Sep 062012

This hoverfly hung around for half of Nathan’s soccer practice tonight.  He really dug something on my shoe. I poked around a bit trying to get a specific identification, and it’s tough because there are so many.  I’m confident I have family Syrphidae here, but no idea beyond that.

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Aug 312012

My colleague brought this moth to me yesterday.  Sadly, she had already perished.  (The moth, not my colleague.)  Isn’t she beautiful (and big)?  (Again, the moth, not my colleague.  Well, on the “big” part.  Oh, just look at the bug!) I believe we have Amphipyra pyramidoides here, commonly known as the Copper Underwing, though I […]

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Jul 212012

The last time I had a praying mantis buddy for a minute I didn’t take enough photographs, so I didn’t get any truly good ones. This time, I took over 100.  Several of them are good.  A few of them are really good. What a cool animal. I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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May 132011

I bet it’s exactly the same one, too.  Heh. This one flew into my open car window as I was arriving at work this morning.  It found its way to the passenger headrest by the time I got stopped. Fast friends. Wow, how terrifying would these things be if they were ten feet tall and […]

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May 122011

Look who was waiting for me when I came out to lunch today! This is a species of Magicicada, and part of Brood XIX.  It just hatched, almost certainly this week, from an egg laid in 1998.  How cool is that?  They’ll only be here about a month, and they don’t bite, sting, spit, or […]

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