish none of the above without first stopping a city of more than 20,000 people from tearing itself to pieces. President Obama, this is sustained civil unrest [...]

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