Aug 022017

A friendly little jumping spider was hanging out at the back door last week. Sometimes they’re on the blind like this, but they really like the space in between the door and the jamb.

There are thousands of described jumping spiders with no good, quick way to research one from a photo, so I don’t know what we have here other than family Salticidae.

I enjoy having them around. They’re nifty animals. Call me an arachnophile.

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Oct 272015

So we watched the Alabama-Arkansas game from the seventh floor of Gulf Shores Plantation, with the balcony door open to admit the delightful breeze of a 66º fall evening on the Gulf.

We also admitted this dragonfly.


There’s nothing here to indicate scale, but this is a huge insect. It’s easily 5″ from head to tail. It made a lot of racket bumping around until it finally settled, but then—how do we get it back safely outside? Nate found a plastic canister with a hinged lid that fit it perfectly. Cupped the dragonfly, then coaxed it into the bottom of the canister, and finally closed the lid. Release on the balcony. All good.

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Jun 022013

I was rather unprepared to get a truly good shot of this jumping spider yesterday afternoon, but I got a couple of serviceable ones. This is on the south kitchen wall.  There’s nothing else in the shot, so there’s nothing to establish the spider’s size.  Imagine it as the size of a house cat.  Nothing […]

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